In the instant MMORPG mobile gaming era with bland money-making features, what are the excellent MMORPG mobile games for hardcore?

Referring to mobile games, many of the PC-Console Gamers have a “frown” or gentle look that they feel “playing a game must be worthy and worthy of being a game”. They refuse all products on Mobile whether they don’t know or how bad.

Indeed, mobile gaming is about accepting simple, uncomplicated gameplay and its lack of depth or hard coreness. You’ve experienced countless blockbuster titles on PC or Console, and when a friend of yours boasted that a mobile game they played was world-class, I understood that you were “fiery” or How is “Taá fire”. That’s not wrong, but we should have a more positive outlook and be “Generous” to Mobile Gamer and products on the operating system and small screens with just two hands.

As gamers, but we also need to grow up. If you are bored with the game, do not want to touch the game anymore, it is normal. That’s the stage not every gamer wants to go through, the maturity phase.

Currently, there is no shortage of MMORPGs with top-notch and popular graphics on the mobile platform, and the number of investors and the value of mobile games has improved compared to the previous day. If you are a fan of online MMO game plow hoe but do not have enough time to plug in the PC due to busy work, family, friends, … and must find to MMO via mobile to “convenient with you” and “Comfort” to help grind? So please refer to the two names mentioned article mobile MMORPG game or for this hardcore!

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Though the vast majority of Mobile Game cares about graphics but still does not escape the Auto-Play trail from az.

First of all, most mobile games follow the boring path of Auto and the colorful interface, lack of space, and simple gameplay. Even the MMO mobile games that follow the popular PC games that the manufacturer edited on Mobile also cannot escape the situation of “Sit around watching the character do 80% of itself”, causing players to feel very bored soon. Especially hardcore gamers who wonder: “Is the game made for me to play, or is it a gaming machine? So what do we play for? ”Auto for a while, then everyone turned into phoenix dragon, everywhere he met, he met all the same inmates who made us bored.

The next minus point of most MMO mobile online games is that the manufacturer wants to keep players engaged for days by setting up the “Attendance” system. The irony is that attendance rewards can be too cool items. Rarely plowing all day sometimes can not come, making players always think, “Plowing what to do, off the game waiting day after day and receive Attendance for idle”. As a result, the gameplay experience is less that depends on the “salary” from the Attendance is much, sooner or later reduces the quality of a game.

That’s not to mention Pay-to-win, the interface and functionality account for 40% of the screen, the gifts are received everywhere, the Gear system is like casting is not rich, limiting travel through the terrain. (For example, in a game with a waterfall, we can only stand and watch but cannot interact, climb, or swim..). And I understand how you feel when you look through the beautiful Unreal graphics gameplay, but about gameplay, “trash”, the highest experience is 20 minutes is out of curiosity.

OK, let’s sum up those limitations, and we will be wondering if there is a real MMO mobile online game that does NOT stick or ATT of the things mentioned above? Are there games just for hardcore gamers to plow and hoe all by themselves? Yes!

Izanagi Online:

  • Publisher: Asobimo.
  • Country: Japan.
  • Genre: Online Game.
  • Language: English
  • Background: Japan, after the end of the world, alternates with traditional cultural features of Japan, which are preserved after the end of the world.

Plot: After the post-apocalypse in Japan, forces – ancient monsters began to flourish, and the Japanese army stood up against them. Besides the hell life of the people who have to hide from the demons behind the walls, they live in poverty and pay taxes for the army, and the “upper class” dissipated do not know the dangers outside. And the third forces that we, the ninjas, hired as anything we have our rights, have “woken up”, acted as minions for all those in need—living and finding purpose for himself after the village of Ordon was engulfed in flames by a traitor. A world was full of chaos, dirty in both personality and loss.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Izanagi Online deserves a real mobile MMORPG that combines Diablo’s gameplay style. However, because it is an MMO Open world, we can rotate every 3D perspective as we want, not Diablo’s RPG perspective. The reason we say “Diablo” is because its gameplay mechanics are simple but attractive: Fight monsters to level up, do quests, explore the world and learn secrets.

It sounds unbelievable because an online Mobile game will not contain such things as an offline game. If what you experience from most games of the same genre is Auto, then “Discovering the World” has no meaning when with just one click, you have Auto to the map to explore already. But in Izanagi, there is no definition of Auto. You have to do it all, remember all the way to get lost, run tired legs to go far away, or fight monsters for hours to level up.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Izanagi uses a Non-Target fighting mechanism. You can swing katana as you like. Even when dancing, you can still press Attack in the air to help you jump further. Sometimes there are bosses as high as mountains. Instead of hitting your feet, you can hop on their chest or near heads and slash, like an offline game.

Based on Izanagi Online’s context, we can see modern roads, post-apocalyptic high-rise buildings filled with plants and moss. We can compare like Nier Automata game on PS4. It brings a sense of emptiness and loneliness, typically to mention the Mystic Ruined City area in Izanagi. But many places in Japanese style make us admire and immediately “take screenshots.” The streets, forests, tombs, temples, … all will wait for you to explore in Izanagi.

The point that makes Izanagi Diablo 2 offline- or online if playing through is that you can Trade all the items you have. That’s something that 90% of online MMO games don’t do or don’t want to do right now. Thanks to this strength, you can throw items for your friends or trade furniture directly with Gold- or VND if the opponent does not have enough gold and wants to pay cash. And that’s why the world of Izanagi is quite bustling about purchases.

How to make money in the game characterized Ninja. Have you ever heard a classic saying in the popular anime Gintama that Japanese people are always proud of: “Do you know where Ninja and Samurai differ from? Samurai is Dog, and Ninja is Cat. The dog is always loyal to the owner. No matter what the outsider gives him, he will still disobey his heart. Cats do not consider anyone as their owners; no matter who feeds them, they will be their owners. They live for their benefit and do not care about their surroundings or their times. ”

Yes, you make money not through the NPC quest, but from the other Player itself! In addition to fighting monsters, collecting rubbish to sell for living money, or picking up rare items to sell in the market. You mainly earn by helping other players fight monsters, and they will pay you by the hour. It naturally became the culture of Izanagi game players. You hire other players, you pay, and vice versa. The purpose of this is to level up fast. And more specifically, this self-formed “culture” is not about Asobimo’s intention to make games, but rather arises in the Izanagi- community. Make money from other players unless you’re too generous and free for strangers or demanding people.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

“That reminds me of a rich-kid who hired me and said having a boss is too difficult. He will pay 500k gold if I help him. That helps me feel a lot happier. ”.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Different classes.

Izanagi has four typical classes: Warrior, Mage, Assasin, and Cleric. However, when the player passes “Ninja’s middle test – a rather bizarre test made by Asobimo”, each class can choose for themselves two additional paths to develop.

In terms of equipment, do you get bored when almost every other game meets people like you? No, in Iza, you fight monsters and pick up your favorite items like Diablo, making each one unique. Even the skill build is different.

Regarding Boss, because it is an Online game, of course, the bosses cannot “stand-alone” in the middle of the field and not let other players into “beaten”. Therefore, even if you have a friend to go around, then at the time of the boss battle, you must go to the boss cave (supplement), and that is where you separate from the surrounding allies.

Fortunately, the game does not have any trace of a Pay-to-win car crash. Those who are lucky to defeat the boss and earn rare equipment are the bosses. Just like a perennial player not equal to a newbie accidentally picked up a super rare ring that costs tens of millions of gold in the market from fighting bosses.

As for the Map in Izanagi, it’s beautiful, use a simple word, because you know, its second beauty is the mystery it brings. You sure went through that map without any trouble? You are sure that you never noticed on the ravine that there is a way up, tiny and above two little girls holding demon dolls that can cut you down in one blow. Or an old phone booth looks at first glance and approaches is just a landscape, but if someone observes a coin, it will work and open a gate to take you to a super-weird place filled with corpses or flying eyes, plus the creepy sound made by Asobimo, …

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

The last significant point is probably the character building, personality, and context of the NPC. Are you familiar with online games when doing quests, helping NPCs, and getting thanks? Or beautiful girls when communicating they will “Hi” you naturally? But Izanagi refused all of that. Asobimo has done a great job of building real life and distorted personalities in this age. A beautiful frock was waiting for her husband every day outside the battle to be killed so she could go to the older man who sold the bakery owner. A student who was so naughty by his teacher after the course that he had to ask players to collect “Thin Fox Skin” to give him a replacement “Three-worms” before she turned again. A girl raped by her father and now living with another pedophile. A girl who ran away from home because she killed her father and younger brother wandering in the town of Gray Town,…

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Some other images of Izanagi Online

Overall, Izanagi is a game that is suitable for those who love the free solo game. Open world, online, plow hoes. And love the dark and mysterious Japanese historical stories.


  • Gameplay: 9/10.
  • Graphics: 7/10.
  • Music: 6/10.
  • Download link:

(Currently, the game does not support Android 8)

Order and Chaos 2:

  • Manufacturer: Gameloft
  • Nation:
  • Genre: MMORPG Online- Multiplayer.
  • Language: English
  • Background: Western European mythology.

Plot: After 600 years of the Order and Chaos 1 opening, the Flame Knight Knights believe that if he destroyed Pimal Heart with the hammer of the supreme god Khalin, all the forces of darkness would disappear. Ignoring the Frost Clan tribe’s prophecy and advice, the Flame Knight hero dealt a blow to Pimal Heart. He led to a great deluge that swept away everything, the Order and chaos 1. And six centuries later, when the dark world and forces once again recovered, that’s when our players were present.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Player generation after Order and Chaos version 1.

If Izanagi has similar gameplay to Diablo, when touching Order and chaos 2, maybe we will utter it quite similar to World of Warcraft (WOW). Although in recent years, Gameloft seems to want to simplify the game by supporting quest directions and editing the interface, when hitting anything, players still have to press manually. And click, there is no Auto place for the game (Except the recently updated quest directions).

(Note: Each game operating system will run on a different server. IOS users will not be able to meet Android)

Order and Chaos 2 (Referred to as OC2) has excellent graphics. And there are five races to choose from, Mendel, Human, Elf, Kratan, and Orc. Each race has its advantages, so consider before choosing your race and class.

Stepping into OC2, you will be overwhelmed by the sky, the atmosphere, and the bustle that it brings. In particular, the interface is not colorful or occupied area. The strength of the game is that it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. High mountains? You can find a way to climb and brag to the players below that can’t be done. Sea? We can jump down and swim to the bottom of the ocean; rare for any Mobile Online game to do this well.

OC2’s map system follows a routine. You must go to the Dungeon and collect ingredients to make the items you need. Each player will be given a fateful weapon associated with us throughout the game and inseparable – that is Heirtage Weapon. Every day, you have to “nurture” this weapon until it is strong enough and changes its shape and stats to be stronger. You will know the feeling of a vague morning. You lifted the weapon from a blunt sword. Now it is sharp and bright, making the surrounding players envious and promising to catch up to you.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

The Sword Enlighten has been “upgraded”.

The game uses the Target mechanism, causing you to select your target and the opponent when PVP quickly. It is also a highlight for you to go the extraversion to be flexible because if you only make mistakes when selecting the target to lead to “Taunt” monsters or Mob, you will involve your teammates.

The supplemental versions will have their own unique boss battle tips, requiring team coordination to be very good and even have to fail many times to be good. A party had to spend hours finishing a boss because they didn’t have the experience and memorized each of the boss’s movements to react accordingly. And finally, they succeeded.

Regarding OC2’s class, the game has typical types such as Warrior with the ability to tank and control, which can even cause a large amount of damage if you change the build Inscription. The Blood Knight is a vampire knight with the most significant damage in the game and the ability to deal with considerable damage. However, the Blood Knight will drain a lot of blood to use those powerful skills. Monk is the most challenging class in the game, is a balanced class, and needs high technology to protect allies and cause significant damage if someone does not pay attention. Mage – Shamans have many skills to control, integrity, and maneuverability, but the downside is that it is difficult to calculate based on mana. And finally, Ranger – an archer dealing the most significant explosive damage in the game and maneuver.

OC2’s strength, which no one can compare with other games, is the stylish PVP that only OC2 has. Are you bored, you want something to change, go to the area called PVP 15-25-35-45-55-65. No matter how high your level, it will be lowered to the level of that map area for each PVP area. Make Newbie and Oldbie quite balanced, and the difference is only equipped on people. However, when PVP is in OC2, you need one thing: it is Trinh. It sounds funny, but it is. You need to base and calculate each skill so that the class’s control ability is at its peak and cooperation to control the players who are bullying you.

Những game MMORPG Mobile hay dành cho hardcore thời nay

Some Vietnam Player.

Not only gameplay, but the OC2 community entirely adheres to the word “Peace” if someone in your guild is killed. The guild master will stand up and speak directly to the person who apologized or “War” with that guild to make them live less than death. For that reason, they called it guild war. Many free battles on the lawn or the desert between the two guilds broke out to lower each other. And I believe that the feeling when the two guilds met face to face in the middle of the battlefield when the spirit of each side was at its peak was ready to start the battle. At the same time, your leader still signaled restraint to agree and eventually rushing in, supporting each other, putting together a reasonable tactic for the other Guild to withdraw soldiers and “Dance” is the most uplifting feeling when you play OC2.

Although in recent OC2 versions, the game is not as good as those days, the game company has changed quite a lot, so OC2 is almost impossible to be a pure free-to-play MMO. But those who love the unique MMORPG online Open world and PVP wish you a happy experience.


  • Gameplay: 8.5 / 10.
  • Graphics: 8.5 / 10.
  • Sound: 5/10.