Like other Souls-like games, Nioh 2 has plenty of tricks and tips – things that will help you survive easily and eat less on this game.

  Have you eaten onions anywhere in Nioh 2 already, is anyone feeling confused or inhibited with this game?

Don’t matter the early levels.

There is a common mistake that many new Nioh 2 players make, which is too much focus on which equipment to use. The essence of Nioh indeed lies in the character building, with the perfect set of equipment combined, but that is the story of late-game when you have returned to the country at least two times, but the first part is It doesn’t matter much.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

The index lines on the equipment trick many people, so it takes a lot of time to turn around. This is entirely pointless. Because the first time you play, you can use all kinds of equipment and put together indiscriminately, as long as it has a high index is enough, the other bonuses have little effect. Once you’ve returned to Nioh for the first time and unlocked New Game +, you will learn how to build a real character, but at the beginning, go ahead and pick up what you can use.

Do not be too rigid to build indicators.

Many new Nioh 2 players are easily fooled by introducing the corresponding weapons index, so they keep raising the poison into a single index to maximize that weapon’s power. This doesn’t seem right because, as it was said until the late game, you start to have experience and equipment to build the character, the first increase in this stat does not make much difference.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

Feel free to increase your preference regardless of weapons or equipment, as long as you feel comfortable. Nioh 2 has very cheap reset points, so don’t worry. This is similar to skill, increase your comfort according to your preference because it also resets. The more you get used to many weapons, the more beneficial it will be for the late game of character building. Unfortunately, there are new patches that change strength later – Nioh 1 gets this case a lot of times when a weapon is too will be reduced power mercilessly.

Use your Ninja and Onmyo Magic skills as much as possible.

The critical improvement of Nioh 2 is that now the Ninja and Onmyo Magic branches will gain points when used. This helps us not to take the effort to increase the index as a lot. So as soon as you get your first Ninja and Onmyo skills, attach and use them as much as possible.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

Do not regret that these types of darts with charms are entirely free; return to the temple, and they will fully recover. Ninja and Onmyo will be a must if you want to complete Nioh 2 efficiently. Moreover, it would help if you used a lot to gain proficiency because the mission to unlock the last skills will require you to achieve several points.

Try to get all Kodama in every mission.

The Kodama in Nioh 2 is green goblins. They often appear on the hidden screen. These kids will give us a lot of bonuses like increased experience points and increased drop rates. The advice here is that you should know how many Kodama will appear and try to find them all without leaving them for each mission.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

The reason is that we still have to play New Game + after returning to Nioh. There is a benefit of Kodama when it comes to farming genuine items. Moreover, you also do not like playing a long task to earn them. It is best to do it the first time to save time. For added convenience, you can search for an item with the words “Kodama sense”, which will show a green dot on the compass to indicate that Kodama is nearby for easy access.

You can pause it in Nioh 2

The trick that few people know is that Nioh 2 allows us to pause the game – something scarce for Souls-like games. The simple way is to press the menu button (touchpad) and then press Option. This time, the game will stop, and you no longer have to worry about dying your honey when you need to go somewhere else.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

Summon Benevolent Graves wherever you are

Blue graves (Benevolent Graves) are new in Nioh, they are also dead souls, but instead of summoning up to fight, it will help us. You will always want to have such a bodyguard go along with you. Although these Revenants’ damage is fragile, they are quite a buffalo and make great meat beer.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

It takes the Okocho Cup to summon Benevolent Graves – the number depends on the level of the grave, but the way to farm the Okocho Cup is straightforward. It is with these bodyguards to hit the common graves (red). Although the damage is not significant, you can use them to make beer and break the enemy easier, preferably amusing both farm and find items. The Revenants from Benevolent Graves can be brought into the boss fight, so remember to take advantage of this as much as you can.

Never fight multiple enemies at once

The Souls-like line has never had the concept of being a one-on-one hero. Nioh 2 is similar when only crazy can commit suicide by taking a handicap 2. Always lure every monster out to solo. In the distance, take the bow, darts, or rocks to separate them from the team. Always keep an eye on the terrain to see if the soldiers are far away there. The last thing you want is to fight when the guy behind is waiting to shoot his skull.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

This will be true from the beginning of the game until the end of the late game because monster monsters will always cost you dozens of blood regardless of furniture. Never be a hero. Always find ways 1 vs. 1 with them, and this leads to the next tip.

36 design – the macro-policy

This is something that you should keep in mind in Nioh 2, that is, not fighting, stealing the tail, and running. Remember, Nioh 2 is a game about building characters, which means that you will get stronger depending on what you wear and finish the game. Never sting a monster on the road or a side mission that you feel is too difficult, just run or skip over it and wait for it to return strong later.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho người mới chơi Nioh 2

Nioh 2 programmers also suggested this from the first game: to have a powerful monster as the boss Gozuki when you poke your face out. Basically, at that time, you couldn’t fight it (of course, the mortar would be fine), but even if you kill Gozuki, the rewards are not commensurate, and wasted time in vain. Nioh 2 has special level training points, so you don’t need to regret the monster you missed. We can earn a hundred times more experience points like that in better places.