What is Nvbackend.exe?

NvBackend.exe is part of NVIDIA GeForce Experience and is developed by NVIDIA Corporation according to NvBackend.exe version information.

Description of NvBackend.exe is ” NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend

NVIDIA Corporation digitally signs NvBackend.exe.

NvBackend.exe is usually located in the folder ‘C: Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Update Core ‘.

No virus scanner at VirusTotal reported anything malicious about NvBackend.exe.

The Nvbackend, also known as the NVIDIA Backend or the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend, or the NVIDIA Update Backend, is part of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app. As the name suggests, it handles the network communications backend used by GeForce Experience. Just know that GeForce Experience is a program that provides extra features like video recording for NVIDIA graphics cards.

This process runs all the time and can sometimes cause a high CPU load on the PC. Even though this app is completely harmless, here is how to remove it if you want to.

  1. Press Windows + R to open a command prompt, type appwiz. Cpl and click OK.

  2. In the Programs window, find Nvidia GeForce Experience from the list of installed applications, double-click on it, and then follow the uninstall instructions.

Fix Nvbackend.exe related issues

There have been several complaints from users regarding the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend. Some include high CPU load, game crashes, and BSOD. We will explore possible solutions to this problem using the methods below.

Method 1: Restart your computer

The easiest way to fix the troublesome nvbackend.exe problem is to restart your computer. This has fixed the issue for a lot of users.

Method 2: Troubleshooting NVIDIA GeForce

NVIDIA GeForce Experience has built-in mechanisms to fix problems with related services and processes. It’s easy to fix such problems.

  1. Right-click on the NVIDIA GeForce Experience icon in the system tray and choose Fix Problem with NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
  2. Follow the instructions in the wizard until finished and restart your computer. Everything should be working fine now.

Method 3: Restart the Geforce Experience Backend

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to start Task Manager.
  2. Click Add to expand Task Manager and then locate Nvidia Geforce Experience Backend.
  3. Right-click and end the work or process.
  4. Reopen GeForce Experience, and everything should be fine now.

Method 4: Turn off Antivirus

It is a common problem to see useful applications being interrupted by antivirus applications, especially Avast. You should try disabling the shield and make nvbackend.exe function properly. This is usually done by right-clicking on the anti-virus icon in the tray and then disabling real-time shield/protection from there.

Method 5: Reinstall GeForce Experience

Usually, you have to upgrade to a newer version or revert to an old version of GeForce Experience for everything to work correctly.

  1. Remove all existing NVIDIA Graphics Drivers using the Display Driver Uninstall Utility in safe mode.

  2. Visit the Driver NVIDIA Driver page and look for your graphics card Driver under Drivers   Manual search. You can try switching between older versions and newer versions.

  3. Go to the driver download location, launch the driver software during the installation, select Custom Options, and then Clean Install. This will clear the presets and install the current version.

  4. Monitor nvbackend.exe to verify if it has stopped generating problems.