Windows Notepad is one of the smallest programs, but it comes with some frustrating limitations.

But even with those limitations, I find myself using it a few times a day simply because it’s so convenient.

But not anymore. I have long turned to an excellent free Notepad replacement app called Notepad ++.

The highlight of Notepad ++ compared to Notepad

Notepad ++ does everything the standard Windows Notepad does, just better. I won’t list all the great features here, but there are three that make it worthy of the switch for me:
1 – Unlimited Undo – My biggest disappointment with Notepad is how you can “Undo” the last task. Notepad ++ has unlimited Undo capability that lets you undo as many actions as you want.

2 – Tabbed Documents – Notepad ++ allows you to open and edit multiple documents simultaneously and switch between them with one click. You can also copy/cut and paste from one document to another.

3 – Spell Checker – Notepad ++ includes an excellent spell check feature, an obvious omission in Notepad’s standard utility.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Notepad ++, there are a few features that I recommend disabling as I find them of little use:

1 – Turn off Line Numbering by clicking Settings > Preferences > Editing and then unchecking the box next to Display line number.

2 – Turn off automatic link creation in “clickable” documents by clicking Settings > Preferences > MISC. , then uncheck the box next to it in the heading Clickable Link Settings.

You can, of course, leave one or more of these enabled if you find them useful.

I have been using Notepad ++ for many years now, and I love it! I guess you too if you decide to give it a try.