You can use this compact tablet to replace the iPad Pro or laptop when working out temporarily.

You may be familiar with iPad keyboards, and you’re also a fan of the iPad mini-series, but you’re probably never excited to put the two together. The compact size of the iPad mini encourages you to use it in the most usual way possible, not in the direction of replacing a laptop like your big brother iPad Pro.

However, Zagg’s new $ 99.99 Folio keyboard and tangent keyboard will make you think again. It’s not the best keyboard in the world (no one is surprised by that). But if you’ve ever been forced to use an iPad mini to replace a laptop, this is a keyboard that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Different types of keyboard covers for other iPad models have the same problem: the tablet must be erected at a certain angle to observe well. There are many solutions to this problem, from Apple’s complicated origami case to the hinged keyboard like Brydge’s laptop. But Zagg has a workaround: using a bulky case with a stand, and the keyboard will stick to it with a magnet. All of the above solutions have strengths and weaknesses.

In the case of the iPad mini, the solution seems quite simple. The tablet is small and light enough to fit into a clamshell case and can be used at different angles without being tilted back; paneling does not need a stand anymore. That’s what Zagg does with the Folio keyboard case, making the iPad mini an impressive little laptop.

Folio cladding is made from lightweight plastic with a cloth coating on it. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, but it’s not very premium either. The most important thing here is that it does not make the iPad mini too bulky. After installing the iPad mini, we will have a combo with the same size and weight as a hardcover book, and you can slip it into any bag without difficulty. Removing the iPad mini and attaching it to the case is also very simple – while on products for larger iPad models, including those made by Zagg, this is a rather frustrating process. Many people often use the iPad mini with one hand, in portrait mode, so quickly removing the keyboard cover is very important.

Of course, the keys will be quite cramped, and the keyboard layout has to change a bit. The most challenging area to use is on the keyboard’s right side, where a half-sized key is usually located between the full-size keys and the Enter key. It takes a little bit of getting used to typing words with apostrophes. But the keys themselves feel pretty good, and the typing experience is also much better than using the on-screen keyboard. In particular, this Folio keyboard also has an adjustable RGB backlighting platform, useful for long flights, where the cabin is often not bright enough.

Chiếc bàn phím này biến iPad mini thành một chiếc laptop nhỏ tuyệt vời đến ngạc nhiên

Chiếc bàn phím này biến iPad mini thành một chiếc laptop nhỏ tuyệt vời đến ngạc nhiên

There are a few points to note in the design of this keyboard. When you put the device into the case, you will find it quite difficult to press the power button. In return, open the keyboard, and the iPad will light the screen, and you will unlock the machine with Touch ID anyway. The sides of the iPad mini’s screen are relatively thin, which means that the keyboard hinge will make swipe from the bottom to open the dock a little entangled – however, on the keyboard function row of the keyboard is a button. Specifically, to open the multitasking interface, so it’s not a big deal.

Finally, the most depressing thing about Zagg’s Folio keyboard is that it charges via the Micro USB port. Again, you should not be too upset because each time it is fully charged, the keyboard will be used for two years – according to the manufacturer’s statement.

If you like mini PCs, then Zagg Folio will turn your iPad mini into a fabulous computer for you. This is not a product you will use every week or even every month, but it will be very convenient to carry it on every occasion of travel or feel the iPad Pro or laptop is too much.

The Apple iPad reborn earlier this year was unexpected. This product is quite picky nowadays because the new 10.2-inch iPad is $ 70 cheaper and has a much bigger screen. But if you buy an iPad mini at this point, you might love it. And if you want to type text on this machine, make sure you don’t type as well as Zagg Folio.

Reference: TheVerge