Review The Last of US, and the game is listed in the blockbuster “can not help but play” gamers. A game not to be missed.

The Last of Us is a game of the action-survival-horror genre, developed by Naughty Dog game released on June 14, 2013. After being released, the game has received dozens of awards at E3 2013. Along with the fantastic reviews from reputable websites, The Last of Us has made many hearts anxious to wait for the game’s launch. Finally, when officially entering the world of gaming, it can only be said: “The Last of Us is not only one of the pinnacle of the action game genre but also the best action game because It was so great compared to what we were expecting. ”


A gloomy storyline about humanity:

The fall of civilization takes us back to the chaotic era, thousands of years ago, before man’s basic definitions: what morality and its boundaries were. There will be no more thieves, murderers, or criminals. At this time, everyone must steal to kill or do anything to survive. Humans are now like a pack of wild dogs marking their territory and ready to kill anyone who infringes on their part, in a life full of death, brutality, and suffering. There is no certainty that you will survive until tomorrow, only the strong will live, and those who respect morality will only have a way to die, so you only have two options. Is it fighting or dying?


The story of The Last of US revolves around a man named Joel. One night, downtown Texas where Joel lived, was attacked by a terrible zombie pandemic. It spreads at a rapid speed and cannot be stopped. The virus swept through large cities. The government army used a lot of modern equipment but could do nothing more to stop this dizzying spread. Joel is just an ordinary man living with his daughter Sarah, Joel is a father who loves his daughter, and everything will not change until that fateful night, while on the road. Escape from the city with his father, Sarah was shot dead by a military officer Joel, who was deeply hurt by her daughter’s death.

Time changed, and Joel also had to adjust to survive in a world that was threatened by his life by government troops, rebels, and monsters. So Joel had to learn to make himself stronger to stay in a world where there was only room for the strong. While in the refugee camp, he met a woman named Tess – a woman who survived the pandemic. Both became famous in the underworld with a series of black market smuggling and cruelty. Once Joel and Tess chased Robert – an arms smuggler, he and Tess accidentally met Ellie – a 14-year-old girl, he and Tess led her out of town on a promise to her mother. Raised by Ellie, her mother is a member of Fireflies as a resistance group against the government. All will face the dangers ahead. It is not known for sure whether or not we will be alive tomorrow when death is everywhere.


Living in this dangerous world, Ellie always felt scared. Fearing a zombie would attack her when she had no one around, fearing this one that ordinary people would be willing to kill her instead of living with her. She was terrified of being a someday her relatives will be killed lost like the previous family that Ellie lost. But she is still chattering and living as her youth. She still whistles carelessly when at the quietest and most stressful time and always thinks about playing with friends and laughing at her life. The producer succeeded in building Ellie’s personality image in two faces, strong when hurt and smart but innocent, and Ellie’s kindness helped people stand up to move forward.


In The Last of Us, artificial intelligence (AI) is a success when bringing the “human” substance to each character’s character. It can be Ellie or Tess is always a great companion; support when needed. Speaking of human enemies, they still have smart tactics when immediately attacking you whenever they have the advantage, shooting, supporting teammates, and will seek cover or run away when they find themselves weak. The game’s AI has made the writer go from surprise to surprise. However, some shortcomings appeared as sometimes, Ellie suddenly escaped from hiding and got stuck. Although that didn’t make the character exposed, it was still quite ridiculous and dispelled the tension that Naughty Dog had worked so hard to build.


The game has slow gameplay, but it is not easy for the player. You will have to face government troops, rebels distributing forces everywhere. They are equipped with potent firepower. They are available. Ready to destroy you with just one bullet. If you want to cross the enemy ranks, you have to use all the tools that seem to be bricked. You will use them so skillfully to distract the enemy and say that crossing a fence full of troops or monsters will be an impossible task without them.

You have to move very carefully to help you save your meager bullets and avoid causing attention to the enemy. The game also provides Joel with excellent hearing ability so you can quickly locate the enemy. Joey’s weapons are quite diverse, from pistols, shotguns, rifles, bows, and arrows to melees like sticks, machetes, or bombs. The game gives you the ability to craft items (Crafting) to create the necessary items from the collected items, such as rags and alcohol, to create gasoline bombs. You can also collect scattered upgrade pieces in the game to upgrade your weapons, and these upgrades will still be saved when you play the game in New Game Plus mode. The hide-behind feature (cover) plays an essential role in the game’s stealth gameplay, and you must be very careful when hiding and moving between cover points.


Facing mutant creatures is always tricky, not just because they are faster, more aggressive, and more unpredictable than human enemies. Unlike diverse types, the monsters in The Last of Us are “so close” to humans that it is unbelievable. Hence, the obsession is also at that level, not to mention the ability to kill people immediately, so they call them a nightmare. Horrified is not too much. Joel’s ability to aim is not very good (quite unbelievable for a professional like him). When seeking, Joel’s hand was quite trembling, combined with the monster’s fast-moving speed, making keeping distance from them not fun at all. Even after upgrading the gun to better aiming ability, this is still quite difficult. That makes shooting a must-do action only allowed in the worst-case scenario, with no other choice.


Ultimate graphics sound excellent



Indeed, when looking at The Last of Us’ graphics, the player will be completely overwhelmed by the vast and obvious scenery with the surface textures with too great detail. The water effect in the game is very similar to reality. The dynamic environment is also shown very well, with beautiful cut scenes, characters, detailed costumes, soulful, rhythmic, and smooth movement. The game frames are selected as the most captivating angles to let players experience a movie rather than a game. Thanks to the excellent cm to the background graphics, bold art has contributed to The Last of Us’s success.



With top-notch graphics, it is indispensable for the excellent sound to accompany. Background music, extremely sharp sound effects will make you too excited. Besides, Naughty Dog has used a talented voice team for professional characters and artists such as Troy Baker (Joel), Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Annie Wersching (Tess)… has completed the production. Identify your mission when conveying the spirit of the character to the player. It can not fail to mention the sound again that the most impressive player is the horror cry coming from the Clickers.

Play online
In the game mode (Factions), which is also very addictive, players will participate in one of two sides Supply Raid and Survivors, in the battle for each other’s supply. This is the part that requires you to have teamwork together. This is a necessary addition to the game.

Review the Last of Us With excellent sound graphics, compelling storylines, and meanings. Good gameplay makes the Last Of Us indeed the best game in the world that you have to try once.