As a horror game that allows early bosses, Resident Evil has put the player in the scene of having to run when facing the “hard” boss at the beginning of the game.

Since its debut in 1996, the Resident Evil series has changed the appearance of the game industry as well as the survival horror genre. Over dozens of large and small versions, Capcom has built a massive Resident Evil world with countless stories and characters. Along with that is a whole world full of hideous mutant creatures, results for experiments, pathogens.

Những kẻ địch “nhìn thấy là phải chạy” trong thế giới Resident Evil

With all sorts of creatures, from easy destruction to extremely costly bullets, among them even some things that are almost immortal, cannot be destroyed. With Resident Evil 3 about to re-export with the remake version, gamers will continue to face a famous “invincible” creature, that is Nemesis. So, before the game’s release, why don’t we review the “seeing and running” enemies in the Resident Evil world.

Rachael Ooze (Resident Evil: Revelations)

Rachel Foley was an FBC agent accompanying Raymond to investigate the ship Queen Zenobia. Unfortunately, she was constantly surrounded by Ooze on the ship and infected t-Abyss and died. For some reason, the Ooze version of Rachel mutated and made her a special creature compared to normal Ooze. Rachel will constantly chase Jill aboard a very uncomfortable and scary way, especially with the phrase “Found you”.

Những kẻ địch “nhìn thấy là phải chạy” trong thế giới Resident Evil

Rachel takes much better damage than normal enemies, will take a lot of bullets with this creature and the result is usually Rachel temporarily fleeing and will continue to ask Jill a while later. Instead of fighting, it is better for players to try to run away from Rachel. Later, when traveling with Parker, Jill can temporarily defeat Rachel several times but Rachel will still return and continue chasing the two. Rachel’s pursuit ends when the Queen Zenobia explodes.

Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil)

Most Resident Evil fans when enjoying the remake will be surprised that this new version has added new areas with extremely scary and difficult enemies like Crimson Head or especially Lisa Trevor. As a result of the inhumane experiments at Arklay, Lisa was mutated to an unrecognizable level, along with a little mind that was always directed at her mother.

Những kẻ địch “nhìn thấy là phải chạy” trong thế giới Resident Evil

During the events of season 1, the STARS members constantly clashed with Lisa. Despite having a very slow movement speed, but with the ability to be unbeatable before all the weapons of the player, along with the extremely high damage, direct confrontation with Lisa is to be avoided. The player must use the 36th plan “see if they have to run” to evade Lisa. Lisa’s suffering only ended after she was tricked into looking at her mother’s coffin and took the painful skull of her mother and jumped into the abyss of suicide.

Jack Baker (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard)

Jack Baker had a normal life with his family until he discovered Mia and Evelyn and took care of him without anticipating what was going to happen. Evelyn took control of the Baker family, turning this family into crazy insane people. Since then Jack and his whole family have been abducting outsiders for “family”. In Resident Evil 7, because Ethan disobeys the lead to Jack chasing to “punish” new members.

Những kẻ địch “nhìn thấy là phải chạy” trong thế giới Resident Evil


With Mold exposure, Jack is able to recover almost all damage in a short time. Attacking Jack will not bring much result except that the player wants Jack unconscious for a while to find the escape. Unless Jack confronts the boss directly like the rest of the storyline, just keep seeing. When Jack is thought to be completely destroyed, he continues to transform into Swamp Man in DLC End of Zoe.

Mr.X (Resident Evil 2)

T-00, also known as Mr. X, is a special Tyrant sent to the Raccoon police station to kill survivors and recover the G-virus samples hidden in Sherry Birkin’s line. Once he broke into the police station, Mr. X began hunting for the survivor Leon and Claire and then Ada.

Những kẻ địch “nhìn thấy là phải chạy” trong thế giới Resident Evil

Throughout the length of Resident Evil, Mr. X cannot be destroyed with the weapons of the protagonists. Players can only stun Mr.X for a while by shooting continuously in the head. The only way to deal with that is to run away. Mr.X, though not moving too fast, is quite tough, so it will be quite difficult to cut it. Until the end of the game, the player can destroy this creature once and for all.

Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Yes, no matter how many creatures can be defeated in the future, Nemesis will always be an iconic villain of the Resident Evil series, making fans once terrified. As a special version of Tyrant, despite being smaller than that, Nemesis possesses superior intelligence, incredible fighting power and above all, immunity to almost every damage that makes this creature. can say is invincible.

Những kẻ địch “nhìn thấy là phải chạy” trong thế giới Resident Evil

During the pandemic event in Raccoon City, Nemesis was sent to hunt down STARS members including the main character Jill Valentine, forcing Jill to flee before a seemingly invincible force. While still struggling to find a way to escape, the player faces Nemesis being equipped with both rockets and tentacles, making the game of hide and seek even more intense. If Mr. X became an internet phenomenon last year, there is no reason for Nemesis not to do the same this year.