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We will continue to talk about the rampant Zombie tragedy in Raccoon City, as well as the Raccoon City events that occur at Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Following the opening of Resident Evil in the Arklay Mountains, the survivors of the special forces Bravo and Alpha returned after discovering the presence of Zombie, as well as the conspiracy of the Umbrella Corporation in biological weapons research. Unfortunately, the attempt to bring this to light was ignored by their boss, Brian Irons, the fact that Brian Irons received Umbrella’s money to hide this, even later he disbanded the team. STARS aims to thoroughly prevent the news from spreading out.

The official Raccoon City event occurred on September 22, 1998, when the city’s groundwater was contaminated with T-virus. Nearly all 100 thousand people here are infected with Zombie, making Raccoon a living hell and completely isolated from the outside world. This is the time that Resident Evil 2 and 3 took place, in accordance with the timeline, the events in Resident Evil 3 happened a few days before the 2nd version, but due to the time of the game launch, they were numbered as so.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Resident Evil 2

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Prior to the Zombie tragedy in Raccoon City, the Umbrella Corporation had built a secret underground research lab to replace the old research station in the Arklay Mountains. Not long ago, William Birkin – one of two students of Dr. James Marcus, accidentally discovered a new virus on Lisa Trevor. He named it G-Virus, which was a huge leap forward for Umbrella next to the T-Virus, so the corporation decided to build a separate research room for William Birkin so he could focus on it. G-Virus developer.

After the incident in the Arklay Mountains was broken up by the resurrection of Dr. James Marcus, as well as the betrayal of Albert Wesker, the Umbrella Corporation realized that there was no time to continue to stay in Raccoon City. more. Fortunately, Umbrella had previously bribed the boss of the city police department – Brian Irons, so everything was hidden, despite reports of STARS team members about the incident in the Arklay Mountains.

Umbrella demanded the immediate result of the G-Virus, but William Birkin, now obsessed with and wanting to study frantically, refused to hand over the G-Virus prototype. After many repeated urges and threats, Umbrella was finally impatient when he sent his task force to steal the Virus in William Birkin’s hands.

Of course William Birkin would never have given up his child, so he was shot dead by members of the Umbrella task force. While dying, William Birkin injected a sample of G-Virus into himself and turned into a terrible monster. It killed the Umbrella task force soldiers, and accidentally spread the virus into the sewer system in the city of Racoon, turning all residents into zombies. This is the beginning of both Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Virus spread in Resident Evil 2

The main protagonist in Resident Evil 2 is Leon S. Kennedy – a new raccoon raccoon police officer on his first day at work, and Claire Redfield on her way to visit her brother Chris Redfield, the bad luck for them is when Set foot in Raccoon, this place has been flooded with zombies from T-virus.

Leon and Claire meet inadvertently and quickly find their way to Raccoon police headquarters for help, they realize that the situation is really bad when the security forces have been nearly exterminated. Then Leon and Claire had a problem on the road so they had to separate, they met at the station to leave the city together.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Leon and Claire the first time they met

While searching for survivors and clues to the tragedy in the city, Leon meets a girl named Ada Wong. Ada tells Leon that he is looking for a boyfriend, John Clemens, so they decide to go together. In the process, Leon begins to develop feelings for Ada, to the extent that it is possible for her to risk her life.

In fact, Ada is also an economic spy working for Umbrella’s rival, who is sent to Raccoon City to try to steal a G-Virus from a secret lab. Ada and Albert Wesker also have their own relationships, which will be discussed in the following sections.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Ada Wong

As for Claire, after learning that her brother Chris had left the city earlier to investigate Umbrella’s European branch, she decided to search for survivors before leaving. Claire accidentally meets a young girl named Sherry Birkin – the daughter of William Birkin, on her way to escape from the Zombie in the city. With no one left to rely on, Sherry decided to go with Claire, but the two were later separated when Sherry heard her mother’s voice in the underground basement of the city.

The two then meet again near the sheriff’s office, and Sherry also fully believes Claire when she sees her whole-hearted protection. Claire finds boss Brian Irons, and learns that he took Umbrella’s bribe to try to hide the underground research lab and the virus spread in the city.

The boss, Brian Irons, was also in an unusual state of agitation and nervousness, and he tried to kill both Claire and Sherry. But at that moment the monster created from G-Virus from William Birkin’s body emerged from the ground, killing Brian Irons and saving their lives.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Sherry Birkin

In fact, at that time, William Birkin was completely dead, his body mutated under the effect of G-Virus and it constantly searched for other hosts to transmit. But because the G-Virus has a different structure than the T-virus, as well as the extremely difficult ability to spread, most hosts die when injected with the virus. This monster only succeeds in only one case when it injects the virus into Sherry, because it is possible that the girl has the same gene as her father – William Birkin should receive the Virus.

After meeting Sherry again in the state of being hit by Virus, Claire decided to rummage in the secret underground laboratory to find the antidote. Also during this time Leon also met Annette Birkin – Sherry’s mother and she revealed that Ada was a spy sent to steal the G-Virus. But because before Ada and Leon fought William Birkin together, the two had formed a close bond of affection, so Leon did not believe Annette’s words.

Also during this time, in order to destroy all survivors, as well as hide all evidence of T-Virus, Umbrella released the Hunter monsters as well as a Tyrant codenamed Mr. X down to Raccon city. Leon and Ada unlucky encounter Mr.X, Ada then seriously injured when fighting this Tyrant and told the truth to Leon, as well as her feelings for him. Leon heartily leaves Ada on his way to reunite with Claire, believing that Ada is dead, but in reality, Ada is still alive and later retrieves a successful G-Virus itself.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)


Annette Birkin, in an attempt to find her husband’s results as the last G-Virus models to leave the city, encountered William Birkin on the run – now a complete monster. Annette Birkin tries to find a way to talk to her, believing that William Birkin is still a part of humanity and will recognize her. Unfortunately her husband was dead at the time, and the mutant monster from the G-Virus unleashed a blow that left Annette seriously injured.

Before she died, Annette was able to tell Claire where the lab vaccine was made, as well as the way to Umbrella’s secret station to leave the city. After preparing the vaccine and injecting Sherry, the three people Claire, Leon and Sherry also met at the station and board the train leaving the city, while the self-destruct system of the underground laboratory was activated. Hentai.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

William Birkin’s transformation process after G-Virus injection

The monster from William Birkin, now evolved into the last form to chase them on the train, but it was swallowed and destroyed by the sea of fire from the self-destruction system. Claire, Leon and Sherry escape from the raccoon city of Raccoon, then each parting ways and fulfilling their own goals. Leon vows to take revenge on the Umbrella Corporation, Claire takes care of Sherry and continues to find his brother, while Ada escapes with a G-virus sample collected, ending Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

The main protagonist of Resident Evil 3 is Jill Valentine, after returning from a nightmare in part 1, the STARS team questioned their boss, Brian Irons to make this small, but because Brian Irons was bought by Umbrella redemption so it gradually came to a dead end. Unsatisfied with failure, the STARS members continued to solve their own problems on their own, and Jill stayed in Raccoon City to investigate in secret.

However, two months later, Jill’s investigation work was forced to stop when the Zombie disaster spread in the city of Racoon. On the day Zombie spread, Jill decided to leave his apartment to find a way out of the city. She heads to the police headquarters and comes across the ex-STARS pilot Brad Vickers, who frantically flees, warning Jill about a monster trying to hunt down the STARS members.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Jill Valentine in the opening of Resident Evil 3

When approaching the police headquarters, Jill witnessed a frightening sight of Brad being killed by a monster. This is a Tyrant named Nemesis, dropped by Umbrella with the Hunter to destroy the people still living in the city. Nemesis is a new experiment with the goal of identifying enemies, when it is the extremely intelligent Tyrant that only finds and kills those who are members of the STARS task force.

Speaking more about Nemesis, in addition to being “favored” to the name of the game for this third, Nemesis is probably the smartest Tyrant ever to appear in the series and also the unique model. More than just pre-programmed killing machines, Nemesis is an intelligence-based Tyrant that was created to target a special target of STARS Nemesis members created to prove that T-Virus can also perform high-difficulty tasks, as well as obey special commands.

Nemesis was created in the European branch Umbrella laboratory, unlike the US headquarters that focused on the power of the Tyrant, the European branch took care of their intelligence. Nemesis was so smart that she could pronounce it quite clearly from STARS, as well as using the weapon as a shoulder-mounted rocket gun. To do this, Umbrella’s scientists devised a so-called NE-α Type, a symbiotic organism implanted directly into the host nervous system, acting as a “second brain”. substitute for conventional biological chips.

With NE-α Type, Umbrella scientists have opened up a new breakthrough when improving the ability of Tyrant virus which is very poor. The NE-α Type will act as a parasite that grows in tubes on Nemesis, thereby injecting the virus directly into the victim. Nemesis also retained the inherent evolutionary characteristics of the T-Virus through the absorption of other Tyrants, as at the end of the game it “swallowed” the body of a T-103 to turn into a new entity similar to the G. -Virus.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Nemesis, you can see NE-α Type grow on its trunk

Jill fled Nemesis and fled to the police headquarters, where she captured a radio wavelength from a man named Carlos Oliveira, a group of mercenaries from the “rescue and defense forces”, tasked with solving the problem. save the remaining Umbrella employees. Jill answers and knows Carlos’ location, but decides not to trust these people because they work Umbrella. However, Jill then decided to leave the police headquarters to find Carlos, along the way they encountered Nemesis again and Jill also appreciated Carlos more when he saw him helping himself.

Carlos reveals to Jill a way out of the city, a helicopter will come to pick them up at the bell tower if the mercenary group’s mission fails. Jill then met two of Carlos’s teammates, Nikolai Zinoviev and Mikhail Victor, who intended to use the tram safely instead of crossing Zombie streets. But because the train was in trouble during a pandemic, Jill was forced to find the necessary tools to restart it before the group could depart, during which time Nikolai suddenly disappeared. secret.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Nikolai and Mikhail

After getting all the tools and starting the train, Carlos, Jill and Mikhail quickly headed to the bell tower. But unlucky for them, Nemesis caught up and attacked the ship, Mikhail decided to stay behind to hold Nemesis and then withdrew the sacrificed grenade pin to send the monster down the tracks. The train lost control and crashed into a nearby house, fortunately for them it was right next to the bell tower, and called for a rescue helicopter to pick it up.

Unfortunately, Nemesis was not dead, and she shot down a rescue team helicopter with a grenade launcher. Jill and Carlos were forced to fight this monster, and in the end Carlos was able to shoot down the monster, but Jill himself was infected by the virus from Nemesis. Carlos had to abandon the escape plan to search for a cure for Jill

Nemesis shot down the helicopter

Leaving Jill temporarily in the bell tower, Carlos set out for a nearby hospital to find a cure for the virus. After a lot of hard work getting to the lab and creating a vaccine using Umbrella’s prototypes, he also met another teammate Tyrell Patrick who was seriously injured. Tyrell warned Carlos that their captain Nikolai was a traitor, he was on his way to collect Virus samples from another secret Tyrant named Thanatos. Tyrell was later murdered by Nikolai, and Carlos barely escaped from the hospital before it exploded because of the pre-installed Nikolai explosives.

Returning to the vaccine, Carlos quickly treated Jill, who regained consciousness shortly afterwards, but in fact due to the Nemesis Virus structure different from the usual Tyrant, the vaccine could only contain and deliver the virus. in Jill into a state of “still” rather than completely eliminating it. Neither Carlos nor Jill know this, we will talk about its consequences in the following sections.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil – Sự kiện thành phố Raccoon (RE 2 - 3)

Carlos Oliveira

The two then split to continue their search for an escape route, while crossing the city graveyard, Jill finds another Umbrella secret facility nearby. Through the archives, she learned that the Umbrella Corporation could no longer conceal the tragedy in Raccon City and the US government decided to use nuclear missiles to wipe out the entire place.

Through a phone conversation with Carlos, Jill learned that there was still another unused helicopter lying on the landing area of the secret facility. On the way to the rendezvous, she reunited with Nikolai and learned his motive for robbing the Virus sample at the research institute. Nikolai wanted to kill Jill, but unfortunately for him, Nemesis was still alive and had followed Jill up until now to “accidentally” rescue her, as well as end the life of the traitor.

The end of Resident Evil 3

Jill fled to the heliport when the clock began to count down to the city, she was Nemesis (now evolved into a deformed monster after absorbing T-103’s corpse) in the way. . Thanks to the energy gun that Umbrella was researching, Jill was able to deal with the monster that followed her persistently over time once and for all. She landed on the landing zone and met Carlos again, both of whom were later taken by Barry Burton and left the city of Raccon before it was swallowed up by fusion rockets, closing the third part of the Resident Evil series.