It can be considered that Division 2 is an online game, so in addition to players, you must also pay attention to how to build your character when you go with the party.

Unlike other shooting action games, Division 2 is inherently an online game. Although you can still go solo alone, sooner or later, you will have to form a party when you advanced. Therefore, in addition to building your character very strong, how to combine with other players is also very important.

Always take cover before fighting, which all players have to memorize when playing Division 2, trying to choose an excellent hiding place before fighting. It should be understood that Division 2 fights with all guns. Even if you are a god, it is unthinkable to want to rush out of the middle of the line of fire to shoot each other.

A safe hiding place will protect life, giving a view of where the enemy is and, most importantly, hooking a few guys first. Moreover, in Division 2, there are reinforcements, you do not want to shoot yourself, but there is a long swarm of stains on the back right.

Try out all possible guns; the first stage is mainly for players to get used to the weapons in Division 2 and find out which one suits their style. In some low levels, the difference between the damage of weapons is not high, and their bonuses are regular, which means that the player does not choose any gun.

In Division 2, there are many types of guns from shotguns, shotguns, semi-automatic, machine guns. Each will have its strengths and weaknesses, depending on which one you like and what skills you have to choose suitably. Try out all the guns found on the road. Even if you don’t like them, they will give you a quick overview of weapons in Division 2, so it’s easier to upgrade or craft later.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho những người mới chơi The Division 2

Choose a party with a different skillset since Division 2 is inherently an online game, so it is essential to have a good party. Ignoring the gun issue, each character will have special skills to use in combat. The problem here is that you can only choose two skills to take away, so it is best to select a party. How to prevent the members from overlapping.

For example, a gunner would prefer to have his guard so that teammates can shield or create Turret would be very popular. Similarly, a tanker will want to accompany other players with Hive healing skills. Depending on the party, different types will have to combine to maximize strength because the latter, the enemy in Division 2, becomes more uncomfortable.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho những người mới chơi The Division 2

Unlock Safe House and Control Point for Fast Travel points; in each area on the map, in addition to a large gathering point, there will be more Safe House and Control Points being occupied by enemies if you defeat them. They will turn into places for Fast Travel and have a lot of good stuff.

So the first thing you go to a new area is to find and unlock all of these, and when you have Safe House, SHC tech locations (skill boost items) will also be revealed. Always present, most nominated.

Những mẹo nhỏ hữu ích cho những người mới chơi The Division 2

The trick is if you change bullets while spinning around on the ground, sometimes the reloading action will be removed, and the character will have the full magazine right after that. Another secret is not to shoot all the ice and then reload, because if you reload when there is still at least one bullet in the drive, the total number of bullets will increase by 1 (for example, a gun with 30 bullets will go to 31).

Finally, you should save the Side Missions when starting at higher levels to optimize the number of experience points. While the primary quest always has a fixed number of issues, the side quests will increase with the character’s level and accumulate. When you are in the early stages, and the experience bar is not high, the difference is not clear, but the later, the more valuable the Side Mission.

A simple example is starting at level 16 and above, a Side Mission can give up to 30% of the experience points needed to level up, much more than the first. To race to level 30, you should keep these Side Mission for later to do.