Today, Microsoft released another version of Windows 10 Insider Preview. Windows 10 Build 16241 represents the upcoming Windows 10 developer update, codenamed “Redstone 3” which is now available to Fast Ring Insiders. This build comes with several important improvements. Let’s see what’s new.

The changelog contains the following enhancements and updates.

Windows 10 Build 16241 dành cho Windows Insiders

Windows Shell improvements

Recover your passwords and passwords from the lock screen: Self-service solutions enable end-users, free the IT assistant/assistant administrator, and save organizations’ money. Cloud Self Service Password Reset (Cloud SSPR) has been a popular Azure AD Premium (AADP) feature today, and now we want to take it one step further – Windows Integration. If you are using an AADP or MSA account and you find yourself stuck at the login screen, you can now reset your password and PIN right here. Just click on the button “Reset Password” (for password) / “I forgot my PIN” (for PIN), and you will be prompted to go through the AAD or MSA line to reset it. After the reset, you will be taken back to the login screen, where you can log in using the newly completed login credentials.

Acrylic Refining: We’ve heard your feedback and respond in Build today. You’ll notice we’ve softened the noise layer of Acrylic Material. Below you will find a parallel comparison of how it is and how it is now. This will be effective in any XAML-based UI and application where Acrylic Materials can be seen, building 16241+ target.


  • We fixed an issue preventing profile tags from in-game Xbox Live gaming experiences.
  • We also fixed an issue that caused a Game error on the broadcast.

Improved Task Manager

We have made some design changes to the GPU section of the Performance tab:

  • The GPU name is now displayed on the left side of the Performance tab for each GPU.
  • We’ve now defaulted to the multi-engine view, which shows the four most active GPU engines’ performance screen. Usually, you’ll see graphs for the 3D engines, Copying, Video Coding, and Video. Code. Right-click on the chart to switch back to the single-engine view.
  • Total GPU text memory is now available next to the dedicated and shared text counters at the Performance tab’s bottom.
  • Direct X version right now also has the highest level of supported DX features.

We have improved the way Microsoft Edge processes are labeled in Task Manager: In Build 16226, we introduced grouping application processes together in Task Manager. For Microsoft Edge, the tab process is marked in Task Manager with their website title.

If you are in the quick loop of the Windows Insiders program, go to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates.

We’ve heard your feedback that other Microsoft Edge processes might use better labels. Starting with Build 16241, add-ons (such as the Chakra JIT Compiler, UI service, and Manager) are now labeled in Task Manager. We will continue to modify these labels based on feedback.

Mixed reality improvements:

  • Mixed Reality Motion controller support on USB (Wireless / Bluetooth support coming soon!)
  • Connection reliability improvements (Error Code 43 in Device Manager).
  • We’ve updated the Mixed Reality Portal icon.
  • We’ve updated the displacement experience to make this more intuitive and direct.
  • We’ve also improved headphone stability during your Mixed Reality session.
  • We fixed the issue where Hill was on the side of the glittering cliff house.
  • We also set where HoloTour’s sound can now be turned off when switching between apps and the house on the cliff.
  • We also have set language commands for working in exclusive versions of apps.
  • We have also improved the experience by efficiently loading the Environment without a black screen during boot.
  • The Mixed Reality Portal informs users that the headset requires USB 3.0.
  • Improved support for ASMedia and other third-party USB controllers
  • 4K 360 Video streaming has also been enhanced in this build.
  • 3G upgrade: we fixed various problems with 3G headsets and controllers to help kickstart your development.
  • The built-in hologram in Cliff House is now displayed in the correct order.
  • We have also fixed the issue of a black screen is displayed when the environment is loading.
  • We fixed the headset’s sleep cycle to fix according to user activities.
  • We have also fixed the issue to allow users to share their Captured Reality Combinations on Facebook.

Distribution Optimization:

Distributed Optimization was synonymous with “Peer-to-peer” but few know that it is also used as the primary downloader for content downloaded from Windows Update and Windows Store. Distribution optimization, even without P2P, is what makes downloading from the Windows Store faster, as well as making downloading of Feature and Quality updates more reliable. Consistent with this, the main settings page – now titled “Distribution Optimization” – states that while you can enable or disable the P2P functionality, use Optimize Delivery on downloads. Updates and applications directly from Microsoft content servers. You can access this page through Settings> Update & security> Windows Update under “Advanced options” and then “Delivery Optimization.

Windows Console & Bash on Windows

Canonical Distro Linux is now available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10 Insider Preview build> = Build 16215!