With the warm welcome of gamers with the Resident Evil 2 Remake, 2019 will mark a bumper season for Zombie-loving games.

Zombie titles are too familiar to everyone, but 2019 is a good season for those who love these zombies when the number of quality game titles appears extremely large and with enough species.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Interesting messages in the Demo Like the original version, Resident Evil 2 Remake also has hidden messages and instructions through notebooks that players find right in the Demo version.

The beginning of 2019 is Resident Evil 2 Remake’s appearance, the gamers’ expectation was met when Capcom finally decided to do something unique after each year of destroying this series. Over 1.4 million downloads of the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo show how attractive this game is. It shows not only veteran gamers but also those who have never known Resident Evil 2. Very interested in this game series.

There are many changes in Resident Evil 2 Remake, such as changing the viewing angle, automatic shooting mode, the mechanism to use new weapons, and hordes of terrible zombies. Capcom has done something that combines action gameplay with the familiar horror atmosphere, the dark corridors, the zombies swarming from the dark corner, and death is always lurking. Resident Evil 2 Remake takes the opening mission for 2019, followed by many other Zombie games of the same quality.

Resident Evil 2 Remake và năm vàng cho những ai yêu thích Zombie

Another game on the topic of Zombie is also equally expected is Days Gone. As a game heading towards the open world, but Days Gone wants busy players to explore the plot in a more linear format. Imagine Days Gone is like an Uncharted version in the whole Zombies world. The central part of the game will be over 30 hours, rotating in 3 main plot developments. Days Gone is a very ambitious game, with up to 30 NPCs playing an essential role in the story, a vast amount of plot content that Bend Studio intends to bring to gamers.

One of the things that make Days Gone noticeable is that the Zombies will evolve. There will be no scenes alone as Dead Rising as Left 4 Dead. Bend Studio ensures that any Zombies can put Deacon on the board. If not paying attention, a gunshot will drag the whole flock to be tattered. Days Gone will let gamers understand what the definition of “real-time” in an open-world game is like. Just leave your car to find something, and a few minutes later, you will find yourself surrounded by all sides.

Despite being introduced for a long time, but Days Gone has been delayed for launch, and it will not be until April 2019 for players to officially experience this game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake và năm vàng cho những ai yêu thích Zombie

In 2019, it was time for the co-op genre on Zombie themes like Left 4 Dead. Back, we can review many notable games such as World War Z, GTFO, or more recently. Overkill Walking Dead has just debuted. The common point is to follow the familiar 4-person co-op system when players confront the colony of zombies as ants always appear.

World War Z is the most notable name because it is adapted from the famous movie everyone knows. Still, World War Z intends to change the familiar Zombie shooting co-op genre, with the division class for each character, increase the number of zombies hundreds of times, and the difficulty is much more incredible. Moreover, World War Z is intended to be a follow-up game based on its plot, focusing on the cinematic element.

GTFO is a different case. This game focuses on horror and stealth more than shooting Zombie roaring as usual. The monsters in GTFO are blind, they can only identify players through the noise, so you can understand that this game is not for those who prefer to do Rambo. GTFO’s idea is entirely new, but it is not feasible with a co-op game when Overkill Walking Dead has failed because gamers do not understand each other.

In addition to the known names on the launch date, 2019, there are still many other potential Zombie titles that will likely appear, such as Dying Light 2 and The Last of Us 2. Of course, this is still only hi. Hopefully, because both of these are the top, it can be said that 2019 is a bumper season for those who love the Zombie genre, with enough early games for them to choose.