Like the previous sections, after completing the Resident Evil 3 Remake, you will still have many things to plow hoes, this time, it also has money.

As soon as Resident Evil 3 Remake was launched, the community plunged into a plow like crazy. The Game was no exception if anyone who played the original part knew not to count S-Rank to get items. But use the currency to buy, and even though the Resident Evil 3 Remake does not have Mercenary, it still has the same things that are points for you to buy upgraded items.

After completing the Resident Evil 3 Remake at any difficulty, you will open a secret store (I call it the Point shop), you will use the points you have at that time to buy things. Of course, the higher the level of difficulty and rank, the more points. This does not need to be said anymore; it also depends on the unlock achievements, such as completing the Game in less than 2 hours, not using any healing killing zombies with certain weapons.

Point shops will sell guns, costumes, support items, and of course, immortal bullets. The Resident Evil 3 Remake has a new feature that allows players to buy support items – like wearing a wearable, Jill has a permanent stat increase (still costing the item), a list of outstanding items including things as follows:

– Bolt Cutters: Furniture for cutting locks, chains.

– Lockpick: Jill’s legendary unlocker, don’t introduce it.

– Recovery Coin: Heals over time. can bring up to 2 coins (this is the most badass because it heals you 100% full health, not like Assisted mode only heals to caution)

– Defense Coin: Increases defense, can bring up to 2 coins.

– Attack Coin: Increases damage; both guns, and knives, can carry up to 2 coins.

– Crafting Companion: Increases the number of bullets received while crafting.

– Chris Redfield STARS Combat Manual: Increases the delay for dodging, simply easier dodging.

– Satchel: Increases the inventory of Jill, cannot be used in Assisted mode.

Resident Evil 3 Remake và những phần thưởng sau khi hoàn thành game

Resident Evil 3 Remake now has five different difficulty levels instead of 3 as part 2; in addition to the original three difficulty levels Assisted, Normal, and Hardcore, we now have Nightmare and Inferno. These last two difficulty levels can only be unlocked one after another (completing Hardcore unlocking Nightmare and completing Nightmare unlocking Inferno).

Because when I first chose to play Normal, I didn’t know how distorted Nightmare and Inferno were, but with what they were advertised, they were still at a vicious level of challenge more than hardcore already. Saying that hardcore in Resident Evil 3 Remake was enough, the Zombie took 3 or 4 bites to hit the board, and Nemesis punched one enough for Jill to go immediately.

According to what is licked on international forums, then Nightmare and Inferno will minimize the number of resources that players have, buffalo zombies, and some items will not appear as usual. Items purchased from the point shop should be required to complete these last two levels.

Resident Evil 3 Remake và những phần thưởng sau khi hoàn thành game

Resident Evil 3 Remake still has immortal bullets and guns, but of course, it is always bought from the point shop. This is probably to avoid people complaining because they cannot complete Hardcore mode at S level to Get the immortal rocket gun in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now you can take smart industrious, play over and over a certain level of difficulty that you think is reasonable to plow points.

The number of weapons purchased in the Point shop is quite a lot; note that the purchased gun will split into immortal bullets and not.

– Hot Dagger: Upgrade dagger, hit fire (completely useless because no one uses a knife in the game)

– Samurai Edge: Fine pistol, shoot stronger and more accurate. (completely useless)

– Infinite MUP HandgunHandgun immortal and stronger than Samurai Edge. (basically still useless because of pistol bullets in a basketball game)

– Rai-Den (Infinite Ammo): A rifle bullet is only useful when aiming at a Zombie head (1 shot is always killed) while aiming at another body part is not sufficient.

– CQBR Assault Rifle (Infinite Ammo): The automatic rifle that Carlos used, immortal bullets.

– Rocket Launcher (Infinite Ammo): The legend of punching and killing is always from the explanation, immortal bullet.


And that’s most of the rewards that you can own in Resident Evil 3 Remake; in general, plowing and hoeing takes a very long time to be able to touch them because a good game only earns 10,000 points. (rocket costs 64 thousand). Please continue to look at the tutorial posts and plot of Resident Evil 3 Remake on the Game in the future.