Why does my computer keep receiving notifications from Windows Defender?

You’ve only seen notifications from Windows Defender once or twice a day, but after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you start seeing more pop-ups.

Why do you get so many Windows Defender notifications all of a sudden? Make you feel uncomfortable! Is there a way to disable it, the instructions below help you.

Turn off notifications in Windows 10 Anniversary

Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes with a new “Advanced Notifications” feature.

When the Advanced Notifications feature is enabled, Windows Defender notifies you of many used actions that take place quietly in the background. And as with almost every major change to Windows, a lot of users like it while many others simply despise it.

Since you’re not all that interested in it, you’ll be happy to know that it’s very easy to turn off Advanced Notifications. Here’s how:

1 – Click theStartbutton.

2 – ClickSettings.

3 – Click Update & security.

4 – Click theWindows Defenderending link in the left hand column.

5 – Scroll down to “Advanced notifications” and switch the setting to Off.

From now on, you’ll only see important notifications from Windows Defender that really need your immediate attention. All other activities will now take place quietly in the background.