Why can’t Google Chrome uninstall?

The Chrome browser on my computer keeps crashing.

Sometimes it will just freeze and other times the window just empties out and turns white. It happens every time I load Chrome, but sometimes it will take a few minutes.

I tried to uninstall Chrome using the ‘Uninstall’ program Uninstall feature in Control Panel, but it gives me this error message:

Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again .”

It does this even though there are no Chrome windows open. Restarting doesn’t help either. How do I remove Chrome from my computer so I can reinstall?

How to remove the problematic Google Chrome from the computer

However, this issue can be caused by a variety of things, and your Chrome installation might not even cause the issue. If that’s the case, reinstalling Chrome won’t fix the problem.

The first thing I will try is to run a thorough malware scan on your system. This post will guide you through the process that works best for me.

If the problem persists after you are satisfied that your system is free of malware, I advise you to check if the browser extension is the problem. Here’s how:

1 – Download Chrome, then type (or copy and paste) in the address bar:

chrome: // extensions /

2 – Press the Enter key.

3 – Disable all the extensions installed on your system by unchecking the boxes next to the “Enabled” setting.

4 – Close Chrome, then reopen it. If Chrome hasn’t crashed after using the app for a while, you’ll know the problem is with an invalid extension. If so, continue with step 5 below. However, if Chrome is still having problems, skip step 5 and follow the instructions in the next section.

5 – Re-enable the first extension on the list, then close Chrome and reopen it. Check to see if the browser has a problem. If not, re-enable the next extension on the list and see if Chrome starts to crash. Repeat this step until you find the extension causing the browser to crash, and then remove it.

If the problem isn’t caused by malware or a bad browser extension, there’s a good chance Chrome is the culprit. Since you have scanned for malware and removed any threats that were found, the “Uninstall a program” extension can only remove Chrome at this point. I recommend you try. If it works, restart your computer and reinstall Chrome, then you will be done!

If you still can’t uninstall Chrome, check to see if there are any Chrome processes running and stop any actions you find. Here’s how:

1 – Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager .

2 – Click the Processes tab.

3 – Scroll through the list of processes and kill any Chrome processes you see in the list.

To do that, just right click on Google Chrome in the list and click End task . Repeat this process until all Google Chrome   another has been ended.

4 – Restart the Uninstall Control Panel program utility.

You can now uninstall Chrome without any other issue. Once it has been uninstalled, reinstall it and you will be done!