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In this article, we invite you to learn about the events that occurred in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, released in 2005.

Go into the downfall

After the tragedy of 11/15/2145, UAC’s base on Mars was almost completely destroyed. Demons spilling from the space portal that UAC scientists are experimenting with have destroyed the fruits of years of research and killed all of UAC’s personnel, including important figures like Commissioner Elliot Swann and his bodyguard are Jack Campbell. The Marine soldiers who landed on UAC four days later could only find a single survivor, a corporal from the Swann guards, on the Darkstar. Meanwhile, the head of the UAC research center, Dr. Malcolm Betruger, went missing.

Cốt truyện Doom – P.6: Ác quỷ phục sinh

Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.

The idea that the Earth’s investigation of the events that happened happened would go to a dead end, on May 1, 2000, a satellite orbiting Mars suddenly noticed a strange signal emanating from the study area. The rescue has been abandoned. It’s unclear what the signal was, but only three months later, on August 8, 146, UAC suddenly announced the restart of its Mars exploration program, with a new female lead. Dr. Elizabeth McNeil, a former colleague of Betruger and was lucky to escape when leaving Mars just a few days before the invading demons. Elizabeth was also the one who asked UAC to send senior personnel to Mars to investigate Betruger’s suspicious actions, and now she is determined to continue her old experiments to find out what Betruger did.

A goal is good, but the way itself is wrong. Once again, strange phenomena came back to haunt the research area, but now Fearless Corporal Marine is no longer here to solve the problem. Instead, you will control a new character – he is also a Marine soldier, but an engineer engineer.

Đánh giá Moisac, khi hư vô và hiện sinh kết hợp dưới hình hài kỹ thuật số

Considering Moisac, when nothingness and existentiality combine in the form of a digital form, Moisac gives meaning to exist for nonsense, more subtly speaking, the work of Krillbite is like two dual-philosophical philosophies. flanges.

The disaster recurs

On Friday 17/3/2147, our main character and his teammates were tasked with exploring a secret area newly discovered in Mars, beneath the Erebus laboratory complex. The team opens the door to this secret area and finds another artifact sealed from millennia ago. When the engineer touched the strange object, it emitted a powerful source of energy that killed his comrades, but for some reason he survived. And yet, the energy wave reaches an old space portal built by the inhabitants of Mars, and activates it again.

The activation of the gate did not escape the sight of Maledict, the demon Betruger turned into after Doom 3 ended. He ordered his three junior henchmen, the Hell Hunters, to recover the antiquity, and once again Hell erupted on Mars. In fact, perhaps the activation of the gate was entirely within Maledict’s plan because when he realized this, he had said, “they have come, my children … as I promised.”

Cốt truyện Doom – P.6: Ác quỷ phục sinh

Maledict, the new form of Betruger.

On Mars, Dr. Elizabeth realized that the artifact you found was linked to the appearance of the devil and thus ordered you to take it to Phobos’s lab for her. In the process of fleeing from the collapsing secret area, the protagonist picks up an Ionized Plasma Levitator gun and with the help of this gun, he will destroy one of Maledict’s three juniors, Helltime Hunter. . The antiquity in your hand absorbs his power and gives you the ability to slow down time, but the “fuel” that makes it work is the soul of others. Shortly thereafter, Maledic’s second henchman, Berserk Hunter, also collapsed in front of you, paying superhuman melee capabilities to our engineer.

When you reach Elizabeth’s lab on Phobos, you give her a piece of antiques – identified as the “Heart of Hell” – to her. This is a weapon created by the demons against the inhabitants of Mars, but for some reason fell into the hands of Mars and was sealed to the present. Because this heart can also act as a portal to space, the only way to stop the ongoing invasion is to throw it back to hell. However, at this point, the only way you can safely (relatively) go to hell is to use the old sealed space portal in Delta Lab, where the invasion started two years ago.

Elizabeth devised a risky plan: by turning off the critical systems on the Phobos lab to focus the energy of the teleportation device here, you would be teleported to Delta Lab. But in the process of implementing this plan, Maledict’s last henchman, the Invulnerability Hunter, came to you. Because this demon is immune to damage, you fall into a battle with it and can only win with intellect. By using electromagnetic pulses to neutralize the monster’s immunity, you defeat this boss and gain its power into the Heart of Hell.

Cốt truyện Doom – P.6: Ác quỷ phục sinh

From left to right: Berserk, Helltime and Invulnerability Hunter.

After reaching Delta Lab, you realize that Hell has eaten up space here so much that the areas on Delta Lab are constantly switching from Mars to hell and vice versa. You must destroy the waves of demons constantly attacking in the process of coming to your target: Hell.

Your war has not ended there. The Marine engineer will continue across the mountains of enemies to meet Dr. Betruger – now Maledict – to solve the root of the problem. Unfortunately, he was defeated and fainted in the monster’s mouth, but for some reason it did not kill him but instead required him to hand over the Heart of Hell in the form of Betruger. He satisfied his wishes by shoving this heart into Betruger’s mouth, causing an explosion that destroyed both Maledict and Heart of Hell, but Betruger’s head remained. The ending of the game is designed to give gamers the freedom to speculate, because all you can see is that the screen is gradually turning white, and Dr. Elizabeth’s words “welcome you home.”

So you know all that happens in the Doom versions thatSoftware launches. Although it’s a pity that the reboot version of Doom 3 was interrupted to make way for the second reboot in 2016, the new version of Doom is more attractive to make gamers cool. See you in the article about Doom Eternal , the game “fire” was released on March 20!

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