Reworked Resident Evil 2 and 3, but will Capcom still remember or have forgotten the epic called Resident Evil: Code Veronica already?

Along with the remake of his famous Resident Evil series, Capcom immediately attracted the attention of the community in the new, old adventure of Leon, Claire, Ada … in Raccoon City in 2019. After winning, the developer continued “old bottles of wine” when bringing Jill Valentine back with the horror gamer in Resident Evil 3 Remake scheduled to be released on 3/4/2020 and then Resident Evil. 8 .

Trailer Resident Evil: Code Veronica upgraded HD for PlayStation 4

Obviously this is no news to be happy for the gaming community, but besides the most successful versions being remade, the developer did not even mention the Resident Evil: Code Veronica version despite the This is a highly appreciated version from the plot to the gameplay right from its first appearance on Dreamcast in March 2000.

Let’s take a look at some interesting details about the forgotten epic of Capcom.

Resident Evil: What is Veronica? Why Veronica?

Different from the numerical versions like Capcom’s Resident Evil 1-7, Resident Evil: Code Veronica is a special version corresponding to part 6 of Stephanie Danelle Perry’s novel Resident Evil of the same name. Especially the name Veronica is the most important key of the Resident Evil version of the same name when this is the T-Veronica Virus, a completely new virus category that was researched and developed by sister Alexia Ashford.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica thiên anh hùng ca bị thất lạc của Capcom

This is the version focusing on the story of Claire Redfield

Unlike the T-Virus that once spread so strongly that it caused a Raccoon city or G-Virus nightmare with the ability to mutate continuously in the host’s body. T-Veronica Virus is considered a biological weapon (BOW) which is much more dangerous and capable of actively destroying the whole world if it really explodes. Due to its dangerous danger, this is also the reason why Capcom is quite afraid when it comes to this hegemony virus in later versions of Resident Evil.

Background adventure in Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The story of Resident Evil: Code Veronica takes place only 3 months after the Raccoon city disaster, when Claire continues to follow the trail of his brother Chris Redfield. Every clue of her brother brought her to magnificent Paris, but unexpectedly this was just a flashy trap that Umbrella laid out, Claire was captured alive and taken to Rockfort fortress isolated on a deserted island in South Pacific. Yang.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica thiên anh hùng ca bị thất lạc của Capcom

Claire was released from the prison on the island that started the journey in Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Claire’s adventure in Resident Evil: Code Veronica starts from this tropical island, and it is here that the Racoon city nightmare is once again recreated to test Claire’s ability to survive before the many pitfalls of Alfred Ashford. Before she was reunited with her brother Chris Redfield and faced the strongest T-Veronica virus host, Alexia Ashford (Alfred’s sister) in the cold Antarctica.

Interesting legacies and details in Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The Ashford family is one of the major shareholders and the Earl of Edward Ashfort is also one of the first three people to build the Umbrella empire. And in order to maintain its unique position against the beginner forces researching the Progenitor Virus, Alexander Ashford (son of Edward Ashford) has isolated himself from the corporation and built a private property in Antarctica to serve the top secret project called “The Veronica code”.

In order to serve his crazy plan, Alexander used Umbrella’s most advanced technology that day to revive his great-grandfather Veronica Ashford. From the broken DNA that has been sleeping for hundreds of years, the sisters Alexia Ashford and Alfred Ashford were officially born, but only Alexia could inherit the great intelligence of her great-grandfather and Alfred proved to be very normal.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica thiên anh hùng ca bị thất lạc của Capcom

The Ashford sisters … well … something’s wrong …

Despite his adoptive expectations, Alexia successfully studied the T-Veronica Virus from the original Progenitor Virus at the age of 12. Not only is it mutated and spread like T-Virus and G-Virus, T-Veronica Virus is even more terrifying when it gives the host the power to dominate all other virus-infected individuals through a combination of viruses and genes. ancient ants of Alexia.

In the Resident Evil series, Wesker is the most impressive style bosses with strong virus immunity while converting them into his strength. But in comparison, the strength of Wesker still does not penetrate when T-Veronica Virus and host Alexia Ashfort awoke after a 15-year long sleep. Perhaps with its great strength, the T-Veronica Virus gradually disappeared and became less and less mentioned by Capcom in the following Resident Evil versions.

Besides introducing the strain of Virus too difficult to control, Resident Evil: Code Veronica is also the version that leaves the most emotion before the departure of Steve or even makes gamers also pity to think before the love of Alfred for my sister Alexia.


The appeal of the plot and the gameplay is that, but this is also the version that left a lot of controversy in the Resident Evil series when bearing the imprint of Shinji Mikami and classic style before moving completely into perspective. third in Resident Evil 4. This may be the reason why Resident Evil: Code Veronica gradually falls into oblivion without the action of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica thiên anh hùng ca bị thất lạc của Capcom

Fans were so excited that they designed Collector’s Edition themselves for the remake

However, with the release of Resident Evil 8 after the Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom is likely to be quite headache with the question of whether to change the already good story of Resident Evil: Code Veronica or not and if not careful most likely the last legacy of Shinji Mikami will officially fall into oblivion with another plot.