With its attractive gameplay, Rage 2 will help gamers who love the shooting genre get athletic fingers after completing the game.

Nearly a decade after Rage’s launch, the story of the post-apocalyptic world created bySoftware was once again connected with Rage 2 . Developed under the cooperation ofSoftware and Avalanche Studios, the game promises to give gamers a collaborative experience between the vast open world with attractive gun gameplay. But is the reality as what the developer promised in the trailers?

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay


Rage 2 starts with a long (and quite ugly) cutscene to introduce you to General Cross, the villain that once appeared in Rage. The tutorial of the game begins soon after you choose the gender of your character and witness Vineland – the last promised land of mankind – being attacked by the mutant army of General Cross. This forces the main character, Walker, to wear the armor of a Ranger, and “a bout of cancer,” only a few minutes after that, you become the only surviving Ranger.

Fortunately, gamers also have a purpose to pursue: “Project Dagger,” a project that promises to help you destroy General Cross and his army. Your task is to find three allies and gain their trust and support to be able to defeat General Cross. That’s all the developer has set for Rage 2, just enough for gamers to know what to do in the vast and dense world of round symbols, hexagons, shields and countless questions. it. Avalanche Studios didn’t bother to connect the plot between the two Rage 2 versions together, so gamers who missed the first version will probably feel a bit out of place in the new world.

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay

In fact, Avalanche Studios doesn’t bother to develop the plot’s content or the character’s personality, and it seems a bit funny that the “character” you communicate the most in the game is not the girlfriend “slender bamboo architecture” grew up in Vineland or three important NPCs of Project Dagger, which is … a Phoenix car. For me, the simple but seductive lines of this car make me feel much closer to the annoying commands that other NPCs grumble over radio waves.

Excellent gameplay

While the plot of Rage 2 is just more … Minecraft,Software and Avalanche Studios probably put all their efforts into gameplay development. The shooting game section of the game is really excellent, can be compared to a “exercise for the index finger” when all the guns in the game have two shooting modes with different uses and allow Creative gamers with them. Rocket Launcher enables gamers to destroy multiple opponents with a single shot, Gravity Dart can turn explosives or suicide sugars into smart bombs to find the right target, and even the gun. Simple pistols are also extremely powerful when you can use it to deliver accurate headshots.

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay

After that, it is impossible not to mention a series of special skills of the game. Walker in the Ranger armor has supernatural abilities such as double jump, dash both on the ground and in the air, a mini black hole that draws enemies together, an energy shield, a powerful Slam … When you transport using these skills more mastery, gameplay of Rage 2 will become more and more attractive because they are the difference between a soldier hovering on the ground and a Ranger “hegemony” hastily appeared and sow die from 360 degrees.

In addition to guns, the main character Walker also used some auxiliary equipment such as grenades, boomerang Wingstick and automatic drones, but they are often overlooked during gameplay because they are not as useful as guns or techniques. power. In addition, everything in your arsenal can be upgraded, regardless of the vehicle, gun, consumable items or skills of the character, making the auxiliary equipment even more difficult. so faded.

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay

The enemy in the game is also an important factor in bringing excitement when using guns for gamers. They are designed in a series of styles … different death depending on the type of damage suffered: the bigger the gun, the smaller (and less) the gun, but all these death types have in common is very slim. Combined with Feltrite members that are both money and blood but “dissolve” very quickly with Overdrive mechanism, gamers are always urged to rush into the crowd of enemies to show strength. It can be clearly seen that Avalanche Studios andSoftware have done everything to reproduce the speed and vigorous action play that Doom 2016 has been in Rage 2, and has been successful. There was no visual or fighting mechanism to decry in this game.

The open world is colorful and varied

If you have a powerful enough PC, you’ll realize that Rage 2 graphics are top notch with a very unique color style. Instead of retaining the gloomy, gray apocalyptic post-apocalyptic style, Avalanche Studios chose bright and colorful tones, adding purple – pink colors to create a crazy and chaotic world in its own style. Everyone has a different hobby here, but for the author, this is a plus for Rage 2.

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay

Although the map of the game is not very large because the abyss and roads occupy a very large area, the number of activities that gamers can participate in is no less than a game of Ubisoft. The iconic overlap on the screen every time you press the M button will give you always something to do when entering the Ranger armor, and always gives you a certain reward when completed. This is a plus point because the plot of the game is very short and unattractive, and as mentioned, it only serves as a background for the shooting games that you will perform in the game.

Another praiseworthy point is that although the content in the game is designed for the shooting array, you can encounter many different variants. In addition to the traditional shooting and killing missions, gamers can also participate in the races, destroy the enemy convoys, solve puzzles when searching for the remains of the dead Rangers … Even the activities It seems like there is nothing to transform like finding Ark there are a few variants, such as when Ark in the Dune Sea desert will introduce you to the task of “cutting the circuit breaker” or having to smash a giant mech first. when able to unlock Ark … Everything in the game makes Walker stronger, unlocking new styles of action and serving the superhero dream that Rage 2 brings.

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay

Time is short

Created by the creators of Doom and Just Cause, I was very surprised at the amount of Rage 2. The plot of the game was surprisingly short, and only side activities could save time. its playing volume. The game also has some bugs such as the voiceover, invisible NPC, the roar of the engine does not stop even after you get off the car, … In addition, switching between the main menus in the game. (maps, vehicles, bags, weapons …) proved very stagnant, a confusing thing because they are all text and ordinary 2D images.

Besides, the difficulty of Rage 2 proved a bit low. The opponents in the game are too “fragile,” including oversized monsters or giant robots in two easy and medium levels, and there are no difficult challenges after you have upgraded the character’s damage main. Therefore, if you are a gamer who has mastered six sentences about FPS or wants to find challenges, it is recommended that you start the game at a difficult level and upgrade to Nightmare after completing about half of the in-game activities and upgrading. grant all important skills such as Dash and Defibrillator.

Đánh giá Rage 2: Cốt truyện ngắn nhưng bắn súng đã tay


After having considered all the strengths and weaknesses of the game, including gossip, short duration, varied open world, beautiful graphics and good combat, I conclude that Rage 2 is a The game is more attractive than its predecessor. Its combat part alone is enough to conquer an FPS gamer, especially those who love the characteristic madness thatSoftware’s games bring. All the points except a lot of bugs or gentle stories can be ignored during the exercise of the index finger with Rage 2.

You can buy a PC version on Steam here .

Minimum configuration:

  • Operating systems: Win7, 8.1 and 10 (64-Bit are required)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • VGA: Nvidia GTX 780 3GB or AMD R9 280 3GB
  • HDD: 50 GB of free hard disk space