Run the Disk Cleanup option

  1. Click Start
  2. Type disk
  3. Click Disk Cleanup.
  4. Once in the Disk Cleanup window, check each box (except “compress old files”) is taking up disk space and click Ok and then Yes if you want to continue.


When performing Disk Cleanup, you have the option to compress your hard drive. We strongly recommend that users do not compress their hard drives or compress old files.

Remove old programs or games that are no longer in use.

Turn off System Restore

Windows XP, Vista, and seven users can also reduce the default space used by Windows System Restore and gain a few hard drive space gigabytes. See the steps below in customizing this feature.

  1. Click Start-> Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools and open System Restore.
  2. In the System Restore window, click System Restore Settings.
  3. Under the System Restore tab, you can choose to Turn off System Restore on all drives to disable the feature completely, or click the Settings button and reduce space usage. We recommend the second option.

Move swap file

If you have multiple hard drives in your computer and the C: drive is the drive running out of space, consider moving the swapped files to another drive.

Turn off hibernation

If you turn off your computer instead of hibernating, you can turn the feature off to free up a lot of space.