Before Half-Life: Alyx was released, Gabe Newell said that with current technology, we are closer to Matrix than we thought.

Half-Life: Alyx is a fantasy game, set in a familiar but strange world. It is a continuation of the legendary Half-Life series that fans have been waiting for many years. It’s a true blockbuster game with “hit the roof,” and more. But with Gabe Newell and Valve , perhaps Half-Life: Alyx is also a way to bring the future of the gaming industry closer to the present world, a future where VR is no longer a gimmick. Player, which is a true gaming medium, deserves for gamers to pursue and celebrate and is the foundation of something more important.

A new horizon

Thanks to the help of a friend with VR glasses, the author has a brief experience with Half-Life: Alyx. However, that time is quite enough to give me an overview of this game. For someone who has never touched VR (other than PS4) like the author, Half-Life: Alyx was overwhelmed. Valve gets gamers into their game and forgets that they are experiencing a game by creating an extremely detailed world where everything – emphasize everything – is emphasized. can be touched, and should be touched.

If in a normal shooting game we just glance over a room and recognize the remarkable objects while others are just scenes, all the objects you see in Half-Life: Alyx can interact, from inanimate objects to living things. Valve even encourages players to interact with those items by hiding various things inside or behind them – ammunition, resin (weapon upgrade materials), grenades, etc. I feel like I’m really in the world of gaming, even if I just tried Half-Life: Alyx on an Oculus Rift, not Index, the best glasses on the market today.

With such top-notch graphics and incredible detail interactivity, Half-Life: Alyx takes Half-Life to a whole new level where you not only play games but live in games, and that’s probably is a good start to the “conspiracy” that Gabe Newell is cherishing in his mind.

Plot Doom Eternal – Part 1: Who is Khan Maykr? Under the crazy shooting gameplay, Doom Eternal contains a lot of new information about the context and plot that can make you “suffocate,” for example, Khan Maykr.


In a recent interview, Gabe Newell dressed in a simple shirt – jeans and familiar slippers said that with current technology, we are closer to Matrix than we thought.

This interview makes me dream about the future of the game.

“I spent a lot of time in a thriving field based on some previous research on brain-computer communication,” Gabe said. “ We are much closer to The Matrix than people think. It’s not going to be The Matrix – it’s a movie and omitting the many interesting technical details as well as the bizarre world a post-brain-computer world will have. But it will have a huge impact on the experiences we (Valve) can create for people. ”

Do you hear it? Is Gabe Newell dreaming of a future where the games almost described in Sword Art Online will become a reality, and want to be one of the pioneers in the new game field? Could it be an area where gamers can play “4D” when their senses are stimulated, though Gabe also admits that creating sensations (hot, cold …) is much harder than sending images or movement into the human brain.

Valve’s boss says that explaining the technology is not easy, just like “describing the internet for someone who has never used the internet,” said Gabe Newell. With his knowledge, he describes that our brains are structured to do some good things, and not good at others. Even what we already know needs to be scrutinized. “We will learn a lot as we continue to find out what works, what doesn’t, what is valuable to people and what doesn’t matter in the long run.”

Không chỉ để thúc đẩy VR, Half-Life: Alyx có lẽ còn là bước khởi đầu cho kế hoạch lớn của Valve

How will these technologies and research affect the game? Gabe says it will probably make all other forms of entertainment extinct. “I think it will be a great event for any type of entertainment that doesn’t think about this technology. If you’re in the entertainment industry and haven’t thought about them, you’ll think about them a lot in the future. ”

In this interview, Gabe Newell is still very tight-lipped about what he and Valve are researching on brain-computer communication as well as plans for new games in the future. But for me, what Gabe Newell said can be understood that Valve is looking for ways to “upgrade” the gamer’s experience, not satisfied with just playing games with his hands on a glass. Traditional VR.

Is it feasible?

Please be optimistic saying yes. While it’s true that using the brain to control a complex game like Half-Life: Alyx is far-fetched, there are some simple games or devices that can work with signals from the brain like Awakening. Neurable or Mattel’s Mindflex Game was released a few years ago. The existence of these products makes it possible to control the game using the brain only, making Gabe Newell’s speech even more weighty.

Không chỉ để thúc đẩy VR, Half-Life: Alyx có lẽ còn là bước khởi đầu cho kế hoạch lớn của Valve

But whether Valve makes new titles, with controls and experiences more advanced than VR, is still a matter of the future. And at this moment, please rejoice and enjoy Half-Life: Alyx if possible, because this is the most attractive VR game to date.