Some gamers relax by playing games that require intense concentration, quick reflexes, like the Doom Eternal shooter. But some gamers release stress with gentle, slow-paced games. Especially when life is too stressful, these games are the ideal choice to clear the mind.

And not all entertainment games are the same. It could allow you to relive the 80s in Japan, solve a few gentle riddles, or even crash two planets together (if this refreshes your mind). Here is a list of 15 great PC games to help you relax after a hard-working day.

A Short Hike

Top 15 game PC cấu hình nhẹ nhàng nhưng gameplay vô cùng quyến rũ (P.1) - Ảnh 1.

In most games, if you accidentally fall down a cliff, this means that the game is over, or at least it will lose blood, experience points, or something. But in A Short Hike, you absolutely can freely wander from the top of the Hawk Peak to the cliff right slope or fly back to the beach always unharmed. On the contrary, it also gives players a very relaxed, peaceful feeling.

When you climb to the top of the mountain, it is unnecessary to go fast, even though it is your ultimate goal. Instead, on the journey, you can turn your path, explore secret routes, help people on the road, collect coins, and mostly leave your phone aside (or transfer it). to “shut up” mode) to enjoy this peaceful game.


Top 15 game PC cấu hình nhẹ nhàng nhưng gameplay vô cùng quyến rũ (P.1) - Ảnh 2.

It is a slightly weird game that revolves around friendship and dung, a lot of stool with all kinds of colors. They will hold hands (and hold hands with a toilet bowl) to sing and dance in a circle. Technically, this is a physics sandbox game that allows you to control and interact with various characters and objects in silly ways.

This is also the “money” point of the game: you can give a mouth to eat strawberries and turn it into a lump or look for salmon eggs to help a piece of sushi are in despair. Wattam is a game that can sometimes make you laugh because of the silly little things contained within.


In Firewatch, there are scenes of tension, scary, or even sadness, but besides that, there are also times for you to freely explore, stroll around the beautiful Wyoming wilderness. As the character Henry, you will explore the forests, use the map and compass to find your way, chat with Delilah, and forget the real world. If you like the challenge a little more and want to feel more involved, you can turn off the indication and the marker symbol of your position on the map.


Hearing my name, I see the colors. This was originally an exclusive game on the PS3, but later it was also brought to PC. In the game, you will control the wind, blow the petals flying in the sky, and create spiral shapes that look extremely beautiful, restore nature and color in the withered world. You will admire the majestic scenery that suddenly awakens when you pass by, creating a feeling of great satisfaction and delight. It is just like the sound of the wind blowing through the green grass that you often see in that cartoon.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Driving heavy, bulky cargoes on a highway in Europe when pulling a gray cloud may not sound like relaxing, but it is there. The sound of the wiper whirling in the front glass door, and the tedious and silent scene that passed by, had a magical power, making you forget you’ve been playing this game for hours. And if you want to add a little “spice” to the game screen, you can turn on the radio to listen, and of course, each country has its radio station. Driving slowly while listening to exciting radio stories, what else is there?


The scene in Abzû is like a dream. You will be diving through the deep oceanic world full of colorful and beautiful things, in harmony with the soundtrack to create an incredibly relaxing picture. The mechanism of character control in the game is also very smooth, flexible, allowing you to freely explore the world around the way you want. The game even has a meditation mode that will enable you to sit down and drop into the vast ocean, with magical sea creatures swimming around you—a great game to relieve stress.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild

You will spend a lot of time slowly, slowly tracking, stalking prey in the wilderness in The Hunter. Therefore, the scene in the game is also very carefully invested. The forest is very mesmerizing, with some light streaming through the dense foliage, combined with the sound from the surrounding environment will make you feel like you are outdoors. The hunting mechanism is also quite interesting, with a very detailed scoring system to evaluate how talented you are as a hunter.

Source PC Gamer