As I also shared with you in previous articles, the game is not only for entertainment, but it also takes you to new worlds, allowing you to do things that you cannot do in real life. Many games will give you a choice, it’s okay to choose the right one, but the wrong choice will incur appropriate penalties.

However, a few games go against that and sometimes even encourage you to do wrong. These games will allow you to mess around with flowers, do immoral things, or even kill others without having to worry about the consequences later. Looking at it positively also helps you to reduce that scandal. The following is a list of 10 titles that allow you to evil without suffering the consequences.


Although there are many games out there that allow you to transform into super-secret agents, sneaking into the enemy lines to complete missions without having to shed any blood, Hitman is a series. The game also allows the player to hide but to assassinate the target. Most of the missions in Hitman will be you, as Agent 47, taking on the task of assassinating a few people, usually bosses, bosses, or a VIP character.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 1.

You will have to break into rigorous security areas, cameras 24/7, and there is always a patrol team around the target. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll know the target is a “bad guy”, need to destroy; But is this enough to justify your assassination as a cold-blooded person?

Thanks to the elaborate and meticulously designed gameplay, just like a puzzle room, it has somewhat avoided being labeled a “kill simulation” game, although it is, in fact (and also, I have to admit the game is quite impressive). However, this still cannot change the fact that Agent 47 murdered without disgust for money and could live leisurely without spending any money.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a unique game in this decade. You will play the role of a customs officer, review the immigration documents, and decide whether to let that person pass or not. This game’s beauty is that it turns the gamer into a very bureaucratic person in a dictatorship, a pawn that does unrighteous things on behalf of the government.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 2.

Of course, you still have the right to let people who don’t have the papers (or illegal papers) go through, but you’ll be fined and find it harder to cover your life. Therefore, often you will choose the right way to follow the “process”: your children and grandchildren, the royal family, would like to let you go, while others will refuse, or worse, send them to prison. Besides, you can also humiliate immigrants by making an excuse to scan their entire body during a paper check, for example.

Later in the game, an organization wants to overthrow the government and wants to recruit you. And again, you have the right to accept or refuse. Depending on your decision, the game will have 20 different endings. Although you have the right to become a “good” customs officer, at the same time, you can become a determined person to follow the rules from the beginning to the end of the game (and cause a large number of people) must live in sorrow and humiliation).

Watch Dogs

The famous Watch Dogs series waits for a mechanism to hack everything in the game for personal gain. Players can adjust traffic lights, hack security cameras, or eavesdrop on other people’s phones. Although gamers will be tasked with using their hacking skills to take down the villains, you can still hack other civilians “for fun” even though they live very honestly, not touching anything.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 3.

For example, you can hack someone else’s bank account, withdraw money from it, make the victim live in poverty and bondage because their income is nothing more than enough. Not to mention that you have full control over the traffic lights, causing traffic jams or even accidents, or turn the whole city into a blackout, turning people’s lives upside down. You are a hacker, but a white hat hacker or black hat hacker, this game is to support both hands.

The Sims

The Sims series is so popular already, and it is well known and loved for one thing: you can create a dream-like life with this game. Of course, this will be buying a home, getting married, buying a bigger house, and so on. Thanks to this factor, gamers can unleash their imagination, doing the things they like, including crazy things.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 4.

The ability as a god, you have the right to allow the characters in the game to create new members in the family while depriving the lives of a few people because of that. You can set the kitchen on fire, block all exits. And let people in the house burn to death; withdraw the pool ladder and let them drown; subject them to electric shock; exhausted to death, or even in The Sims 4 you can let them on a mission to fly to outer space even though they know that this ticket is only “past” not “return”.

Even if EA promotes The Sims as a good simulation game, then slowly, you get bored and start looking for ways to destroy your dream home for … fun.

Dark Souls

Although the Dark Souls series has challenging gameplay, making you want to “smash the handle.” The multiplayer section allows the previous players to leave some messages and later players’ suggestions to pass “ải” a little easier. And as you have already guessed, someone is willing to leave constructive instructions for the “newcomers” to follow; But at the same time, there is no shortage of “dirty” gamers, making the game even more difficult.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 5.

One of the most used “trolls” is to leave a note at the edge of the pool, enticing the player to jump down there to retrieve the treasure. And, of course, many gamers believed and followed and accidentally “committed suicide” always. There is a game that instructs the player to discover a secret path, but there is no path at all, causing the ill-fated gamer to spend tens of minutes of the rafters around a location to do anything. In any case, it is not to blame people. The game is too difficult. It must give people flushing poker by “trolling” other players instead.

Tomb Raider

If you carefully review, you will find the talented female explorer Lara Croft is a very unpleasant and obnoxious, a colonialist who travels the world, excavating the throne. Ancient tombs to find treasures and then usurp them for personal purposes. It’s undeniable that Tomb Raider is lovely and exciting, but the game allows you to infringe upon an ancient civilization, so taking their antiques is too much.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 6.

In the most recent section, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, at least it shows the player that Lara Croft is not the right person. Even the villain condemned Lara for taking things that are not in the about me. But of course, by the end of the game, Lara is still Lara, still a pathetic house, and will continue to “pick up the falling, temporary … pocket”.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a very addictive game thanks to the combination of 2 elements racing and soccer. Until now, this game is still relatively “hot”. And even when scoring a goal is numb, you absolutely can become a thorn in the eyes of the opponent and teammates. You can completely own an own goal, block the “shot” of teammates, or do not allow teammates to raise the ball. After scoring a goal, you can spam the chat button, which annoys your teammates, and when the opponent scores, you can do the same thing.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 7.

Although the game still has a mechanism to control the message spam, you also just “shut up” for a few seconds only, then continue to be spam as if nothing happened at all. Because the anti-troll system in this game works in the style of “kidnapping and discarding the plate”, the troller is so casually unleashed, no need to fear anything at all.

Postal 2

There are still games on the market that allow players to satisfy their violent and miserable habits. And although the brightest name is Grand Theft Auto, another game makes you feel GTA is still “honest” bored. It’s Postal 2. To say no, Postal 2 is like a simulation game. An asshole like that. The game encourages players to do whatever they want, while its tagline is “the game is only as violent as you want”.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 8.

Players can use electric stun guns to shoot ordinary people until they pee in their pants (literally), or you can defile their bodies, burn them alive, or even shoot them to death. Always okay. You can also kill and harm animals, make a herd of elephants run wild, or break into an office and shoot to kill all employees in it. Although the world in Postal 2 is indeed full of scoundrels, this is not an excuse for the game characters to arbitrarily want to harm anyone.

Untitled Goose Game

Like it or not, it must be acknowledged that the Untitled Goose Game is unique in recent years. This is a puzzle game combined with sneaky and funny elements; You will be making a naughty goose that destroys a village in a strange town in England.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 9.

Vandalism can include: opening a gate and causing a gardener to get wet, or “playing wickedly” to steal other people’s keys, locking children in a phone booth, stealing eyes. The older man’s glasses and toss it into the well. Well, no one died in this game, but that alone was enough to drive the whole village crazy for a goose. Perhaps this is the most lost goose in the game.

Heavy Rain

Games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human will let you control many different characters that, if you go from one mistake to another, will make the character die, and the game will turn the view into a character. Other living things. Therefore, many gamers have tried to find ways so that the characters in the game have the most tragic outcome possible. It is similar to the story of The Sims: you have the right to decide the fate of the characters in the game, or to say “you call everyone”.

Top 10 tựa game cho bạn đóng vai ác mà vẫn được kết thúc có hậu - Ảnh 10.

In particular, among the games of Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain is the game in which the player can make the game characters suffer greatly. The most tragic outcome was that all three protagonists were dead, while the main character Ethan had to “hang the bench” after Shaun’s son died and was falsely accused that he was the serial killer of Origami Killer. And the real Origami Killer just kept hiding in the dark, disappearing.

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