Before introducing the Creators Update last month, I refreshed my Windows installation to shake out some nagging issues. After refreshing, I found that Microsoft did me very useful by removing the Control Panel in the WinX Power User menu that appears when you right-click on Start or press the Windows + X keyboard shortcut. Alternative, of course, with the Settings app.

Khôi phục Control Panel Windows 10 biến mất khỏi trình đơn của WinX

I understand that Microsoft is slowly moving the Control Panel functionality over to Settings. Even so, the Control Panel is still essential, and I’d rather have it in the WinX menu than Settings right now.

Here’s how to switch back. First, you need a Control Panel shortcut. Instead of creating your own, download a pre-made shortcut from the German blog (ZIP). Unzip the folder and place the Control Panel link on your desktop.


Now, open File Explorer by typing Windows key + E, then click on the address bar. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftWindowsWinXGroup2 And now press Enter.

Note: the Settings app shortcut is called Control Panel in this folder. Before we can bring the Control Panel back, we’ll have to eliminate the current Control Panel shortcut.

First, however, make a backup of all the shortcuts in this folder if something goes wrong. All you have to do is copy and paste the shortcuts into a new folder on your computer. Calling the directory whatever you like, but “WinX Backups” or something similar is probably a good idea.


The dashboard is back and ready for business.

Once done, go back to File Explorer and delete the current Control Panel shortcut. Drag and drop new keyboard shortcuts from the desktop into the WinX folder. The new setup should look similar to what’s described here.


Restart Windows Explorer to see your WinX changes.

Now let’s see if it works. Close all File Explorer windows, right-click anywhere on the taskbar and choose Task Manager from the context menu. With Task Manager scrolling open to the bottom of the Processes tab, click Windows Explorer, and then click Restart.

Your toolbar will disappear for a second when Explorer restarts. Next, right-click the Start menu or press Windows key + X, and Control Panel should be in the WinX menu.