In Windows 10, on-screen notifications appear at the bottom right of the screen. Default apps as well as apps installed from the Windows Store display notifications. You see a notification on the desktop when you receive an email.

If you have all social media apps installed, you probably see notifications on the screen often. While these notifications are great, many users often feel the notifications are distracting and want to turn them off.

Tắt Thông báo trên Desktop trong Windows 10

While you can disable desktop notifications entirely (for all apps), you can turn notifications off for apps that typically show notifications or for apps that aren’t so important. For example, you might want to turn off Twitter and Facebook notifications. You can always open the app to see all notifications.

Fortunately, Windows 10 lets you turn off notifications for specific apps. Complete the instructions below to disable or disable desktop notifications for specific apps in Windows 10.

Turn off desktop notifications for specific apps in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Settings. To do so, either click the Settings icon in the Start menu or use the Windows logo and my hotkey.

Step 2: In Settings, click System, then click Notifications and actions.

Step 3: First, in the Notifications section, make sure Get notifications from apps and other senders are On. If you disable this option, notifications for all apps will be disabled. Since we only want to disable notifications for specific apps, it’s essential to enable this option.

vô hiệu hóa thông báo cho các ứng dụng cụ thể trong Windows 10 pic1

Step 4: Now, in Get notifications from these senders, turn off the option next to the app. You don’t want to see notifications.

For example, if you don’t want to see notifications (all types of notifications) for the Gmail app, turn off the option next to that app.

Again, don’t turn this option off if you want to disable desktop notifications and see notifications for the Action Center apps.

vô hiệu hóa thông báo cho các ứng dụng cụ thể trong Windows 10 pic2

To turn off desktop notifications only, and see notices in Action Center for apps, click the app in the list to see more notification actions. Here, only turn off the Banners banners option.

vô hiệu hóa thông báo cho các ứng dụng cụ thể trong Windows 10 pic3

That’s it! From now on, on-screen notifications will not appear for these apps. To see screen notifications for these apps again, follow the instructions outlined above, turn on the option next to them.