The Last of Us disaster is possible !? That is what scientific studies have proven.


Since its release in 2013, Sony’s The Last of Us has become one of the immortal titles. The legend of this game is also confirmed after 3 years, until now, many gamers still think that this is the best game. So it’s no surprise that Sony decided to re-release The Last of Us in 4K format for a PS4 pro device. With a more advanced visual experience, the game will definitely bring a more authentic feeling.

Speaking of true issues, not only graphics, we also have to consider the plot content of The Last of Us. Set in the post-apocalyptic context, when a pandemic broke out in Texas turned its victims into monsters no longer human. This story is not really new, but the game’s guidance and explanation has brought scientists interest. And they actually conducted a debate study about the possibilities of the situation in the game.

Thảm họa của The Last of Us hoàn toàn có thể xảy ra!?

The Welcome Trust is a charity with the role of arranging the possibility of “Outbreak Day”, they have convened a number of scientists to discuss the content of the game. Their goal is to consider the possibility of such an outbreak in real life.

The results said the horrific upheavals that followed the tragedy were entirely possible, but they did not feel that a pandemic contagious with such a global level of disaster could occur. The sequel to the game is being planned by the manufacturer, and let’s hope the next story will be full of appeal and authenticity.