After a series of unexpectedly poor quality products, people recalled StarCraft: Ghost – the game that Blizzard killed because of “insufficient quality”.

Referring to Blizzard Entertainment, the majority of the gaming community will immediately think of a gaming company with all the legendary brands that once dominated the PC such as Diablo, Warcraft or StarCraft and recently recently encountered a series of problems that caused many argumentative. From the disastrous debut of Diablo Immortal to the scandal with Blitzchung, it’s clear that Blizzard is losing points in the eyes of fans and away from its glorious past. Just recently, the once famous gaming company also launched Warcraft III Reforged , a product that was badly rated by gamers and keeping the lowest user score record on Metacritic that made people wonder why Blizzard has Can launch such a product. At the same time, another game Blizzard suddenly reappeared in the eyes of the public, showing how Blizzard was a company that cared about the quality of its products. That’s StarCraft: Ghost , a super product with no chance of being born.

StarCraft: Ghost – Siêu phẩm không có cơ hội chào đời của Blizzard - P.1

In the early 2000s, Blizzard was at the peak of the PC game market when Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcraft kept on producing gold. But it doesn’t want to stop supporting consoles, especially when Blizzard entered the gaming industry with Lost Vikings or Rock n ‘Roll Racing on Super NES and Sega Genesis. But the introduction of role-playing games or strategy for PC to the console at that time was unthinkable, Blizzard himself also experienced a failure with the StarCraft port for Nintendo 64. Obviously developing games for consoles needed own approach. At the same time, a fledgling game studio called Nihilistic Software is trying to gain a foothold in the industry. With a team of many former LucasArt employees, Nihilistic Software has had its first success with the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption and wants its next project to be more ambitious.

At that time, sneaky action games like Metal Gear Solid and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell were rising. Nihilistic Software wants to take this opportunity to develop a stealth action project based on a cult series. The company has contacted Blizzard so that this new project will be in the StarCraft universe, where players will be directly part of the battlefield and no longer take command from above. Impressed by the passion and what Nihilistic Software showed, Blizzard agreed to cooperate.

StarCraft: Ghost – Siêu phẩm không có cơ hội chào đời của Blizzard - P.1

A year and a half later, the StarCraft: Ghost project on PS2, Xbox and GameCube was introduced at Tokyo Game Show 2002. Set 4 years after the events of Brood War, the game will give players to follow Nova, 1 soldier Ghost commandos with the ability to psychic and manipulate the surroundings. Nova will have to directly fight and encounter races like Zerg, Protoss and Terran. Fans and critics appreciate the project, especially the return of Blizzard on consoles and Ghost’s ambitious gameplay. StarCraft: Ghost allows players to access each screen in many different ways and tools. At the same time, characters and the world around them both adhere to the original design of StarCraft and are new by changing the perspective of the player. The only thing missing in the reveal of the project is the game storyline.

While Blizzard promises the plot of Ghost will be very important and profound in the world of StarCraft, it seems that what is presented does not represent the plot much. However, there is no reason not to expect a potential and ambitious project like Ghost, especially when the expected release date of StarCraft: Ghost is in late 2003. Nihilistic Software will obviously not lack of time to perfect and polish the game to get the best quality, worthy of a foothold in the legendary StarCraft game.

StarCraft: Ghost – Siêu phẩm không có cơ hội chào đời của Blizzard - P.1

But things are not so simple. Nihilistic Software says Blizzard is known for constantly asking to change and repurpose designs, six months after the presentation may or may not be there. Ghost is constantly delayed for release, along with being constantly appearing in major game events such as E3 and Tokyo Game Show. Trailers and demos are constantly introducing new features and extras, such as vehicles to move and fight or the ability to hide enemies. StarCraft: Ghost is becoming more and more famous and expected extremely high, it is unclear when a new official release date is set.

Until June 2004, Blizzard suddenly said Nihilistic Software would stop working with the company and leave the project. This is a shocking information for the community, especially when StarCraft: Ghost was just shown at E3 that same year and continues to be well received. Blizzard reassured the community, saying Nihilistic Software had completed its work, which was in contract with Blizzard and StarCraft: Ghost, which was released on time.

In July of the same year, Blizzard teamed up with Swingin ‘Ape Studios to complete StarCraft: Ghost. So what caused this project to fall from its near completion to the bottom of death?