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It can be said that after the release of the teaser village could not be worse, the Sonic The Hedgehog movie has gradually improved and become a product of the fans.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a special movie. First released to the public, the film was heavily criticized for the extremely hideous design of the famous Sonic hedgehog. Eventually the film studio listened and decided to change Sonic’s appearance. Thanks to Sonic’s lovely new cute image, the movie was well supported by the community. Now with the film’s release date approaching, we will look back at the equally special appearance of this film.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Hành trình từ nhân vật game đến phim Hollywood

Although the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie will be distributed by Paramount Pictures, the actual filmmaking rights belong to Sony. In 2014, a group of hackers calling themselves the Guardians of Peace attacked the Sony Pictures database and leaked a lot of information about Sony’s film projects at the time, the most typical was the deal between Sony and Marvel Studios so that Spider-man can appear in the MCU. Among the leaked information was the appearance of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie project.

Amy Pascal and Avi Arad are two renowned Sony film producers with long-time film-making experience to adapt comic books such as Spider-man and Ghost Rider to the big screen. About 10 years ago, besides comic-book movies that were raking in money, Sony began to be interested in producing game-based movies. Sony has an ambition that it will be a new film trend again, similar to what superhero movies were doing then. It wants to adapt both its game products like Uncharted and The Last of Us and external brands like Bioshock. This is also not difficult to understand when the Resident Evil series, which was produced by Sony, is enthusiastically criticized by the audience but still makes good money.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Hành trình từ nhân vật game đến phim Hollywood

Avi Arad also aimed at a direct competitor in the game field with Sony, Nintendo, hoping to produce a Mario movie. For five consecutive years Avi tried to negotiate with Nintendo to get as many characters from Nintendo as possible, including Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pokemon. He even talked about producing a Super Smash Bros. movie with all the Nintendo characters in it. In an email to Amy Pascal, Avi Arad proudly proclaimed that he would be the father of the Mario movie, but later the deal was unsuccessful. However, Avi was also allowed to use Donkey Kong, thereby helping this classic character appear in the Pixels film of Adam Sandler, a lousy film.

On the Nintendo side, the deal with Sony seems to have inspired the company to consider continuing to bring its game characters to the big screen. This is a continuation because Nintendo has in the past brought Mario to film in 1993 with the movie Super Mario Bros, a disaster both professional and revenue. As a result, Nintendo gave the rights to make Mario movies to Illumination, the animation studio behind films like Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets. Pokemon was given to Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. to produce the Pokemon movie: Detective Pikachu.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Hành trình từ nhân vật game đến phim Hollywood

As for Sony, while negotiating with Nintendo, it also knocked on the door of other gaming companies including Sega. Sega had also hesitated because Sony’s rumor of selling Columbia Pictures made Sega worried that Sonic’s license might fall into its competitors. Sega finally accepted the offer from Sony, which made Sony’s board of directors extremely excited. But it seems that not all understand what they receive. A Sony executive named Dick Sano in his email kept mentioning the phrase “Sonic The Hedge Dog” and expressed his wish that Sonic would be a new series similar to Resident Evil at the time. This will definitely make Sonic fans crazy if they know.

After the great success of Deadpool in 2016, director Tim Miller due to disagreements about the vision for part 2 should have left. Sony then invited him and his graphics studio Blur Studio to participate in making Sonic. However, Tim decided to work with James Cameron to implement Terminator Dark Fate and entrusted the task of making Sonic films to Jeff Fowler, who was nominated for an Oscar with the 2004 short animated film Gopher Broke. On the Sony side, due to the information leak that left enormous damage, many projects were canceled in order to work on safer and more commercially successful projects, typically Spider-man. Fortunately for Sonic The Hedgehog when the film was not canceled, the whole brand and unfinished project was sold by Sony. The movie Sonic found a new home when Paramount Pictures bought it out. The entire film crew resumed their work at Paramount Pictures.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Hành trình từ nhân vật game đến phim Hollywood

Because Paramount Pictures seems to outperform Sony in terms of information security, it’s unclear whether Sonic The Hedgehog has undergone significant changes under the new roof. Later maybe we were all clear. Sonic has a hideous appearance, pressure fans, and the studio listened to it when he redesigned Sonic. Now we can only wait and see if this is a game-worthy movie worthy of efforts to recreate Sonic’s new look.