Does it infuriate you when you type something on your laptop, and the pointer changes its position? The most important thing is to disrupt your concentration? Well, this happens when you are in the full flow of typing on the keyboard, and you accidentally brush your palm or finger on the touchpad, causing the cursor to be stray. This bothered me for a long time, until recently, when I decided to eliminate this problem that hindered my productivity.

Instructions to Turn Off Laptop Touchpad

Windows 10/8/7, by default, will automatically detect your touchpad and disable the use of your touchpad. You will need third-party software. Most of the famous laptop manufacturers such as Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer, HP, … have touchpads for laptops from third-party OEM suppliers. These providers have some official drivers on their websites that you can use to disable the touchpad in Windows.

There is also a list of Supported Operating Systems at the link above. You make your choice and then download.

OK – when I work, instead of using the touchpad, I prefer a mouse with my laptop, so it’s not nearly as useful for me, especially when I type. So it is best to disable the touchpad of your laptop. Here are some ways how you can disable laptop touchpad in Windows:

1. Turn off Touchpad Laptop via Control Panel

This option applies to users who are not using the touchpad, as this way, they can turn it off once and for all. For users looking to turn it off while typing, the free software discussed below can be used.

Go to Mouse Properties via Control Panel.  

Tắt Touchpad Laptop trong Windows 10/8/7

As seen in the screenshots, there is an option of the Touchpad, from which you can turn off the touchpad and Save.

If you don’t see this option in the Mouse Properties menu, this means you don’t have the touchpad driver installed on your laptop.

At first, I also didn’t see it and downloaded Synaptics Touchpad Driver from (I am using Dell Inspiron 15), completely solves my purpose. After installing the driver, I can access the option to disable the touchpad from the tray icon and the shortcut from my keyboard – Fn + F3 (not working until I install it). So I would suggest you visit the respective vendor website and download the touchpad driver for a long-term solution.

2. Turn off Laptop Touchpad through Device Manager

In case you don’t find the driver, another option to disable your touchpad is through Device Manager, but FYI, it just gives you the chance to uninstall the driver, so make sure you keep a backup first and then go for it.

3. Turn off Laptop Touchpad via Freeware

This solution applies to those who don’t use a mouse and need a temporary solution to turn off the touchpad just while typing.

Touchpad Pal: This is a useful tool for Windows users. The Pal touchpad will detect any keyboard activity and immediately disable the touchpad.

Go to Touchpad here.

TouchFreeze: This is a simple tool that will automatically disable your laptop’s touchpad as soon as you start typing.

You can download TouchFreeze here.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Please share your feedback with us.