In Windows 7/8/10, Microsoft has improved how people can play and manage digital media content, like music and videos, through Windows Media Player. Microsoft gave Windows Media Player a facial expression and took advantage of key Windows 7 features like Windows Taskbar, Home Group, and Jump Lists. With all the new content packed in Windows Media Player, I think some tips on using Windows Media Player can be highlighted.

Phím tắt cho Windows Media Player trong Windows 10/ 8/ 7

List of Windows Media Player Shortcuts in Windows

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Windows Media Player in Windows 7:

Ctrl + 1: Switch to gallery mode

Ctrl + 2: Switch to skin mode

Ctrl + 3: Switch to play mode

Ctrl + 7 : Add to Play

Ctrl + 8 : Add to Burn

Ctrl + 9 : Add to Sync

Ctrl + A: Select everything in a list

Ctrl + B: Previous (Item or Chapter)

Ctrl + E: Focus on the Search text box and switch to gallery mode if not available

Ctrl + F: Next (Item or Chapter)

Ctrl + H: Toggle shuffle mode on / off

Ctrl + J: Remove

Ctrl + M: Toggle the menu bar in the library

Ctrl + N: Create a playlist

Ctrl + O: Display an open dialog box

Ctrl + P: Play / Pause Toggle

Ctrl + Q: Add the selected track to open the list

Ctrl + S: Stop playback

Ctrl + T: Enable / disable repeat mode

Ctrl + U: Display the Open URL Dialog

Ctrl + W: Stop playback

Ctrl + Shift + B: Return to current content

Ctrl + Shift + C: Caption Toggle On / Off

Ctrl + Shift + F: Fast forward what plays

Ctrl + Shift + G: Fast playback speed

Ctrl + Shift + N: Play speed

Ctrl + Shift + S: Slow playback speed

Ctrl + Right arrow: Next playlist in playlist history

Ctrl + Left arrow: Previous playlist in playlist history

Ctrl + Right arrow: Skip (large increments)

Ctrl + Left arrow: Skip (large increment)

Shift + Right arrow: Skip (small increments)

Shift + Left arrow: Skip (small increments)

Right Arrow: Skip

Left arrow: Undo

Ctrl + Click: Resize the image of the player

Escape: Back Playing

F1: Open the Help file

F2: Edit the metadata column

F4: Switch the view

F5: Refresh the screen

F6: Increase album art

Shift + F6: Decrease album art

F7: Mute

F8: Sound reduction

F9: Increase sound

F10: Display the menu bar in the library

Shift + F10: Shortcut menu context

Alt + 1: Video Size 50%

Alt + 2: Video Size 100%

Alt + 3: Video Size 200%

Alt + Enter: Toggle fullscreen