You can also use Cortana to put your Windows 10 PC in Hibernate with these steps:

1. In the Programs folder, right-click, select New, and click Shortcut.

2. Type the following shutdown.exe -h command and click Next :

bật chế độ Ngủ đông (Hibernate) cho máy tính Windows 10 bằng Cortana

Explanation: The command mentioned above starts Shutdown.exe and uses the -h to execute a hibernation request. Note, however, that your computer must have hibernation turned on for it to work. You can learn more about how to use hibernation on Windows 10 here.

3. Name the voice command shortcut that you want to use with Cortana. Example: “Hibernate”.

4. Click Finish to finish.

Once you are finished creating the shortcuts, you can call a new command saying: “Hey Cortana: Open Hibernate”.