A disaster like Resident Evil would be very difficult to happen in real life, but if it happens, will the consequences be as terrible as in this game?

These days, the phrase Wuhan-City (Resident Evil) or the global epidemic is attracting a lot of attention from the community, but instead of just the usual memes, real gamers are now. attention to the safety of the world, not simply a joke as before.

Even with tons of news and fake news about the Corona virus pandemic, many conspiracy theorists have thought of a real-life Resident Evil version. Actually, for the talkative people who like to compare real life vs games like Game, I can hardly refrain from thinking about it. So the question here is, if someday in the future fantasy when a Resident Evil caliber epidemic occurred, would it be the same in the game?

Note: Like many other fictional and gossip-style articles, this article is purely a game in the free time of the Game, don’t be too serious.

Thế giới lo bệnh dịch, game thủ đổ xô chơi Plague Inc

Plague Inc has been rushing to play Plague Inc while the Corona virus epidemic is spreading, causing Plague Inc’s disease simulator game to reach a record number of players.

First let’s talk about the similarities between a real-life pandemic and in games, the main material of course is a virus or some mysterious pathogen that suddenly appears, potentially spreading in a large community. And of course there is no cure. It all started with a number of patients with strange symptoms, the first humans fell, rampant panic and one to many blocked residential clusters or cities … and the rest probably Can imagine it already (Resident Evil 2, 3 and 6 are examples).

There is a first point that Resident Evil or any game on the subject of disease has tried to avoid it, that is the level of the magnitude of the disease and the number of people affected. Often the games get “huge” or “global” milestones such as The Last of Us , Days Gone , Left 4 Dead … all use the generic words like a few million or a few tens of millions of influencers without specific images. , Resident Evil is definitely playing Raccoon City but it turns out it is just over 100,000 people.

In fact, with the current population density, any residential area in developed countries is in the range of several million to several tens of millions of people (10 to 20 million is very normal) – that’s a hundredth Raccoon city times. The greater the number of infected people means the problems will arise, we will slowly talk about them.

Nếu một ngày dịch bệnh kiểu Resident Evil xuất hiện ngoài đời thì sao?

There is one thing in common between the Games and the real world about the problem of infection, that it will cause great panic in the community. Anything that comes out of unknown origin, potentially spreads from person to person, and has a high mortality rate is very terrible. Do not think that T-Virus can be more formidable than Corona virus, because the most obvious problem is that people infected with T-Virus do not understand its danger level, and in the opposite direction, it has a mark. death notice probably because there is no specific medicine. As the internet grows and you know the exact number of people sick and dying every hour, you can imagine what level of fear in an infected area.

Since the psychology of fear will lead to the psychology of running away, you probably know that the government tries to quarantine but there are still people who want to sneak out. Virus in Resident Evil never spread pandemic pandemic, even in the game like Days Gone also said this problem is very clear, only from an infected person after moving into urban areas, this individual can spread to tens of thousands of people and then multiply exponentially at a dizzying pace.

That panic is going to unite globally, as you see everyone can know everything online, not to mention the gossip and the hype. For example, if you just let a dead guy drop a piece of news like an infected person who has just entered the city where you live, make sure everything will go wild.

Nếu một ngày dịch bệnh kiểu Resident Evil xuất hiện ngoài đời thì sao?

Because of the large population and the dense population of the world, isolating an entire city is not easy at all. Just think that the whole Raccoon city in Resident Evil is less than a big district in Ho Chi Minh City, you will see how huge everything is. Isolating tens of millions of people means managing traffic, food, information, medicine and so on … as time goes by and the number of infected people increases, you will see the modern population. ” good boy ”like in the game.

People outside the quarantine area and surrounding areas will even pressure, to make sure that no infected individual can go out undetected. On the contrary, those who are still trapped inside will lose all hope and the only thing they will do is to risk suicide, they do not care who they will spread to but the biggest goal is just to escape from this place. by all means including weapons and ready to kill. There will be no special forces or superheroes like Resident Evil to save you, but in fact, even in the game, they are only worried about their own body and death. A few minor issues will continue one after another, until everything is out of control and the worst part is that the military will take part.

Nếu một ngày dịch bệnh kiểu Resident Evil xuất hiện ngoài đời thì sao?

In both Resident Evil and the game, we see the protagonist doing it all or small biological task-type organizations, but rarely the military silhouette. Because this is probably the worst thing any disaster scenario can think of, because if the blockade is still not enough then we will come to martial law – where the military is fully managed the infected area and you know what is going to happen, a bunch of firearms and weapons on the road.

Martial law will be accompanied by complete curfew, civil rights are lowered to fit the current situation, the faults are taken into consideration and, of course, the death penalty, if necessary. The thing is, if you’ve come to that step, then everything is probably completely impossible, as you also see with pandemic or post-disaster games, cities or military barracks are always The place was destroyed first

Resident Evil 2 remake sẽ “vượt lên chính mình” ra sao?

Of course, that lousy prospect is something that no one wants to see at all, so expect all the pandemics or viruses in Resident Evil or any other game to be fiction, because Certainly existing governments have many ways to stop them, never let things spread like in the game.