The first significant patch of Apex Legends mainly balances some of the weapons in the game, but Respawn takes this opportunity to talk about hitboxes and Season 1.

More than a month after its launch, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, the hit Battle Royale, has finally received the first major patch to fix many of the game’s balance issues that gamers have been waiting for.

In terms of game balance, the noticeable changes in the patch just released a few hours ago are the nerf to the Wingman. Both in the rate of fire and accuracy, reducing the Peacekeeper and Wingman guns’ occurrence rate increase the quality of occurrence of Energy Ammo, Caustic’s poison trap. These changes directly affect the gameplay, and you can read them in the game’s official patch note.

Apex Legends is “discriminating” significant characters like Gibraltar Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic. They have relatively low win rates because they are much bigger than other characters, so easier to get bullets.

No new characters are coming out of this patch, despite rumors of names like Octane and Wattson coming soon, along with eight other words that have appeared in the past, including Crypto, Husaria, Jericho. Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, and Skunner. On this occasion, they revealed plans for the game, including the hitbox editing of the notable characters mentioned a few days ago and the content available in season 1. These are the things that you want to bring to you.

Respawn nói về cân bằng game và kế hoạch tương lai cho Apex Legends

A glimpse in the game first cinematic refers to Natalie Paquette, possibly Wattson’s real name.

Respawn nói về cân bằng game và kế hoạch tương lai cho Apex Legends

The word “Wattson” on Havoc’s Quantum Chaos skin.


First, Respawn said their goal was not to launch new game-speeding balance updates for Apex Legends because the game was quite complete. “Our goal is to bring changes less often, but with weight and being thoroughly tested to reduce the negative effects on the time you spend to master the mechanisms, Weapons, characters in the game. You won’t need to read patch notes every few days to catch up on how weapons and characters work, ” Respawn wrote. “We know you guys spend a lot of time in the game practicing your skills, for example, using the Wrait teleport the last opponent down the cliff to kill.”

Respawn nói về cân bằng game và kế hoạch tương lai cho Apex Legends

Peacekeeper is a very popular shotgun in the game.

The guns in the game will not be balanced in the same way that everything is equally effective because Respawn jokes that they like the memes that gamers create about the weak Mozambique gun. “We aim to have a power curve on the weapons. It means that some weapons will be weaker and more popular, while others will be stronger and rarer. Some are intentionally weakened until they have all the purple components, while others are early game weapons, just a little bit more melee, and you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible. ”

Respawn nói về cân bằng game và kế hoạch tương lai cho Apex Legends

Mozambique, the gun that Apex Legends players rarely pick up.

With that goal in mind, Respawn will continue to balance the shotguns in the game based on player feedback. “We will continue to monitor data and feedback from gamers and internal testing, but for now, for now, those guns will not change.”


As analyzed a few days ago, the hitbox of the characters in Apex Legends is a big issue about the balance of the game. Gamers have classified characters in the game into “divine,” “normal,” and “trash” the apparent feature is the size of the name: the bigger, the more likely to be hit, and the lower the odds of winning. In response to these complaints, Respawn revealed that they plan to revise the hitbox of significant characters like Gibraltar, Pathfinder, or Caustic, but that hasn’t happened right away.

Respawn nói về cân bằng game và kế hoạch tương lai cho Apex Legends

“To balance the game, we look at a set of factors: the selected ratio, the win rate, and the match-by-game win ratio between the two characters and many other metrics, and the game’s response prime again. The results between the 5 characters of small and medium sizes are good – they are relatively balanced in terms of power. However, the big characters are too weak, and their size proved to be an important factor, ” Respawn admitted.

With this conclusion, Respawn plans to shrink and optimize the hitboxes of three characters Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic, in the Season 1 patch of Apex Legends. If the hitbox changes aren’t enough, Respawn will add new buffs, for example, for these characters to reduce their damage or skill buffs. “Because many of these changes are significant, we want to make sure they are tested before going to the official server if necessary.”

Respawn nói về cân bằng game và kế hoạch tương lai cho Apex Legends

So when will Season 1 of Apex Legends debut? Many people predict that it will probably launch on March 12, next week, based on a previously leaked photo. Jay Frechette, Respawn’s community manager, didn’t confirm the official launch date but said that Respawn still has a lot to do and can’t talk about the launch date. “I know waiting is not fun, but it is about to come, and please wait patiently for us.”