Haytham did indeed love Kaniehtí: io, but it seems that the Templar guy’s love with the organization is greater than the love he has for the Indians.

The third chapter of the game began in Boston in 1755, at which point Haytham was looking for Kaniehtí: io to ask her for help. According to Charles Lee’s report, this Indian lady appears on Lexington’s outskirts, but no one can follow her because this female half’s female body is too agile. Haytham did not trust this case so much, so he asked Lee to prepare his horse so that the two could start a search for her Indian in Lexington. In the blizzard of the snow, the shadow of the person who has not been able to find it, the two let the horse run away.

With the lucky superhero’s aura, despite having to jog between the immense mountains and forests in the cold winter in Boston, Haytham and Lee eventually – somehow God knows, still find Kaniehtí: io stooping to lay rabbit trap. At this time, the wolves were also coming from behind to beat Indians, while Haytham did not know why Lee opened fire to kill one. Even though the wolves were chased away, the gunfire made Kaniehtí: io scared to run away. After the female body, which is about to wander about on this tree, the chasing process is immensely “struggling”, even interrupted by a wolves’ revenge attack. However, the two siblings still face each other again.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Sequence 3

Many people think that Indians do not have a sense of humor. Still, maybe they were mistaken because at first glance, Kaniehtí: io is very good at the life skills of Native Americans but what she is the best at is still an excellent way to ask ” hook throat ” the opposite person. Next will be the spelling of the opponent’s name. Knowing that Haytham has no way of saying his word correctly, the Indians told the Templar to be called Ziio for short. At this point, Haytham clarified his purpose for finding Kaniehtí: io. He wanted to know if she had any clues about where she could use the locket we saw in Sequence 1 (Part 1). Kaniehtí: io knows this place, but this is a sacred place, and she is not allowed to reveal it to outsiders. Haytham says he has saved many members of the Kanien’kehá tribe: ka from Silas Thatcher, so he is not an enemy. The Indian lady seemed to be thinking about it and arranged to meet or visit here at night.

The night came, the two met, and Kaniehtí: io complained that her people were being hunted by British soldiers as well as chased away from the land they had been settling down for ages. The commander of the raid was no stranger. The one Haytham had just spared in Sequence first, Edward Braddock. The Indian lady said that her clan died every day because of this brutal commander and Haytham asked for an exchange. He would work together to destroy Braddock in exchange for the Indians. Take him to where the mat can be used. Kaniehtí: io agrees with the deal, and the two head to the pub to listen for more information about Braddock, where he is stationed. The hearing was favorable, but when he wanted to leave Haytham, he was attacked by a bunch of British soldiers. Templar guy is not the type to easily endure, so in the end, he is still a scuffle brawl in the shop.

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Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Plot – Part 2: Red slaves In Assassin’s Creed III, Haytham’s portraits are portrayed a lot on the first game screen. Who told people to be the father of the protagonist?

Before arriving at the place where Braddock was setting up the camp, Kaniehtí: io had used alcohol to disinfect the wound Haytham suffered from a fight. It seems that the two of them really “had a bad relationship” from now on. Returning to the main story, after breaking into the barracks that Braddock might be resting on, Haytham was disappointed to discover that the commander was not present. But from the soldiers’ conversations, he knew Braddock was gathering troops at the Duquesne outpost to prepare to counterattack the French soldiers. The exciting thing is that among the soldiers eavesdropping on Haytham, there is a man named George Washington, who listened to his talking gas with the bureaucrats. Perhaps this is illustrious Washington in our history. Everyone knows. After stealing a map of Braddock’s operation, Haytham returned to Kaniehtí: io to discuss what to do next.

Five months later, Kaniehtí: io informed Haytham that things had proceeded smoothly when the Indians and their tribes had investigated all the laws of Braddock’s actions. At this time, both the Indians and the Templar began to approach to assassinate the ill-fated commander. Tragically, instead of Braddock, his mighty mind is still burning intensely when his life is a thread hanging the bell. In conversation with Washington, it can be seen that his desire and the desire to expand the rule of the United Kingdom in the colony of North America was too intense. After destroying all of Braddock’s confidants, Haytham disguised himself as a high-ranking officer to approach and assassinate the commander. When Haytham caught up with Braddock, Washington suddenly appeared intending to rescue his superior. Still, Kaniehtí: io had promptly launched (according to the game’s story, the old American father was beaten brutally by the Indians). Despite a bit of trouble, Braddock was eventually defeated by Haytham, ending the two of them.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Sequence 3

Before closing his eyes, Braddock asked why things were going like this, and Haytham answered that both public and private, the commander’s death was worth it, so please rest assured to close your eyes. Kaniehtí: io then led Haytham to the sacred cave of the Indians, also known as the Grand Temple of the First Civilization. Anyone who plays through Assassin’s Creed knows that this locket can’t open the Grand Temple gate of the First Civilization, and Haytham was deeply disappointed. At this time, Kaniehtí: io comforted (or listened?) The Templar with the ancient story of the Kanien’kehá: ka. Whatever happens, the brothers and sisters now choose to put aside all issues of race, freedom, equality, and charity to flirt with each other enthusiastically in front of the Grand Temple of the First Civilization. Source for human civilization, you and yourselves know how to choose a cool motel.

After the commotion, that is to say, after the scene above, Haytham returned to the pub. The Templar was lying to his accomplices about finding the cave but could not open the entrance, saying that there were some complicated motifs. But the sacred cave of the Indians is not the place where the Templars want to search. In any case, the next one will see Charles Lee being admitted to the Templars and giving the ring Haytham saw when he killed Edward Braddock. Now that the memory section had been synchronized, Desmond Miles woke up but started to get angry because he didn’t know what he saw and was bored to do this and that, according to William’s father. Desmond even said that although William was his father, the way he controlled everything was not the same as the Templars used. The tension was high when William could not help but punch Desmond quite a pain, but Shaun Hastings was able to stop the two. After an unpleasant conversation, in reality, Desmond resumes watching Haytham’s memories through the Animus machine.