Windows now include a restore and refresh function that lets you quickly and easily erase and restore your PC when things aren’t working correctly. However, one problem they don’t fix is recovering all of your data, especially browser favorites. Those are never backed up, and restoring them after a PC refresh is not as easy as it should be.

Microsoft Edge is a system component, and its resources include browsing favorites. That data is not kept in a location that’s kept safe with your data. That information gets erased with all other system components on your hard drive.

However, that doesn’t mean they lost. If you’re missing your Favorites from Microsoft edge and want them back, you can use the following procedure to restore them.

AfterWindows refresh is done, it will put your old system files in a folder called “Windows.old.” You will need to go into that folder and drag some files out.

1. OpenWindowsExplorer (formerly known as File Manager) and navigate to the following folder: “C: Windows.old.”

2. Navigate to the “Users” folder.

3. Locate the folder corresponding to the username you used to log into windows. Click on the folder matching that username.

4. Select “View -> Enable Hidden Items” and search for the folder named “AppData”.

5. Navigate to “C: Windows. old Users AppData Local Packages. ”

6. Find and open the folder that starts with “Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge”.

7. Open the folder named “AC.” Navigate to “MicrosoftEdge User Default” below that folder.

8. The entire URL to the directory will look like this:

9. Copy the contents of the Default folder to a safe place. You will need it in the next action set.

Now that you have extracted your Favorites, it’s time to put them in the right place so Edge can load them.

1. CloseMicrosoftEdge if it is currently open.

2. OpenWindowsExplorer and navigate to the following folder. This path is similar to the previous location.

3. Open anotherWindowsExplorerwindowand navigate to the folder where you copied the files you extracted from “Windows.old”.

4. Paste the files into the path above. Make sure all files are copied.

5. OpenMicrosoftEdge. Your favorites will be reset.

In some cases, Edge favorites have been known to disappear after restoring them using the above procedure. If this happens, follow the steps below.

1. With Edge open, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the app window and then click Settings.

2. In the Import Favorites and Other Info fields, click the “Import from another browser” button.

3. Click the “Export” button and save your favorites as an HTML file.

4. Close Edge and reopen it.

5. Check that your favorites have appeared.

6. If your favorites are not returned, repeatsteps1and2. Instead of exporting, click the “Import from a file” button and follow the instructions.

Rebuilding a Windows10 PC doesn’t take days as it did with previous versions of Windows. With Windows 10, restoring everything through System Refresh or Restore doesn’t always bring Edge favorites. Thankfully, with a little preparation work, you can back them up and get them back when you need them.