When you finish using the laptop, I can click on the Shutdown icon, and it will turn off completely. But if I close the lid, it doesn’t turn off like before. Instead, it goes into Sleep mode.

Is there a way to force this laptop to turn off when I close the lid automatically?

How to automatically turn off the Laptop when the lid is closed

T to all those you have to do is make a small edit to install Power. Here’s how:

1 – With Windows up and running, go to the desktop and right-click on the Start button.

2 – Click the Control panel.

3 – Click System and Security.

4 – Click Power Options.

5 – Click Choose what closing the lid does.

6 – Find the line that says, ” When I close the lid: ” and change both options to Shut down.

7 – Click Save changes.

From now on, your laptop will automatically turn off each time you close the lid. Of course, you can still turn it off with the Shutdown icon if you want, and it will turn off even if you close the lid after clicking the icon.