Rebellion’s “sniper zombie” shooter series returns with Zombie Army 4: Dead War and many new and exciting improvements.

When you see the title “Zombie Army 4: Dead War,” you might wonder where the first three versions of this series were. It is a ubiquitous question for many gamers because this version number 4 is almost “falling from the sky,” but the Zombie Army series is not too strange for us. The spin-off of Sniper Elite, the sniper rifle series Karl Fairburne and the missions he performed during World War 2 developed by Rebellion. The first three versions of the Zombie Army series were bundled together and released in 2015 under Zombie Army Trilogy.

The difference between the two series is that Zombie Army replaces Sniper Elite’s slow, calculating gameplay with a shooting range where you indifferently shoot at the endless zombie army, crawl, drag and teleport back my side. The game also discarded the reality to run in the fantasy context with magical artifacts, magic, and zombies. In Zombie Army 4: Dead War, gamers will meet the familiar gameplay with more variations and more enemies.

Plot? Gameplay?

While the Sniper Elite versions have a relatively tight and intense plot, you do not bother to search for the plot in Zombie Army 4, notably the Zombie Army series in general. The game’s plot is very discrete and just the foundation for explaining why you have to carry guns wandering between zombies and what happened before the game started. All you need to know is to pick up your gun and go.

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Like the previous versions, Rebellion has reused the environment of Sniper Elite 4 for Zombie Army 4, but covered with a new layer ragged and dirtier. When combined with the effects of lighting, smog, the game successfully creates a dark, creepy atmosphere – this is the unique feature of the Zombie Army series and is what similar games like Left 4 Dead or World War Z don’t pursue.

The gameplay of Zombie Army 4: Dead War retains the original series’s characteristics and the first three versions and is entirely different from rivals. It focuses on sniper guns and headshots more accurately speed rhythmic action coordination among gamers on the same team. You will probably need team coordination in Horde mode, but I haven’t tried this mode yet, so I can’t speak.

Cảm nhận đầu tiên về Zombie Army 4: Dead War

However, I realized that Zombie Army 4: Dead War had some exciting changes. The game now allows you to customize your character and weapons with many options to think of Fortnite. RPG elements are also added to the game when the character has additional skills (perk). Each gun has many different levels. Weapons also have special skills activated when you use them to kill ten enemies, such as 100% headshot or slow downtime.

Unfortunately, this game has more microtransaction than allowing gamers to unlock everything through the gameplay. Although these microtransaction items do not affect gameplay, their appearance is also something that I do not like to see.

Images and sounds

The graphics of Zombie Army 4: Dead War is not top, but it is enough to create the gloomy atmosphere that Rebellion wants in the game. On the PC system of (Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB RAM, RTX 2070), the game reaches about 140 fps at High and 1440p resolution.

Kill cam – slow-motion footage of bullets flying out of the barrel and through the enemy – is characteristic of the Sniper Elite and Zombie Army series. They are the highlight of the game’s action scenes in addition to the melee phase that heals the gamer, and I feel delighted every time the shot fires through multiple targets without assistance. The help of the game (you can turn off the support feature in the targeting option). However, you may want to turn off or reduce these Kill Cam phases’ frequency because some gamers complain that they feel dizzy due to the gore level and the camera’s rotation.

Cảm nhận đầu tiên về Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Sound is another strong point of the game because the effects of gunfire, footsteps of enemies, ghostly noises all help me feel nervous and nervous like I’m surrounded by hordes of zombies and monsters of ugly indescribable appearance.


After the initial experience with Zombie Army 4: Dead War, I think it retains the first three versions’ essence despite many changes when Rebellion tries to improve the game with RPG spice. The game does not require gamers to have teammates to enjoy, but it will be much more fun when you find three more companions to headshot with hordes of zombies.