The story of Devil May Cry 5 smells crazy like its gameplay when the Dante family rushes to beat each other to a wharf without any reason.

Following the last part of the Devil May Cry 5 story, the three Dante, Nero, and V gathered to discuss how to deal with the situation. When V suggested that the three should work together to advance to Qliphoth’s top, Dante immediately dismissed it. Before V and Nero could say anything else, Dante disappeared. Nero and V then split each other away to chase after Dante, but V’s condition is not very good when his body shows signs of decay – the result after two parts and demons from Vergil are separated.

In the process of dragging himself out of exhaustion to climb to the top, V was blocked by Malphas (Urizen’s subordinate), but he knew he could not afford to defeat this demon. At that moment, Nero appeared, and thanks to the new machine arm, Nero destroyed Malphas and rescued V in time. Although V is still unstable, he is determined to ask Nero to take him to Urizen, while both of V’s moves also reveal that Urizen is a different entity from Vergil – his brother Dante.

V explained that Vergil originally split himself into two in the Devil May Cry 5 plot because he wanted the power to defeat Dante, like the sibling’s long-standing feud with each other. Nero himself finds this to be a completely pointless thing, only wasting time in vain.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ – P.Cuối

Nero saves V from Malphas.

Dante finally reached the top of Qliphoth and met Urizen. Both lost into an illusionary space created by Qliphoth when it started producing results. Urizen eats the Qliphoth and receives a tremendous amount of power from it. He also begins to transform like Dante but with a larger size. But despite having absorbed Qliphoth’s energy in the story of Devil May Cry 5, Urizen was defeated by Dante so severely that he fell to the ground and could not stand up.

At this point, V and Nero have just arrived, witnessing the scene of Urizen being defeated by Dante, V offers to let himself handle the last part, and Dante agrees. V stepped on Urizen’s chest and said that his desire for power was right, but the way to do it was wrong, both of these being inseparable, and V himself connected with Urizen when having the same ambition. At this point, Dante realized that V did not want to finish Urizen but merge with him, but it was too late when V himself stabbed his stick into Urizen’s chest, and from the blue light, Vergil once again appeared.

V hợp nhất với Urizen trong cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5

V merges with Urizen in the Devil May Cry 5 storyline.

Vergil unleashes an illusion created by Qliphoth. At the same time, Dante rushes to attack his brother but is pushed back because now Vergil has more power than he still has in UUrizen’s form. However, Vergil did nothing more and said that Dante needed to recover from his injury first before the two of them decided to fight their last match. Vergil leaves to the top of the Qliphoth tree, not forgetting to thank Nero for the Yamato stick.

Dante tells Nero to come back, but he refuses to think that he is also involved, as Vergil himself cuts Nero’s arm from the start. Dante and Nero argue very loudly and in anger, Dante said that Vergil is Nero’s father in Devil May Cry 5. From the first day that the two of them met, Dante felt something. Strangely, the Yamato bar reacts with Nero again. So far, it can be sure that Nero is Vergil’s son.

Vergil needs to be stopped, but Dante doesn’t want his grandchildren getting caught in this family battle or taking up arms against his father. Therefore, Dante immediately chases Vergil, leaving Nero still shocked and surprised by what he just heard.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ – P.Cuối

Dante reveals that Nero is the son of Vergil.

When Nero returned to Nico’s car, Dante left. First, Nero turned to ask Trish if everyone knew he was Vergil’s child. Trish does not completely deny but only says that just like Dante, she senses a connection between Nero and Vergil, but Trish also advises Nero not to chase because even though Vergil is so hateful. In any case, it was his father. Nero, in his anger, didn’t listen to any advice from him. He left alone and continued to chase after the other two.

As for Dante, he finally reached the top of Qliphoth, where Vergil was waiting. After a pointless talk about who should have power, two of them were rush in and out of each other. Earlier, Dante also revealed that Nero was the Vergil, which surprised Vergil himself because he did not know he had a son. Because both Dante and Vergil have awakened the supreme power of demons’ blood in their body, they fought inconclusively. Both of them had no way to destroy the enemy.

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At that time, Nero waddled from the bottom to near the top of Qliphoth in madness because he was left out and did not want to lose any more relatives. Nero made his demons’ blood rise, causing his lost arm to grow back and transform into the ultimate demon form. Nero flies straight to the top of Qliphoth, just as Dante and Vergil are rushing at each other to stop them both.

Nero thức tỉnh trong cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5

Nero awakens in the story of Devil May Cry 5

In this new demon form, Nero is strong enough to stop both Dante and Nero, even kicking Dante out. Nero says that this pointless fight must end. They have more important things to do is to hit the gates of hell opening right below Qliphoth in the story Devil May Cry 5. However, Vergil does not care. That’s very much; he said that because Nero has just retired Dante, it will be like winning Dante if I defeat Nero. After this ridiculous welcome, Vergil and Nero rushed into each other.

During the Nero battle, it was said that these matches had to be stopped because they were initially a family, but Vergil still tried his best with his son while praising Nero for being much stronger since the last time they meet. Nero eventually defeated Vergil, but everything was not over because the gates of hell continued to open as they fought. The only thing that can stop it in the Devil May Cry 5 storyline is the Yamato bar, so Dante and Vergil decide to go down by themselves to close the gate, meaning they will be trapped in hell always.

Nero ngăn Dante cùng Vergil giết lẫn nhau

Nero stops Dante and Vergil from killing each other.

Nero was once again angry that he had continued to chase him out, but when he was about to speak out, Dante and Vergil threw Nero away, telling him that he must stay as a guardian of the world. Before leaving, Vergil gave Nero his old book, saying he would come back to take it. Watching his father and uncle go down and close the gate, Nero could only shake his head and let these two idiots leave.

A few weeks after, Dante and Vergil went to hell to close the portal, and they were trapped, unable to go back up. So the two of them killed time by dueling each other continuously despite being invincible. At the same time, a bunch of demons suddenly appeared, causing Dante and Vergil to separate and destroy the harassers.

As for Nero, he continues to do a demon hunter’s work with an old mechanical arm. With the Qliphoth tree collapsing, Nero knows that his two relatives have completed this important task. The ending of Devil May Cry 5 is the scene where Nero returns home, while Trish and Lady take a new job and wonder when Dante will appear again.

Dante cùng Vergil “chơi đùa” dưới địa ngục

Dante and Vergil “play” in hell