Plot The Last of Us has gone through sad autumn and cold winter with many incidents, now the door at the end of the tunnel is opening.

Ending the arduous journey, through half of the United States, Joel and Ellie have finally reached the destination. Let’s join Game to the end of the journey in the storyline The Last of Us .

Chapter 5: Spring

Joel and Ellie have finally reached Salt Lake City on a long and tiring journey. Spring came to bring new life to everything, but little Ellie seemed to be more quiet after the events that happened, she became a taciturn, quieter speech. After crossing a highway section full of used cars, the two find an abandoned bus stop. Here Ellie saw a group of giraffes, Ellie gave them some food, which made her feel more comfortable.

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Rare peaceful scene in the game

Now Joel tells Ellie that he wants to end this journey and that both can have a normal life in place of Tommy. But at this moment, Ellie resolutely went on the journey. The journey is almost over, they reach an area that used to be a temporary refugee, Ellie shows Joel a picture of Sarah, and she gets it from Tommy. Joel, now accepting the truth about his daughter’s death, had a deep emotional connection between him and Ellie, who knew he now saw Ellie as his daughter.

Cốt truyện The Last of Us

Following the underground path, they reached Saint Mary’s Hospital, but while trapped in the underground area, Ellie choked and lost consciousness. Joel, when rescuing her on the ground, confronted a squad of Fireflies that were patrolling around. The Fireflies team beat Joel faint.

When he woke up, Joel found himself in the hospital room and Marlene was there. Marlene said Fireflies was preparing surgery to remove the infected cell from Ellie’s brain and from there find a cure. When Joel demanded details, Marlene said that because the virus had spread to the brain, the surgery would surely take Ellie’s life.

In response to Marlene’s actions, Joel was possessed by Fireflies agents. Marlene said that she was also heartbroken by the decision because she was the one who cared for Ellie since childhood, but had to make sacrifices because of the big game. At the same time. Marlene ordered Ethan, a member of the Fireflies, to banish Joel from this place and if he resisted, Ethan could shoot immediately without question. On the way out, Joel sees his belongings outside, Joel tries to control Ethan and from Ethan’s mouth retrieves the location of the operating room located on the top floor of the hospital.

Cốt truyện The Last of Us


Marlene is the leader of the Fireflies organization, under the command of Marlene, the organization Fireflies has occupied several places like Salt Lake City. However, with the military raid, the Fireflies organization has increasingly reduced influence and acted somewhat radical.

Marlene is quite close to Tommy, but after a period of activity, Tommy has left the organization, before leaving, he left a message with Marlene that if something was serious, Marlene could turn to Joel for assistance.

Joel found his way to the hospital roof, along the way, Joel fought many members of Fireflies, and upon reaching the operating room, Joel handled the surgical team and saved Ellie on the operating table. With Ellie in his arms (still in a coma), Joel sought to fight off the Fireflies army. Eventually, the two reach the car park, where Joel encounters Marlene. In one last attempt, Marlene advised Joel to give up his intent and save the world. A cutscene takes place, as Joel is driving Ellie to Tommy’s building.

Cốt truyện The Last of Us

When Ellie woke up, she asked Joel about everything, and Joel told Ellie that the Fireflies organization had found a cure because many people were immune to the same disease as Ellie. She was quite disappointed with the information Joel provided, and the two of them continued driving to Tommy’s hydroelectric dam site. In fact, back in the parking garage, when Joene met Marlene, Joel quickly handled the Firefly leader with a gun. After putting Ellie in the car, Joel ended Marlene despite her pleading for fear that Fireflies would follow them.

Chapter 6: The outcome

Joel and Ellie returned to Jackson County, the mountain road was eroded, both could not continue to travel by car. When she reached the hydroelectric dam site, Ellie seemed quite hesitant about the information Joel had given. She said she felt sorry for the friends and teammates who sacrificed and made Joel promise her the words about Fireflies to the truth. Joel reluctantly agreed with Ellie and the two went into the hydroelectric dam, ending a difficult journey.

Cốt truyện The Last of Us

The plot of The Last of Us is like a movie about the lives of humanity in the post-apocalyptic era. The game has a DLC called Left Behind which is related to the storyline. The game will send to you in the following article.