Although Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem allows gamers to build characters in many different ways freely, two directions are currently the “OP”.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a monumental game with the ambition to give gamers many ways to build different characters through various equipment, weapons, flexible skills, and terrible internal tables. Father. Although the game still has many issues that need to be overcome, it must be said that the gameplay of Wolcen is quite attractive and can cause gamers to get caught in the fighting spiral – level up – upgrade skills – change equipment if you find it. How to build a character that fits the gameplay?

Đánh giá Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Hoàn chỉnh nhưng chưa hoàn thiện

However, in the game’s current state, finding a good character build and strong enough to deal with challenging end game content is rugged and easy. It’s difficult because there are many bugs from big to small in the game’s skill system, and it’s easy because the game has some build that surpasses everything else. So, to help you enjoy the game without a lot of obstacles because of the unexpected difficulty increase in bosses or end game content, please share with you two ways to build melee characters that you have tested and achieved success.

Make use of Bleeding Edge.

At this point, when looking to build a melee character for Wolcen, almost 99% of the instructions you’ll find are using Bleeding Edge. This is the most potent melee skill in Wolcen currently (, and no other skill can match it in terms of damage.

When using this build, the most critical modifier you need for the Bleeding Edge to unleash its power is the Unstoppable Momentum – it allows you to throw multiple hammer blades around you instead of just one. Astral Orbit is also quite important because it keeps the hammer blades around the character, but if the surface is too weak (blood, resist), this skill can be a double-edged sword when it forces you to jump into the middle of the crowd to create damage. If there are enough lines of effect, you can put two fits of rage in position Q, W instead of health and throw a carefree hammer without worrying about missing the Rage or running out of blood halfway.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Hai cách build nhân vật cận chiến

Wings of Ishmir is chosen as a position-moving skill when using Bleeding Edge because it partly helps to build the Rage bar. Bird of Prey causes stuns, Relentless Pursuit removes cooldowns as useful Modifiers. You should also take Tracker’s Reach to pull enemies towards you and use all the Modifiers to reduce cooldown, Deep Gashes, and Arresting Claw to apply additional effects to the enemy.

When adding scores to characters using Bleeding Edge, a common way of adding points is 2 points of Ferocity – 1 issue of Toughness. 8 Ferocity – 2 Toughness if you want more damage and more risk – jokingly, using Bleeding Edge is no risk.


First, start on the Warrior branch and get The Wild Card as soon as possible. This skill increases critical strike chance by 60%. Then take Merciless Lethality (Assassin) to increase the damage of the critical hit.

Clandestine Execution (also on the Assassin branch) is the right choice – it doesn’t work when clearing normal monsters, but when regular monsters are dead, large or boss monsters around you will receive up to 25% more damage. Grievous Affliction, Feast of the Crow (Warmonger) are also quite attractive.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Hai cách build nhân vật cận chiến

There is one trap that you should pay attention to the hammer that Bleeding Edge threw is counted as a projectile. Still, for some reason, Archion’s Teaching (Ranger) is not practical for it, but it is useful for the hammer of Flight of Gaavanir. If you build with this skill, you can become a gunner firing … 5 Flight of Gaavanir hammers at once if you have the unique bow “Ivakin’s Obsession.”

In the Gate of Fates’ outermost area, perhaps you only need three primary skills, Furious Appetite (Child of Fury), to recover Fury instead of Willpower. Dire Juncture (Time Weaver) to split the opponent’s damage into two, Disallowing Vessel (Siegebreaker) to increase damage while stationary.

“Spin to win”

At the heart of skill is Bladestorm, a technique that causes the character to swing his weapon and spin as if Garen had just emerged from the bush. Because it is the primary skill that deals damage, it should be in the right mouse slot.

Using this skill, the character will only rotate for a short time and in a straight line. Still, when used enough, you will unlock the Modifier that allows you to turn “carefree” until … boring. Other modifiers worth using are Echo of Meadhalls, Ceaseless Current, and Shredding Whirlwind. If you score correctly, you will never have to stop before the surrounding enemies die.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Hai cách build nhân vật cận chiến

In addition to Bladestorm, two other skills that should be available are Wings of Ishmar and Sovereign Shout – one for maneuverability and one for buff with many different effects. Please select the appropriate Modifier depending on your equipment and intrinsic.

In terms of stats, dividing 10 points each time you level up into 5 Ferocity, 3 Toughness, and 2 Agility is a reasonable choice, but you can also ignore Agility and add 6 Ferocity, 4 Toughness. The character’s attack speed will be slightly reduced if you choose to divide 6-4.

As with the above build, the first thing you need is the Wild Card (Soldier) skill, but you should prioritize getting Merciless Lethality (Assassin).

To recover Rage faster and rotate when needed and the Modifier in Bladestorm, you also need Backline Raider (Sentinel) to increase regular attacks’ speed.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Hai cách build nhân vật cận chiến

Once you have the above skills, your character is quite strong, and from here, you can choose the internal skills in the direction you need – Warmonger, Alastor are two essential lines because they have skills like Gods. Amongst Men, Feast of the Crows,… You can then return to the Soldier to replenish the missing stats if needed.


Those are the two ways to build melee characters that I tried during my Wolcen play. Both are very powerful and quite interesting and can help you enjoy end-game content while waiting for the developer of Wolcen Studios to rebalance the game so that weaker builds can also be used. I will continue to hope for a way to build a character auto-attack while plowing through the enemy ranks with Bleeding Edge.