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Apple confirmed the iPad Air 3 has a screen error, which will be free repair

IPad Air 3s manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019 may have screen defects and Apple will replace them for free.

Apple launches iPad Pro 2020: A12Z Bionic chip, new camera with LiDAR scanner, keyboard with trackpad like a laptop

iPad Pro 2020 is upgraded with a stronger configuration, a new camera system and a Magic Keyboard with a drag.

The keyboard for the iPad Pro 2020 is just as expensive as a laptop

The Magic Keyboard of iPad Pro 2020 brings many important upgrades, but it also comes with a price that makes people startled.

It turns out the iPad Pro 2020 is only 1% faster than the 2018 iPad Pro

The newly leaked AnTuTu benchmark scores show that the iPad Pro 2020 speed is not much faster than the 2018 iPad Pro, while the biggest improvement belongs to the GPU only.

iPad Pro 2020 inherits both the unwanted of Apple in 2018

The new iPad Pro 2020 inherits the elder to become the best tablet in the world, but not only that

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