The “poison blood” epidemic in World of Warcraft has a point very similar to many real-life pandemics, that is, starting from animals to spread to humans.

Many events are happening in World of Warcraft, but when you read this article, the Coronavirus has been a terrifying threat, not just a few memes of the Plague game. Inc: Evolved too. The World Health Organization has also declared a state of emergency, showing how dangerous it is.

You probably do not know, then 15 years ago in the World of Warcraft game scene also occurred a pandemic similar to Corona, with the way of infection, the level of coverage, and speed almost the same. This pandemic originated from a World of Warcraft bug, then spread to the whole server and ended in chaos. It was later taken as a topic to study human behavior and reflexes in disaster and biological crimes.

Thế giới lo bệnh dịch, game thủ đổ xô chơi Plague Inc

Plague Inc has been rushing to play Plague Inc while the Coronavirus epidemic is spreading, causing Plague Inc’s disease simulator game to reach a record number of players.

This pandemic in World of Warcraft is called Corrupted Blood. It started on September 13, 2005, when Blizzard announced a new raid supplement called Zul’Gurub with the last boss Hakkar the Soulflayer. This boss’s particular skill is Corrupted Blood because it will cast a spell of the same name on the surrounding characters, causing them to be deducted from time to time and heal Hakkar – also the same. For this reason, Hakkar also has another name: Blood God.

Toxic blood causes between 250 and over 300 damage every 2 seconds within 10 seconds. It is quite strong compared to the highest level players at that time, only about 4 to 5 thousand health only. A unique feature of this charm is that it will automatically spread to any character standing near the infected person, forming an endless loop until the entire party dies. Of course, when an infected person dies, the Toxic Blood will also expire. Furthermore, you cannot bring this debuff out of the Hakkar fight area.

Hakkar the Soulflayer – A.K.A Blood God World of Warcraft

Hakkar the Soulflayer – AKA Blood God

But there is a bad point or exactly a mistake in World of Warcraft that Blizzard himself does not know; that is, the Toxic Blood can spread to Hunter’s pet when these pets can take the toxic Blood out. Hakkar hitting range. Even the players themselves who have poisoned pets are not aware. The disaster only happens until they go into crowded areas and start summoning their pet.

Poisonous blood can be transmitted to NPCs – characters who cannot die and show no signs of being infected, but you also know that in online games like World of Warcraft, the most crowded places are always Large cities with many NPCs. So the Bloody Blood has spread blatantly onto all the players present, with such damage it immediately kills all low-level players, spreading a tremendous horror to all. Who is present.

Ironforge and Orgrimmar were the first two places to be infected when high-ranking players returned. Blood poison had inflicted both of these citadels within an hour, leaving white bones densely packed everywhere, just like in a horror film. The most dangerous thing is that after you die, you have to go to the bodies to pick up, but no one would dare to go near those two cities in gold in such a situation.

Orgrimmar trong đại dịch

Orgrimmar during the pandemic

This pandemic affected the entire World of Warcraft when Blizzard himself did not understand what was happening, players panicked and began to run away from the big cities to empty places. To evade the disease. It creates a situation just like the real world when a pandemic occurs. Some players voluntarily heal their teammates, low-level characters who do not help, then signposts for everyone. and of course, some assholes are excitedly spreading the disease to others.

While waiting for a resolution, Blizzard has made the same move as the modern health sector, which recommends those carrying the disease to isolate from the community. But once again, like the real world, many players are not interested in this, and others are interested. Even to bypass the security measures, some grandfather devised a trick to infect the pet himself, then Unsummon to keep the disease to bring it to other places.

What if a day of Resident Evil-like illnesses appears in real life? A disaster like Resident Evil would be complicated to happen in real life, but if it happens, will the consequences be as terrible as in this game?

By having millions of players affected by the Poisonous Blood and not knowing how else to prevent this disaster in World of Warcraft, Blizzard took the last resort as a server reset. The Blood Poison epidemic ended on October 8, 2005, when the game bug that caused debuffs to exist on pets was fixed, with no more pathogens and no more catastrophes.

This event is so famous that it has inspired much research on pandemics and how people react in real life. Journalists think that an online game like World of Warcraft is itself is a miniature world. Players will show part of their instincts in the real world if something terrible happens.

The Blood Poison itself has many similarities with the ordinary flu. That is, it spreads from animals to humans and from humans to humans. The symptoms are difficult to identify (in the case of World of Warcraft is NPC). Moreover, it also shows how people react, leaving large cities where there are many people, isolating disease areas while waiting for specialized agencies to find solutions. Yale University even did a small study of biological weapons, showing that terrorists can bypass the security system thanks to everyone’s subjectivity.

World of Warcraft

Debuff Corrupted Blood

Blood poison in World of Warcraft is one of the most famous events in the game village. Its influence has left a legacy for many events as well as online games to follow. Hopefully, our world will never have to witness such a pandemic, the gamers themselves who have experienced this event in World of Warcraft know how terrible it is.