You can easily reset Game Mode to defaults on Windows 10. Starting with build 17063, Microsoft introduces this new option in the Gaming category. We have discussed the feature of automatically closing other applications to reduce the load on Calculator resources. This is no different from Game Mode, and When you activate it on your device, it optimizes your system environment for best performance during gameplay. But sometimes, if this tool doesn’t give the best results Reset option comes as a lifesaver. It enhances the graphics and CPU performance for smoother gameplay by faster media. Let’s go through a series of steps and see how to get back to the original settings.

How to reset game mode to default in Windows 10

Step 1: Press and hold the Windows key and press I to open the Settings app of Windows 10.

Step-2: From the different categories, click the Game icon.

Làm thế nào để Thiết lập lại Game Mode để mặc định trong Windows 10 Ảnh 1

Step 3: On the following page, click on the Game Mode option from the left pane. It will open several options on the right side.

Step 4: Quickly jump to the Reset Game Mode Settings section and press the Reset button under.

Làm thế nào để Thiết lập lại Game Mode để mặc định trong Windows 10 Ảnh 2

Windows 10 achieves the ability to Reset Game Mode to Default with “build 17063”. Furthermore, this release also introduces new features such as Add Timeline to Task View, Add Gmail Account to Cortana, Manage Speech Words, and Add Slow-Motion Effects to Videos in Photos App.

The chatting strangers can scream out loud in joy at hearing the fantastic feature to Reset Game Mode Settings to Default. The game mode is a unique feature that ensures the best gaming experience.