Over time as you install more and more software, you may begin to notice that it takes longer for your computer to boot. More likely than not, this could be because many of today’s applications stick to your Windows Start process and automatically upload every time you start your computer.

For some apps, that’s a good thing (Anti-Virus, Firewall, etc.), and I’m OK with that. However, for most of the apps out there, it’s just a resource that does nothing more than take up memory, CPU, and lengthen my boot time.

Turn off programs that automatically start with Windows 10, 8, 7

Turning off the programs that startup with Windows is one of the most effective ways to speed up your computer that you can most effectively do. There is some software because you want to start up faster and run private services that have voluntarily run with your Windows 10 when you first open the computer. This will inadvertently slow your computer down.

Imagine if one software slows you down 0.5 seconds. How much would ten such software be? And removing them will not only speed up the computer but also make the system less resource-intensive.

Use the Microsoft Configuration tool (msconfig.exe)

Using msconfig.exe, we can quickly and easily check what’s running at boot and disable the ones we want to start manually after booting.

Step 1: To open the Run window, use the key combination Windows + R. Enter msconfig. Once done, click OK to confirm.

tắt ứng dụng khởi động cùng Win

Step 2: The System Configuration window is opened. Select the Services tab; in this section will appear all the applications running on the machine,

  • Check the line ” Hide all Microsoft services ” at the bottom if you want to disable all.
  • Otherwise, you can turn it off at the beginning of each program you want to shut down.

Click Apply to complete.


  • This method can work with all versions of windows, but the interface may differ from one machine to another.
  • Make sure to proceed where the network is strong, without being jerked or lost in the middle.
  • Subtract your path in case of failure by creating a restore point.
  • Understand the strategies, pros, and cons of each before proceeding.

How to turn off programs using Task Manager

This is a standard method that applies to all operating systems. From win 7 to win 10, you will use Task Manager to close the application successfully.

Step 1: On the Taskbar on the outside of the screen, right-click and select ” Task Manager “”.

Step 2: The Task Manager interface appears. Click the Startup tab. You choose the applications you want to disable and click Disable below is made.

Use CCleaner to disable the programs that start with your computer

The free CCleaner PC cleaning utility also has a tool that allows you to disable startup programs. In CCleaner, click the Tools button on the left side of the dialog box and click on Startup to see the startup programs’ list. The Enabled column indicates each program is set to start with Windows. To disable the program that is enabled, select the program from the list and click Disable. You can also enable programs that have been disabled.

NOTE: CCleaner doesn’t seem to prompt you to restart your computer, so be sure to do so yourself.