Resident Evil: Revelations are between 2 and 4, with the setting aboard an abandoned ship amid the deadly Mediterranean waters.

Resident Evil: Revelations is located between 2 parts Resident Evil 4 and 5 (around 2005), talking about the secret missions of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) – an anti-terrorist organization founded by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine shortly. When Resident Evil: Revelations happened when Jill and her partner Parker Luciani searched for Chris’s missing while on a mission.

Chris and his partner, Jessica Sherawat, were on a secret mission in snowy mountains to investigate and track down Il Veltro – a bioterrorism organization that just triggered the pandemic horrified in the city of Terragrigia a year ago. Trace Chris, Jill, and Paker’s clues to the abandoned ship Queen Zenobia – the last position before Chris disappeared.

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Jill Valentine and partner Parker Luciani

The two soon realized that this was a dead ship taken over by the Ooze – a victim of the T-Abyss virus. After defeating the first Ooze, Jill decided to go alone and leave Paker behind to watch. She saw a man tied up in a room with a similar identity to Chris; Jill informed Paker and continued to search for the key to open the door. Along the way, Jill also encountered a few other Ooze just killed an unknown girl (this is Rachel Foley, an FBC agent – federal biological terrorist defense). Despite not saving Rachel, but Jill also found the key next to her body.

Jill reunited with Paker and moved to where Chris was being held, but they soon realized they had fallen into a trap when it was just a dummy that looked like Chris. The room was quickly enveloped in anesthetic gas, knocking Jill and Paker unconscious, and they were later taken away by an agent from Il Veltro.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

The ship Queen Zenobia

Returning to Jill, she regained consciousness and realized she had been separated from Paker, being held captive in the passenger compartment below the ship, as well as having lost all her weapons. Jill quickly contacted his partner and made an appointment to meet upstairs. After regaining their weapons, the two decided to head to the control room to find a way to call the base. Unfortunately for them, all the communication system of the Queen Zenobia was destroyed, both presumably trapped here, as well as no way of informing Chris of the current location.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

Chris and Jessica Sherawat

During this time, the two encountered Raymond Vester (partner of Rachel Foley) and Paker’s former colleague. Raymond revealed Queen Zenobia’s location to lead Jill and Paker, who deceived the two with Chris’s mannequin. Raymond was a double agent trying to find out Il Veltro’s secrets, so he took advantage of the BSAA members to do it for him.

After a brief chat with Jill and Paker, Raymond left with the goal achieved. Jill decided to go to the emergency exit to find a way out of this ship. Upon arrival, they received a note from the ship captain, informing the survivors that they should move to the rooftop deck on the upper deck where food and rescue supplies have left the ship.

– Talking more about the T-Abyss virus and Ooze children – the main enemy in this Resident Evil: Revelations, Ooze is a new BOW model researched and developed by Il Veltro. During expeditions at the deepest level of 6000 meters below the ocean’s surface, scientists at Montpellier Institute of Oceanography have discovered a cell type in the fish that live there to help them survive below terrible pressure on the ocean floor. They named these cells the Abyss virus. Later the spy organization TRICELL used it combined with the original T-virus to produce the T-Abyss virus and transferred a portion to Il Veltro, initiating the Tragedy at Resident Evil: Revelations.

The T-Abyss virus has a robust infectious characteristic of T-virus and sea fish cells’ Abyss virus ability. Therefore, they can mutate mighty. Unusually, instead of turning humans into zombies, the T-Abyss virus reorganizes the body’s cells, turning the host into a hybrid between humans and fish bizarre. Ll Veltro’s experiments showed that hosts infected with the T-Abyss virus were powerful enough to develop as a new type of BOW, which surpassed that of the previous models created by Umbrella.

In 2005, Il Veltro threatened that the amount of T-Abyss virus they possess could contaminate up to a fifth of the world’s ocean surface. The Terragrigia incident is most evident when the BOWs from the T-Abyss virus wiped out the entire floating city.

The Ooze in Resident Evil: Revelations

Ooze is the word used to describe the mutant monsters from the T-Abyss virus called by scientists when creating them. Ooze is the most basic form of T- infected host Abyss virus in Resident Evil: Revelations, or in other words, they are slimy zombies. The Ooze’s bizarre structure allows them to wriggle through narrow gaps or dive through small door frames to attack victims. Ooze’s body is always covered with mucus, possibly due to the T-Abyss virus mutating water in the host’s body. Ooze is the male form when infected with the T-Abyss virus, while the female will be the Sea creeper – a monstrous creature with extended arms like crabs.

When infected with the T-Abyss virus, the host will be changed in appearance. Specifically, their skin will darken, the chest will expand, and the upper half of the face will be torn. The Ooze does not bite people like the Zombie in Resident Evil. Instead, their tongue will grow like a needle to suck blood and inject viruses into the victim. The Ooze has stamina that’s no less than that of a BOW, but because the water in their bodies is altered, they lose their ability to balance because of their overly shrunken legs.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

Rachel Foley, after being infected with the T-Abyss virus.

Like the T-virus “mother”, the T-Abyss virus is also capable of causing mutations to its host. Their most formidable variant is Scagdead – this can be considered as an incomplete Tyrant but equally dangerous, or Rachel Foley, after being killed, also turns into a special Ooze even though she is female. The host’s rate to become a Scagdead is 1/1000, much higher than the Tyrant created from the T-virus of 1 in 10 million, so it can be considered the T-Abyss virus is a much-improved model. Every aspect compared to the T-virus of previous Resident Evil parts.

Back at the BSAA headquarters, their boss, Clive R. O’Brian, sent two more agents, Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham, to help Chris find the exact location of the Queen Zenobia. The mission was successful and helped Chris and Jessica track the ship, but when they broke in, they realized they were wrong because this is the Queen Semiramis – another version of Queen Zenobia. Chris reported this to Clive R. O’Brian, then immediately left.

At the Queen Zenobia, Jill and Paker encounter the creature called Scagdead along the way. This is a BOW mutated from the T-Abyss virus with half a human body and a shark. Jill and Paker quickly teamed up to destroy it and head to the emergency contact room. They received the news that someone controlled Regia SOLIS – a satellite capable of releasing solar rays to scorching the target. It was now directed at the Queen Zenobia to cover the clues.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations


With Quint’s help, Jill was able to run to the control room of the uncrewed aircraft. They control one of them to distract Regia SOLIS, causing it to divert its target from Queen Zenobia. Despite this success, the energy flow from Regia SOLIS caused a strong aftershock to the point where the Queen Zenobia was capsized.

At this time, Chris and Jessica had successfully reached the location of the Queen Zenobia. They meet an employee of Il Veltro who is threatening Jill and Paker and reveals information about a large organization behind all the incidents they are involved in. Before this person could finish his sentence, Jessica shot him down with a gun. Paker then realized this was Raymond. Before he died, Raymond also whispered to Paker something significant.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

Raymond Vester

After the four split into two separate teams, Jessica and Paker sought to keep the Queen Zenobia from sinking after aftershocks from Regia SOLIS. In contrast, Jill and Chris sought to recover the T-Abyss virus on the ship when released into the sea. When the two teammates left, Paker pointed a gun at Jessica, suspecting that she was an FBC spy installed on the BSAA from Raymond’s information.

Jessica more quickly shot Paker injured, revealing that she was indeed an FBC spy. She then ran away, activating the ship’s self-destruct system. Raymond is still not dead at the moment. He pretends to fall to get rid of the people chasing him only, as well as disclosing information to Paker to buy more time to escape the Queen Zenobia.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

Regia SOLIS satellite

On the way to the onboard laboratory to destroy the remaining virus, Jill and Chris found a tape of speech from Morgan Lansdale – the director of FBC, who was behind the whole event in Resident Evil: Revelations, the tragedy in the city of Terragrigia, Il Veltro, as well as the ship Queen Zenobia are all plays for Morgan Lansdale to direct, to attract the attention of the international public opinion, as well as the funding to serve for FBC’s future goals.

Morgan dropped the BOW Ooze on the Queen Zenobia and its clones (these were Il Veltro’s secret laboratories) to destroy all who knew about the T-Abyss virus as well as a clue to his relationship with this organization. When Chris came to the Queen Zenobia to reunite with Jill, Morgan also launched a raid on the BSAA headquarters, capturing boss Clive R. O’Brian and blaming all BSAA’s blame.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

Morgan Lansdale – the one behind everything in Resident Evil: Revelations

Jill and Chris promptly destroyed the remaining Virus, returning to reunite with the injured Paker to escape the ship. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save Paker when he fell into the deck when the self-destruct mode was activated, so they thought Paker was dead. Kirk Mathison, a BSAA pilot, picked up the two before the Queen Zenobia explosion. Jill decided not to rush back to the organization but to a new location, Queen Dido, to find evidence of evidence. Morgan’s crime.

At Queen Dido, Jill and Chris realized that this place was also full of Ooze. They later found Jack Norman – the official leader of Il Veltro, who was pushed by Morgan to cover the clues. Jack Norman carried fear and hatred with Morgan, in madness because of Ooze’s piles. He injected many T-Abyss Virus into him and became a monster terrible as the Ultimate Abyss. This is also the last boss in Resident Evil: Revelations.

Cốt truyện và dòng thời gian Resident Evil: Con tàu chết chóc - Resident Evil: Revelations

Ultimate Abyss

After a very tough battle, Jill and Chris also defeated the Ultimate Abyss and handed over the evidence that Jack Norman still retained about the association of Il Veltro with Morgan Lansdale and FBC. Morgan was arrested. Shortly after that, the FBC organization was immediately dissolved. Paker turned out to be alive because Raymond was saved during the explosion of the Queen Zenobia. He returned as the BSAA senior agent. While Raymond did not understand how to get a T-Abyss Virus leftover, he handed it over to Jessica and ended the Resident Evil events: Revelations.