Except for the trailer at E3 2018, recently Naughty Dog was also quite “kind” than usual when it published some very important information of The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2 continues to be a hot name for the gaming community, with just the gameplay trailer at E3 2018 that people have enough to include it in the list of legendary candidates right now. However, the amount of information on the sidelines of this blockbuster is very confidential, and even its father, Naughty Dog, is extremely frugal when referring to his child. Let the game review information about this game is the manufacturer revealed until the present time

Ellie doesn’t want people to know she’s immune

The last thing that everyone noticed in The Last of Us 2 was the tattoo on Ellie’s arm, an act to cover the bite on her arm, thereby hiding evidence of immunity. Translation of Ellie. Imagine how crazy it would be for thousands of people to be saved with Ellie’s blood, would the people who knew and loved Ellie still treat her like before? The Last of Us 2 wants this to be the basic detail explaining Ellie’s new personality, being ruthless and more determined.

Ellie was ruthless to kill

In case you still do not understand the message that the game trailer conveyed, when Ellie scratched her head and cut off the enemy with her machete, the girl in the first part is now grown, as well as ready to be stained with merciless blood. . Naughty Dog also explains that the game’s gameplay varies depending on the character, Ellie is not a middle-aged man like Joel, so she must be really cruel and find ways to destroy the enemies. His enemies in every possible way.

The Last of Us 2: Các thông tin độc quyền từ Naughty Dog

Joel will probably come back and can play a big role in the game

This is the biggest question for fans when watching the trailer for The Last of Us 2, where the hell is Joel and when? Naughty Dog is extremely limp when answering this question, when they want to keep the secret in the game story to the very end. One way to develop the plot of The Last of Us 2 that can be used is to split into two different branches, with one part Ellie and one Joel at the other. Whether Joel is alive or dead is still a mystery, but it can be sure that this will still be an extremely important character in the game.

Joel and Ellie have no really close relationship

We know both Joel and Ellie will still be at Tommy’s base zone, but their “parent-child” relationship will not grow as well as many think. Producers of The Last of Us 2 wanted their games to go in a seamless direction, as well as continuing the story from the first part, including the relationship of the two main characters.

The Last of Us 2: Các thông tin độc quyền từ Naughty Dog

According to the little revelations from Naughty Dog, Ellie will still learn from Joel, but she herself has her own relationships as she grows over time in the game, the trailer also shows that with the kiss scene. The snuff is quite quality right from the start. For those who wish the beautiful scenery when Ellie and Joel are playing the piano together, they will be disappointed, because it will most likely not happen.

The Seraphites will be the main enemies in the game

The group that Ellie saw in the trailer with the hobby of hanging others up into the sky and then butcher the meat was called the Seraphites (after the names of the Seraphim angels). This is still a group of people from the teaser trailer revealed at Paris Games Week 2017, basically the world in The Last of Us 2 is quite brutal and harsh, people must gather together if they want to survive. Some who choose to be peaceful like the ones at Jackson, the Seraphites are the opposite – gathering a bunch of extremely dangerous believers.

The Last of Us 2: Các thông tin độc quyền từ Naughty Dog

A good point in the game’s gameplay is that the members of the Seraphites will contact each other by whistling, so the player will not be able to know their true purpose when they accidentally meet. Whether Seraphites has anything to do with Ellie is still an open question, we will only know when the game is released.

The enemy will be much smarter

The number of enemies in The Last of Us 2 will be significantly upgraded, smarter and more terrifying. It seems that the game will add a “class” system to divide enemies, such as a scary father wielding an ax with close-range attacks, or sneaky archers stalking. New types of effects will also be added to make the game more realistic, like an arrow on the shoulder that will make it impossible to move or fight easily.

The Last of Us 2: Các thông tin độc quyền từ Naughty Dog

The smarter enemies were also shown in the trailer when the members of the Seraphites whistled to each other, in order not to let Ellie know their next purpose. Another thing is that because Ellie is smaller than Joel, she will be able to jump and attack suddenly from the air, combined with environmental factors, The Last of Us 2 will be an extremely difficult game. measure.

Above is the important information that Naughty Dog “kindness” to disclose to gamers, the rest is kept confidential. But even so, the attraction of it is still too terrible, enough for the community to take each news.