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Unlike the usual world rescue scenes, the story of Devil May Cry 5 is the crazy family story of Dante brothers and sisters.

First of all to understand what the Devil May Cry 5 storyline is about, let’s talk about the timeline of this series because basically this part 5 is about 4 years away from approximately 4 years. In fact, when the Devil May Cry 5 was released, Capcom announced it would change the game’s timeline slightly when rearranging the order in the series.

Based on the time of the characters’ appearance in all 5 sections, the fans have arranged the timeline up to the time of the Devil May Cry 5 plot as follows:

– Devil May Cry 3> 1> 2> 4> 5.

In fact, the Devil May Cry 2 part is completely lost in the series, because it is quite paradoxical considering the sequence of appearances and strings are completely unrelated to part 4 (in part 2, Dante went to hell and didn’t know how the hell to crawl on the ground in Part 4. Therefore many people think that we can put Devil May Cry 2 aside and consider it as an “unrelated” part, in fact, with the Devil May Cry 5 story, we do not need to care about it. Part 2 is fine.

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For those who first learn the story Devil May Cry 5, it probably will be slightly aching brain with the main cast as Dante or Nero, The game also has a synthetic short on developments titles DMC in article Hey , next let’s talk a little bit about how the timeline in a particular series.

First let’s talk about the origin and birth of the main character in the whole series is Dante, in the olden days there was a war between humanity and Hell (headed by Lord Mundus), it played The long school lasted for years with countless catastrophic consequences. It was only until there was a demon under Mundus named Sparda that betrayed his master, siding with humans to end this meaningless war.

Sparda defeated Mudus, sealed the portal between Hell and the human world, his name was worshiped and called forever by the nickname “Legendary Dark Knight”.

Two thousand years after the Mundus incident, Sparda silently reappears and marries a mortal woman named Eva, to prove his love he gave his wife a necklace that was the key to open it. the portal to Mundus.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.1

Sparda – father of Dante and Vergil

Sparda and Eva have two twin sons, Dante and Vergil (Vergil is his brother), Eva then divided her necklace with two children. Sparda’s fate after the birth of his two children is not mentioned, Sparda also briefly lived with his family, but later he died somewhere unknown. At the same time that the seal of Mudas’ hold after 2 thousand years has weakened, the Lord of Hell has sent his subordinates to earth to seek and revenge on Sparda.

The demons attacked Eva’s mother’s mansion and engulfed it in flames. In desperation, Eva hides Dante in the closet and searches for Vergil (who was playing in the backyard). Vergil is attacked by demons but thanks to that he has awakened his demonic powers, even Vergil uses the Yamato sword to kill them all. The story of Devil May Cry 5 explains because of this incident that Vergil thought that his mother abandoned her to save Dante, it became a huge ghost that covered his whole life.

– Here talk a little about the typical weapons of the brothers Dante (Rebellion) and Vergil (Yamato), they are originally Sparda’s weapons with opposing power, while Rebellion can unite the strength between the children. people and demons, then Yamato can cut off space as well as separate the human and the devil in an outer being. Rebellion was given to Dante and Yamato was given to Vergil, which became the main weapon throughout the brothers in all 5 series.

Gia đình Sparda trong cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5

The Sparda family in the Devil May Cry 5 storyline

Now come to the first version Devil May Cry 3, at this time Dante has become an unruly young man and has a profession of bamboo. One day Dante receives word that his lost brother Vergil is still alive, even planning to open the gates of hell believing that it will help me get more of the power of Sparda – which is A real demon. Vergil got the help of Arkham – a fanatic scholar with the doctrine from hell, that he himself gave Vergil a lot of information in this.

At this time Vergil has awakened his demonic power, but Dante is not yet so he cannot fight Vergil. In the process of tracking Vergil, Dante also meets Lady – the daughter of Arkham, who is on her way to stop her father. When the two brothers meet again for the first time, Dante is pierced by the Vergil with the Rebellion itself, but this action accidentally causes Dante’s blood to seep into the Rebellion and thereby awaken his evil power. .

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.1

Lady when appearing in the story Devil May Cry 5

Later, the brothers Dante – Vergil also realized that Arkham was the last jerk, he took a part of Sparda’s power from the Force Edge sword and turned into a giant demon. Dante and Vergil team up to kill Arkham, but soon they continue to fight for the Force Edge sword. Dante defeated his brother but in the last moment Vergil himself jumped into hell, after closing the gate, Dante and Lady returned home and opened the “Devil May Cry” shop with the main job. is hunting down the remaining demons.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.1

The ending of Devil May Cry 3 when Vergil falls to hell

On a typical day, Dante was suddenly visited by a woman whose identity resembles her mother’s name, Trish. Trish tells Dante about the return of the demon lord Mundus and hires him to stop it, in fact Trish is actually a demon under Mundus, with the task of seducing Dante to the designated place to kill he.

Upon reaching this island, Dante met a special demon named Nelo Angelo with a power not inferior to his own. In fact, Nelo Angelo is a different entity from Vergil, when he falls to hell in Part 3, Vergil meets Mundus and is then controlled by him, taking a different identity to kill Dante. The last time Dante defeated Nelo Angelo, regained the second piece of the lost necklace, when merged it transformed the Force Edge into the final form – the strongest ultimate sword Sparda had. each used.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.1

Trish in the story Devil May Cry 5

Trish later revealed that he was Mundus’s subordinate in order to lure Dante to his death, initially Dante was angry and told Trish to stay away from him. But after she was about to be killed by Mundus, Dante tried to stop him, in the fight with Mundus Dante was defeated but in the end Trish jumped out to defend the finishing blow for him. Suffering, angry and torn by internal emotions, Dante awakens his final form just like Sparda and repels Mundus.

In the final battle Dante has once again defeated Mundus and sealed him, Dante and Trish return together, becoming partners in the new store, which has now changed its name to “Devil Never Cry” – meaning Trish had once cried when saving Dante, which is a sign that she was partially human because “the devil never cried”.

Devil May Cry phần đầu tiên (theo tuyến thời gian thì là phần 2)

Devil May Cry first part (according to the timeline it is part 2)

In the story of Devil May Cry 4, we have a new character that is young Nero – son of Vergil. In fact, Vergil himself did not know he had a child, he knew a certain unknown woman and gave birth to this son, Nero did not know who his father should be able to say. This family is a bit badass.

Nero and his lover (Kyrie) work at the Order of the Sword – a cult of Sparda, they have somehow managed to get the Yamato stick, but actually its leaders take advantage of it. this cover to study evil to take over the world. Dante learns this and goes to destroy the Order of the Sword, accidentally he encounters Nero and realizes that there is something very familiar in the young man.

Cốt truyện Devil May Cry 5: Chuyện nhà của gia tộc quỷ dữ - P.1

Nero and Dante when meeting for the first time

Nero later learns of the guild’s secret and is attacked to kill him, but fortunately Yamato reacts to Nero’s blood and revives him (like the way Rebellion used to do with Dante). Nero awakens the power within the body, symbolizing the Sparda blood flow in the veins.

After a few more incidents, Nero and Kyrie were captured by the Sanctus cardinal to capture Sparda’s blood. Now Dante appears to rescue Nero, after which they finish off the Sanctus and end the Order of the Sword’s presence one last time. At the moment Dante is a bit suspicious that Nero might be his nephew (Nero still doesn’t know this blood relation), but Dante doesn’t say this in the end.

Dante hands Yamato back to Yamato and the two part ways, continuing to use their power to destroy the remaining demons.

Devil May Cry 5

Nero in the Devil May Cry 5 storyline

And that’s all you need to know about the events that took place before the Devil May Cry 5 storyline, whereby after breaking up with Dante himself Nero also opened a new “Devil May Cry” branch. and start the life of an official demon hunter. The story of Devil May Cry 5 takes place about 5 years after the fourth season, at this time a new mysterious force emerges and threatens the world, as well as opening up an extremely troublesome “war family”. between brothers, father and son, this nephew.