In Windows 8, you have three main options for operating system recovery: refresh, reinstall, and restore. While these options can all be used to recover Windows, they all work differently.

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Each of the following Windows 8 recovery methods performs a specific type of operating system reset:

  • Refresh
  • Reinstall
  • Restore

By choosing a case-by-case recovery method, you can save yourself time and also reinstall Windows properly. Here are some tips for using each of the major recovery methods.

Refresh – You can refresh without losing your photos, music, videos, and other personal files in Windows 8

Windows 8 Refresh option allows you to refresh Windows while keeping your files and personal data saved on your computer. As described in Windows 8, here’s what happens if you Refresh your PC:

Refresh your computer

  • Your personalization files and settings won’t change.
  • Your PC settings will be changed back to default.
  • Applications from the Windows store will be kept.
  • The app you installed from the disc or website will be removed.
  • The application list will be saved to your computer.

To Refresh your computer in Windows 8, start by launching the Charms menu and clicking on the Settings list. Next, select the Change PC Settings option.

Scroll down to General List and click the Start button listed under Refresh your PC without affecting your files.

You can also check out my previous article on creating your own Windows 8 backup image, which allows you to install all apps and programs, create your image, and restore it. Image that instead of losing all your programs.

Reinstall – Erase everything and reinstall Windows

The Windows 8 reinstall option allows you to completely reinstall the operating system without manually reformating the hard drive and installing it using a Windows 8 disc or USB drive. When you reinstall Windows 8 using the Reinstall option:

  • All your files, data, apps, programs, and Windows settings will be deleted. Windows will completely reinstall itself, and your computer will completely reinstall Windows 8.
  • No previous computer data or saved data will be transferred to new settings.

To reinstall Windows 8, start by launching the menu   Charms and select the Settings list. Select the option Change PC settings from the menu.

Please scroll down to General List and select it. From the submenu on the right, locate Erase everything and reinstall Windows and click the Start button.

Restore – Restore Windows from a Previous Time (System Restore)

The Windows 8 Recovery option allows you to restore or go back to Windows at an earlier point when a system restore point was created. This option returns Windows for the status of the System Restore point. Here are a few details about how Restore Options works:

To restore Windows 8, start by launching Control Panel. From the Control Panel, scroll down to the Recovery List and click to select.

From the Recovery window, select the Open System Restore option.

This will launch the System Restore console, where you can choose a System Restore point to revert to Windows.

Those are the three main ways to restore the operating system in Windows 8. Thank you for visiting the website for today’s post. Enjoy!