Warframe’s death was foreseen, the game received a lot of negative criticism, but it’s hard to imagine it succeeding.

Released in 2013, by Digital Extreme, Warframe is considered one of the most innovative games available today. Although going in the direction of free-to-play, the game has made many gamers voluntarily spend money with their own attraction.

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

Through a series of updates, Warframe is currently having flexible and fun transitions. For the third-person shooter MMO genre, Warframes are always compared to rival Destiny. However, Digital Extreme has a separate direction, making its game completely different from other games.

The original Warframe was poorly rated

If mentioned Warframe today, surely gamers will hear a lot of praise or the great things of the game. Warframe has a world, a vast universe to explore, unique weapon systems, or like games that give players ways to customize characters according to each player’s play style, …

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

But that’s the face of Warframe today. Back in 2013, when the game was released, the Warframe received a lot of criticism from critics and gamers. Even Eurogamer reported that the game was frankly not worth the money for fans. Upon launch, the death of the Warframe was anticipated.

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But eventually Extreme Digital did not give up. The content of the game is constantly being updated, expanding greatly since then. The developer has always looked at ways to make the gameplay of Warframe more free and fair. And now, with a new, more positive face, fans have returned and are willing to spend money to experience the Warframe.

Warframe almost did not exist

This is a fact many people may not know about Warframe. The game may not have been developed. Why so? Because Digital Extreme and Epic Games have had a period of time nearing consolidation.

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

The two companies worked very much together in the late 90s and early 2000s. Digital Extreme created a few pinball games for Epic, and it also contributed a little bit to the Unreal platform. Engine. Digital Extreme and Epic are so close that they have considered merging, forming a bigger studio to develop more compelling games.

However, this idea was forced to cancel when they realized the Canadian government would require a large tax payment. In the end, both decided to find success for themselves. If then, Epic Games and Digital Extreme merge, surely the Warframe project will not be born and become the trump card of Digital Extreme today.

A Korean gaming company told Digital Extreme that Warframe will fail for free

If only one word were used to comment on Warframe and Digital Extreme, I would say perseverance. Initially a floped product, Digital Extreme persisted in using the best of the original ideas to create a more complete Warframe. They take negative reviews as a springboard to improve product quality over the years.

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

But before that, Digital Extreme had struggled to find a publisher for Warframe. Representing Digital Extreme brought the game to a lot of parties but were rejected. When they brought the game to South Korea, a publisher (whose name was not disclosed), known as the maker of the largest free games, stated bluntly that the game would fail because of the free orientation. -to-play.

The unnamed publisher also commented that Western gaming companies would not accept a free game because they would not update them.

In the end, Digital Extreme decided it didn’t need to rely on anyone else. They have developed and also published their own games. Despite many difficulties, their perseverance paid off.

Warframe has a friendly microtransaction system

When it comes to microtransaction (the system buys real money in the game), you will definitely get those annoying frowns. This system is now like a plague that many gamers want to avoid as far as possible. The reason is that sticking to money will cause the game to lose its fairness.

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

But talking about the Warframe microtransaction system is a different story. It is the gaming community that has assessed that the real money exchange system in this game is extremely good and still offers a friendly, guaranteed balance.

Players who do not even have to spend a penny will still have item level support items in your inventory. Fans can experience all Warframe content packages for free. Warframe emphasizes PvE game mode, which means gamers will work together. And when a person uses money to speed up the process of leveling up, that means they will help their entire team.

The store in Warframe also doesn’t focus on luck when players buy items. If a gamer wants a specific weapon, the game will show them how to buy the blueprint or where to get the ingredients the player needs. The Digital Extreme representative said that the in-game store is a place to give gamers what they want, not a lottery game with loot-box.

Many of the voice actors in Warframe are employees of Digital Extreme

This is a great way to save a lot of money on Digital Extreme’s game development costs. Instead of hiring famous actors or stars with expensive cat-cars, many employees in the company will also carry out this voiceover task.

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

The company behind the Warframe has a scale of several hundred employees. But these people are always trying to double or triple the game development work.

Digital Extreme has an indoor recording studio and its own mobile recording studio. Many employees of the company will record at the end of the day, after completing the previous work. Then that recording will be quickly put into the game. There are even people who have to think of the script right away.

Warframe was born from another project of Digital Extreme

Some fans may be surprised that Warframe is not exactly the first project of Digital Extreme. In fact, the company released Dark Sector in 2008, but this project failed miserably.

Warframe từng sấp mặt suýt chết trước khi thành công

It was this stumbling block that pushed Digital Extreme to try to create something better. All the mistakes from the Dark Sector, all the ideas the company wants to fix from the Dark Sector, are put into the Warframe.

And it is no wonder that many people who have played Dark Sector have said that the Warframe is now what we need at the time of Dark Sector launch.