Playstation Classic was introduced to help gamers can “nostalgic” with his childhood, but it lacks a lot of classic games. Why so?

Recently, Sony has released the Playstation Classic , the model is a reduced version of the first generation Playstation. This is considered a competitive move with Nintendo of Sony. Earlier, Nintendo had NES and SNES Classic mini. This classic Playstation will not be able to play games on a disc, but it supports HDMI and costs about $ 100.

However, it is worth mentioning that Playstation Classic only supports 20 titles available in the machine. And in those 20 games did not appear classic games on PS1 such as Madden ’98, Ape Escape, …

Let’s find out the reasons for this.

Music copyright issues

Vì sao máy Playstation Classic lại thiếu đi những trò chơi kinh điển một thời?

When developing a game, developers often hire musicians to create their own soundtracks. But there are also companies, to cut costs, time, they bought the copyright of the music already available. Usually games of the genre of sports games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater or JetMoto will apply this method.

However, music copyrights are usually limited to a certain period of time. Therefore, you can see that after a long time, some games will have an update to remove the copyright expired. Obtaining copyright for a single piece of music is quite troublesome and time consuming.

Những chi tiết kinh dị trong Red Dead Redemption 2 (P.1)

The horror details in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Part 1 When traveling around the West in Red Dead Redemption 2, you will witness the horror details in Red Dead Redemption 2 more than in the movie.

Self-composed music was probably popular today when the gaming industry was thriving. As for the old games, this is quite rare. Therefore, the expiration of music licenses is one of the reasons why old classics games cannot be re-released on the newly released Playstation Classic.

Issues of licensing images and products

Vì sao máy Playstation Classic lại thiếu đi những trò chơi kinh điển một thời?

In addition to music, the copyright out of some images or products included in the game from real life also makes the game unable to re-publish. Madden ’98 is considered one of the best 2D rugby games. It was produced with the NFL (American National Rugby League) licensing agreements with images of their players.

Or like Gran Turismo is one of the most appreciated and best-selling games on the first Playstation generation. It also has 140 licensed vehicles images.

However, just like music copyrights, image copyrights or works have their limits. Negotiating with expired copyrights is tricky because there have been many changes in the units that have authorized the use of copyright over the past 10 years.

Has been reissued many times

Vì sao máy Playstation Classic lại thiếu đi những trò chơi kinh điển một thời?

Another reason some of the first-generation Playstation classic games are not included in the Classic version is because it has been re-released in recent times. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil 2 are the 4 most classic names on the first Playstation generation but are completely not on the list of games included in Playstation Classic.

The reason is because all 4 games have been remake, remastered or re-released in the past. The failure to reissue games has been re-released to Playstation Classic to avoid clashing with re-released products on new consoles or PCs.

Most of the best games on Playstation are from third parties

Vì sao máy Playstation Classic lại thiếu đi những trò chơi kinh điển một thời?

Unlike Nintendo that has made the best games available on their consoles, Sony has to rely on third parties. For classic games of the past, having most of the best games on consoles is a big advantage. The company doesn’t have to make many deals, it doesn’t have to share a lot of revenue with third-party publishers.

The Playstation Classic cuts a lot of classic games also because Sony could not renegotiate it with a third party. Some publishers have closed, no longer exist, making paperwork to obtain new licensing rights and even technical support to adapt the game to this new device will be extremely complicated. Despite being a remake of the classic PlayStation, the Playstation Classic hardware platform has changed so it is necessary to edit the original game to be compatible.

Lack of Dualshock controller with Analog lever

Vì sao máy Playstation Classic lại thiếu đi những trò chơi kinh điển một thời?

One of the biggest shortcomings of the Playstation Classic is that the controller does not have an Analog stick. It is possible that most games in the old days did not matter whether or not Analog was needed, so Sony removed it to reduce costs. But look at the list of games without Ape Escape, one of the biggest names in the late 90s – early 2000s.

Ape Escape is the first game to require an analog controller handle. And of course, Playstation Classic can not let gamers experience games that require analog controllers similar to Ape Escape. That is also the reason for Playstation Classic’s poor game inventory.


Vì sao máy Playstation Classic lại thiếu đi những trò chơi kinh điển một thời?

Playstation Classic is probably only suitable for those gamers who want to be nostalgic and want to collect. This machine is completely unsuitable for today’s generation of gamers because the lack of so many things has made the name of PS1, even the Analog stick is omitted.

Despite the lack of classics, Playstation Classic still has games like Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash or Tekken 3, … If you want to relive the memories of your youthful days associated with PS1, Playstation Classic Also a reasonable choice.