Resident Evil 7 takes you to a secluded countryside, but its tranquility does not reflect peace but gruesome silence.

Resident Evil 7 is an innovation when the manufacturer Capcom no longer directly exploits the character line and old zombie hordes. Instead, the focus returned to the core of human-made biological weapons. The journey of Resident Evil 7 takes place in a new civilian, a completely new person with a completely new storyline, opening a new Resident Evil story.

Ethan Winters, a poor husband in the United States, suddenly receives a message from his wife Mia, who disappeared three years ago and is considered dead. He immediately found the address listed in the letter in Lousiana’s rural state, despite all friends’ restraints. Ethan stopped at the given address and realized it was an abandoned farm.

Resident Evil 7

The abandoned farm begins the tragedy.

Tracing down the farm basement, Ethan finds Mia imprisoned in a dungeon room. Instead of rejoicing, Mia panicked and led Ethan to flee before the person she called “Daddy” came. When she finds her way out of the tunnel up to the house, Mia is suddenly kidnapped. And a mysterious person who claims to be called Zoe calls Ethan to know that the house is sealed, there is an exit in the attic.

Mia unexpectedly turns around and suddenly transforms into a mighty and angry creature. She frantically attacks Ethan, which forces him to defeat his beloved wife in self-defense. While Ethan finds his way to the attic, Mia suddenly turns and attacks with her chainsaw. Ethan is amputated and has his left hand amputated but catches the broken hand and escapes to the attic. He picked up the gun upstairs and turned to shoot Mia before he collapsed from blood loss.

Resident Evil 7

The father dragged them both away somewhere.

“Daddy” appears and pulls them back somewhere through Ethan’s half-awake subconscious mind. He also vaguely noticed that Zoe connected his hand and used a stapler to fix it, accompanied by a strange watch slung on the newly connected hand.

Ethan wakes up to a family dinner. This is a farmer family named Baker with his eldest son Lucas, the family’s father, Jack, mother Marguerite, and an older woman in a wheelchair Name. The party was “wrong and wrong” from beginning to end when Lucas showed a playful way to throw Ethan’s food. The father angrily grabbed the rebellious son’s knife with his knife while the mother tried to recommend Ethan his cooking. With human flesh that she prepared to prepare.

Resident Evil 7

An exceptional meal, and you’re the guy tied to the seat on the right.

Of course, he threw up at the table and made Marguerite angry, and Jack angrily tried to “make a hole” in Ethan’s face when a phone call made the whole family disbanded. Ethan was left alone, tied up in a chair with the almost paralyzed grandmother just silently watching. He quickly freed himself but was later discovered by Jack, who fled through a floor gap.

Luck until Ethan met local police standing outside through the window slot of the house. The police did not believe Ethan was the victim and told him to go to the Garage to confront him. Ethan urgently requested to receive a gun for self-defense but only for a folding knife.

Resident Evil 7

The police hand is short because of stingy.

After entering the Garage, the police officer was killed immediately by Jack from behind before saying anything. Ethan won by picking up a battle between the narrow garage and an older man with unbelievably high strength. Jack then wakes up and uses the Ethan gun he was holding in a shot to crack his skull after warning Ethan about to see some “amazing” things.

Zoe called again and identified herself as Jack’s daughter, which means the member was absent from the family dinner table at first but was present in the family memories. Zoe tells Ethan he has to find something to unlock the main door and exit the house. Ethan searched the house again for the key. He discovered this house was designed by a lot of hidden agencies and worked very well. Then there was a basement filled with medical tools, an operating room, a crematorium as if this was a small-scale experimental area rather than a farm.

Resident Evil 7

Jack kept reviving and clinging to Ethan.

Jack continues to live and chase Ethan, of course, with a skull on his head. Ethan was cornered in an iron fence room and had to duel with Jack. By taking advantage of hanging bags to distract the opponent, Ethan split the opponent in two with his chainsaw and won the last key piece to escape the house.

Resident Evil 7

The chainsaw fight is terrifying.

Zoe calls again and tells Ethan that Mia is still alive. Both she and Mia are infected with a strange disease, which has made the whole Baker family crazy and recovers from the fatal injuries. The only way to escape is to find ingredients and make an antidote. So long as the disease is absorbed into the body, it cannot be saved anymore.

Resident Evil 7

Old wooden stilt house on the swamp

Ethan followed Zoe’s instructions and entered the old stilt house on the swamp to look for ingredients. He encounters Marguerite’s mother at home and realizes that her two components are hidden and protected. After a long and challenging battle, Ethan finally defeated Marguerite and obtained the key to the secret room containing the final material. This is the children’s room, and he is obsessed with the illusion of a girl.

Resident Evil 7

Among the ingredients was the mummy’s arm.

After collecting enough materials to return, Ethan discovered Lucas had quickly captured both Zoe and Mia. He appoints Ethan to his office by taking two magnetic cards to enter the door to attend the “special party” that he prepares for all three. Ethan returns to the main house to search for flashcards and discovers Lucas’s past.

Resident Evil 7

Portrait of Lucas Baker

Ethan opened the door to the party and soon realized there was no party and no Zoe or Mia there. Lucas lured Ethan across the barn and into the sophisticated trap he designed for “happy birthday”. Thanks to watching Lucas’s sick video footage from before, Ethan “counterattack” at the last minute, causing Lucas to flee and leave the control room and the two hostages, Zoe and Mia.

Resident Evil 7

The clown, the beginning of the “happy birthday” trap

Zoe uses Ethan’s ingredients to collect two antidotes, and she emphasizes that when the infection is too deep, it will become a “cure” poison for the infected person. At that moment, Jack suddenly attacked in his transformed form and became enormous. Ethan was caught, and there is no other way he injected an antidote that Jack broke into ash.

Resident Evil 7

The confrontation with Jack in his final form

Only one remedy left, and Ethan had to choose to save benefactor Zoe or save Mia’s wife. No matter who he chooses, the rest will be left with a clearly expressed disappointment, Ethan and the rescued going down the lifeboat and leaving the building with the promise of calling for help.

Resident Evil 7

Choose to save benefactor or wife.

The boat passed through the wreck of a large ship. This is where Eveline, the child Mia received as a nanny before she went missing, arrived. Eveline suddenly attacks, if he chooses to save Zoe, Zoe will be killed, and Ethan will be taken away.

The player is transferred to control Mia when she regains consciousness on the ship’s ruins and begins to search for Ethan. She was followed continuously by Eveline’s ghost and then gradually remembered her memories on this ship before missing three years.

Resident Evil 7

Mia escapes with Ethan if she chooses to save Mia.

The trip is arranged as a family, so Eveline always sees her as a mother. And when she is out of control, Eveline has set to turn Mia into her mother. Eveline kills Mia’s colleague and all of the people on the ship, sinks the ship, and uses his power to infect the nearby Baker family.

Resident Evil 7

Eveline convinced Mia to become a family together.

Through this family, Eveline sought to build a home of his own by forcing the Baker family to kidnap many people to transform them. In the end, Ethan was lured here to join Mia in completing a dream family of Eveline.

After a bit of searching, Mia found Ethan’s place imprisoned by Eveline. At this point, the player is redirected back to Ethan.

While dreaming, Ethan met an illusion of the standard version of Jack Baker. He admits Eveline because the desire for a family has made his whole family crazy and hurt many others. He advised Ethan to find a way to destroy Eveline. By this time, Mia came and dragged Ethan out of the prison cocoon.

Resident Evil 7

Meeting Mia again would not take long to part.

Eveline immediately attacked Mia with her psychic wave. If the player chose to save Zoe a while ago, Mia’s illness will be severe and entirely controlled by Eveline. Mia rushes to kill Ethan, but he manages to pick up the weapon and destroy Mia. She also dissolves to ashes like Jack. If the player chooses to save Mia, she temporarily overcomes Eveline’s psychic waves. She pushes Ethan out of the ship and locks the door to lock himself inside before Eveline regains control.

Either way, before leaving Mia, Ethan was given a vial containing Eveline’s DNA sample, which was the key to destroy this monster. Ethan goes the lost wreck into an old salt mine and discovers a corporation’s biological laboratory that created Eveline. According to the documents left, Eveline is the ultimate biological weapon product of the latest model code-named E-series.

Eveline can use psychic waves to manipulate targets, and the side effect is that the target will be mad and can recover even when hit by fatal attacks. On the other hand, Eveline tended to yearn for a family, possibly because he had lived in the lab since he was very young. Or because it was designed to infiltrate the society that the enemy destroys the inside out, Eveline tends to find families disguise.

Resident Evil 7

Preparing drugs to neutralize Eveline

Eveline was not controlling Lucas because he had silently shaken hands with the hand-making laboratory in Eveline’s manifestations report. Lucas was given an antidote to counteract Eveline’s manipulation and was the only one in the immune family. Thanks to laboratory equipment, Ethan uses Eveline’s DNA samples to prepare an antidote to destroy Eveline.

Before leaving the mine, he received radio signals from an army group trying to attack the area. Ethan returns to the game’s original home via a tunnel leading up from the salt mine. At this moment, Eveline realized that he had come to kill it, so he used the illusion to attack him violently. Ethan overcomes the hallucinations and approaches Eveline and realizes this is the unnamed lady sitting in her wheelchair during her Baker’s house journey.

Resident Evil 7

Eveline is the anonymous old lady in the Baker home.

It turned out that the side effect of using power to control others as rapid aging, and Eveline had turned into an older woman after only a few years. Ethan injects the antidote to Eveline, but this does not kill him but makes him turn into a giant monster that pushes Ethan out into the garden. At the time of his death, the helicopter army threw Ethan a strange gun named Albert-01 and asked him to shoot Eveline.

Resident Evil 7

Eveline’s final form

The army landed and saved Ethan, and the soldier came to him claiming to be called “Redfield”. They take Ethan on a helicopter and fly away with the helicopter’s body revealing the Umbrella logo.

If he had chosen to save Zoe earlier at the end of the game, Ethan would open the phone with Mia’s picture. He studied and then dropped his phone into space below as a farewell. If he chose to save Mia, Ethan would meet Mia, who was on the helicopter again. She had been rescued by Redfield’s team earlier.

Resident Evil 7

Mia is saved if, in the previous section, she chose to save Mia instead of Zoe.

Resident Evil 7 ended with an exciting ending by revealing the involvement of Chris Redfield and questions about the participation of Chris, the BSAA team, and the Umbrella logo. Capcom then moved to explain these with the new DLC for Resident Evil 7, which will be available for free on December 12, 2017.