Super fast way to save images from a web page

Have you ever seen a photo or screenshot on a web page that you want to save to your computer for some reason? I’m sure you can.

Most people do like this:

1 –Right clickon the image you want to save.

2 – ClickSave Image as …

3 – Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image, then click Save .

But there’s a much faster way of using a single click:

1 – Clickthe imagewith the left mouse button, then drag the image to an empty area of the Desktop and release the mouse button.

That’s it. There is no step 2! The photo is currently on your screen. You can edit it with your favorite image editor, email it to a friend or whatever.

One note: Please note that most images displayed on copyrighted websites cannot be used for anything other than your desktop wallpaper without the owner’s permission.